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  • Apollo Brown x Ras Kass “How To Kill God” | @ApolloBrown @RasKass

    Next Tuesday, October 28th to be exact, Apollo Brown and Ras Kass‘ upcoming Blasphemy album will be released. Until that happens you can press play on this freebie track below, titled “How To Kill God”.

    Blasphemy, the collaborative album from esteemed Mello Music Group producer Apollo Brown and Ras Kass, is a thought-provoking and highly personal treatise on the unspoken. The sub-rattling and operatic opener “How to Kill God,” a scathing indictment of major religions and the transgressions enacted in their name, serves as a statement of purpose. No “ism” is out of bounds, no topic too untoward. Whatever you hold sacred isn’t above aggressive inquiry.

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    Beats for Change “The Ramen Skate Sessions” Release

    Check out this Japan focused release, titled The Ramen Skate Sessions, which is an exclusive 19-track heavy weight producer compilation. All 100% of the proceeds are going to Second Harvest Japan – a Group that helps out with hunger needs in Japan. The audio release is part of a larger collaboration with The Mint and Soundboarding, two skate boarding brands in Osaka, Japan. The track list is below.

    1.Amin Payne – Colours Within
    2.AstroLogical – Berry White Fanclub
    3.Dagger D.X. – Vacuum 144
    4.MFP – Funktion Four
    5.hugo LX – Hibana
    6.Daniel Crawford – NightRida
    7.Chloe Martini – Hope
    8.I.N.T – This is Love
    9.Azteka – Hold On
    10.Julien Mier – Pixel Skin
    11.Tall Black Guy – For the Osaka Skaters
    12.BEN BADA BOOM – Nipponce Upon a Time
    13.SOUL_BRK – Down
    14.Radius – Bring On Spring
    15.QNIEZERY – Caress
    16.Byron Blaylock – Summer
    17.Linn Mori – Breezin
    18.Bugseed – Kasaibashi
    19.Trian Kayhatu – Sabishii

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  • Junia-T “How Can I” | @JuniaTofSB

    Press play on this dope newness from Smash Brova Junia-T, titled “How Can I”. This track will will be on his upcoming Eye See You project dropping on November 4th.

    Recorded at Stankonia | Atlanta
    Produced by Junia-T for 3-5 Playa Productions
    Mixed & Mastered by Junia-T & LordQuest
    Horns by Octavio Santos

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    #INDIANA: Mr. Kinetik “Spectrum” Release | @MrKinetik

    It’s October 22nd, and that means we get a new project from Mr. Kinetik. Free steams below and you can purchase for five dollars. Read more about the idea of the album below.

    This album is a range of tones, vibes, emotions and statements. Mr. Kinetik (Marc Williams) delivers another album full of thoughtful musicianship and songwriting that is straight from the soul. The album is held together by the reality that life is a spectrum; a range of experiences and knowledge gained from day-to-day living. “On My Mind” uses an 808 kick-driven pattern to explore memory lane, insomnia and the clouded mind. “My Lane” details excitement about the possibilities and opportunities of life when we are able to maintain our course. The lead single “Anyway” is a mania stroll complete with mentions of escape-ism, unhealthy habits, emotional numbness, the death of Eric Garner and how somehow, we still “hit the dance floor” and go on with life.

    Spectrum provides multiple perspectives and emotions that are produced in the journey of life. These perspectives are shared honestly and with detail. These perspectives and emotions come to life in each of the compositions present on this album in a show of respect for the range of life and the interconnectedness of life experiences.

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