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    ILL Brown ft. Waterr “Bar-Baric” Video | @ILLBrown @Maja7th

    Red August has supplied the visuals for ILL Brown‘s latest video from his Return of the Hardcore album. The track features rhymes from oft-collaborator Waterr and is producer by Maja 7th. Bump above and cop return of the Hardcore here. You might be interested in ILL Brown’s Producer Beat Box too, which features a gaggle of goodies from him and others, including his personal drum kit, acapellas, an exclusive version of ROTH, and some art. Check that out here at Drums Bang.

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    Saint Millie “Glory” Video | @SaintMillie773 @GiftCarToonz @apjfilms

    APJ Films provides the visual backdrop for Chicago’s Saint Millie‘s “Glory” track, which released late July. This is dope. Read more about the video below. Track produced by The Gift.

    Westside Chicago artist, Saint Millie, continues on with his Millie Mondays campaign, with the anticipated release of the official video for his single “Glory”. The Teedra Moses sampled song is accompanied by eye-catching, futuristic visuals provided by APJ Films and produced by The Gift. Its galaxy setting will definitely put you in a euphoric state of mind.

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  • Willie WAZE “Interlude” | @DaYunginWAZE @Grussle

    Northern Virginia’s Willie WAZE sent us this video back in early July, and needless to say we’re a bit behind on submissions. Be on the lookout for Waze’s upcoming Da Lexicon of a NOVA Soulja, which is slated to drop at the end of the summer. Track produced by Grussle. Video by Jeremy Jamin and Jeffrey Leslie.

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  • Diamond District “First Step” | @Oddisee @yUthe78er @uptownxo

    Yeah man, I’m ready for this new album. Read more about the Diamond District upcoming collaborative project below.

    Produced by Oddisee. From the upcoming return of Diamond District “March On Washington” October 14th. Diamond District is yU, Oddisee, and Uptown XO.

    When Diamond District dropped In the Ruff on Mello Music Group in 2009, the gritty drums and grimy raps combined as elementally as hydrogen and oxygen. The D.C. Voltron of Oddisee, yU, and X.O. dusted off and revitalized a sound once consigned to the catacombs.

    Hailed as an instance classic, its impact reverberated throughout the underground and mainstream. The Washington D.C. City Paper called it the city’s best album in many years. During an era when lyricism was deemed too intellectual and samples too dated,Diamond District overturned conventional logic. They preserved the raw and made it righteous.

    A half-decade later, the holy trinity has returned with March on Washington. The truths remain timeless. Wisdom over rhythm. Slang turned into testament.

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    #INDIANA: Blooded The Brave “The Fallen” (Produced by Nevi Moon) | @BloodedtheBrave

    This is the debut track from two Strong Roots label mates, Blooded The Brave and producer Nevi Moon, who have something to say in the music they make together for the people. Stay tuned for the entire project.

    They deserve to be heard…”The Fallen”
    Dedicated to the countless victims of police brutality.

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    Souls of Mischief x Adrian Younge “There Is Only Now” Release & “Finally Back” Video | @SOMHIERO @AdrianYounge

    Tomorrow is the day that Souls of Mischief and Adrian Younge‘s collaborative There Is Only Now album will be unleashed. In prep for that, they have released this video for “Finally Back” that features animation by Unjust with paintings by Mildred Friedman. Pre-order and purchase here.

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    Interview w/ Run The Jewels by Spin About “Tragedy in Ferguson and Racist Idiots”

    I love reading and watching interviews with these two fellas. Besides the humorous aspects of it, they are always extremely real. Head over to Spin to read the full interview, and check out a couple of my favorite lines from it below.

    El, how was your day yesterday watching Mike on CNN?
    El-P: Well, I don’t have cable because years ago I decided that my only chance at sanity was to not let the world penetrate my brain at that rate. I had to watch it and catch up at the end of the day, and I spent about basically two hours just watching my friend bring truth to those who don’t want to hear it. It was a beautiful thing. I’m immensely proud, glad, and thankful that Mike’s voice is able to get out there because I can’t think of a better person to express what he expressed. Also, I’m terrified and disgusted by some of the reactions.

    Killer Mike: If we didn’t have these types of conversations off-camera for years, I probably would’ve went up there either babbling like a fool or talking like an insane angry man.

    El-P: The debate in this country is so fucking skewed, it’s never about what is actually happening. It’s all about impressions. Even the murder — “Hey, maybe the kid deserved it!” That whole subtle bullshit, “Maybe the kid deserved to be killed, maybe he wasn’t a good kid.” The fact that that’s even being suggested is some of the most appalling shit on the planet. It’s like, “Thank you so much for that relevant video clip of a kid in a store being an asshole, because we all know, here in America, that shoplifting a cigar is punishable by firing squad.” I’m also very weirded out that they had to go to Killer Mike!

    Killer Mike: We’re just rappers!

    El-P: Yeah! You got to us! We’re not even at the top of the fucking pile of rappers.

    Killer Mike: But we are the best rap group in the world.

    El-P: Well, yeah.

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