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    Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E3: “Measured In Weight” & “See Me Shining” ft. ILL Brown & Cut Camp | @beatsxbreakfast

    It’s time for some more of our wonderful Beats & Breakfast series with Skittz and LONEgevity! You saw the first and second video, and this week you get a special treat as it’s really kind of two episodes in one. For episode 3, Skittz and LONEgevity invited ILL Brown down from Chicago, and him and Lone decided to make two beats for the day. With that, we have two songs, and features in vocals from Ace One (Proforms / Breakdown Kings / Cutcamp), Black Eddie (Cut Camp / Strong Roots Records), and Gritts (of Hinx Jones / Cut Camp / Sweet Poison Victim) Video above, lyrics and song below. Check the links below, which you can check the credits and links to the lyrics!

    “Measured In Weight” Credits:
    Verses: Gritts, Skittz, Black Eddie
    Chorus: Skittz, Gritts
    Trombone: Gritts
    Production: ILL Brown, LONEgevity
    Click for Lyrics

    “See Me Shining” Credits:
    Verses: Ace One, LONEgevity, ILL Brown
    Chorus: Skittz
    Production: LONEgevity, ILL Brown
    Click for Lyrics

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    BDTB x Drums Bang Presents: Writer’s Block Beat Tape Submissions Are Open (May 2014 Edition)

    As you may know, we (along side DJ MetroGnome) throw a producer’s showcase every first Wednesday of the month at Sabbatical in Indianapolis (Broad Ripple). We bring out producer’s to play live from around the corner to out of the country.

    Well, we’ve got a cool idea.

    From now until Record Store Day (April 19th, 2014), we will be taking submissions to be on the BDTB sponsored Writer’s Block Beat Tape for May 2014. The beat tape will feature *around* 15 beats each month of the best production submitted from various producers around the world (anybody can submit). Additionally, it will be the featured beat tape in the brand new DRUMS BANG: Producer Beat Box that is launching in May, which is a new production-based business founded by BDTB’s founder, LONEgevity, that offers notable producer-crafted drum kits, acapellas, samples, tutorials, stickers, and other customized cool items that will not only be different each month, but mailed out to your doorstep as well. That launch site is up here.

    So if you submit and get selected, your beat will be on the MAY 2014 edition WRITERS BLOCK CD that will be put out on a CD, and be included in the DRUMS BANG producer beat box for MAY 2014. It will also be available for free download on Bandcamp for all to get familiar with you, with a link to your Soundcloud and/or Twitter/Facebook page. Specific rules and information below:


    - Email must include Producer Name, the beat (or link to the beat) in WAV form, title of beat, and twitter/soundcloud info.
    - Each producer may submit ONLY one (1) beat per month/contest. Don’t send us to Soundcloud to pick.
    - The beat can be original or have samples. It does not have to be verse, hook, verse, hook! Be creative.
    - It has to be your beat.
    - It is free to submit. You must submit a .wav formatted beat. Email to writersblock@drumsbang.com
    - You will not be paid if you get selected as this is a promotional item for you, BDTB, DRUMS BANG, and Writer’s Block.
    - BDTB/DRUMS BANG will use your one (1) submitted instrumental for this specific release ONLY.
    - We will not sell or distribute the instrumental separately from this release.
    - Although DRUMS BANG: Producer Beat Box will be sold, the contents of this CD are used for promotional use only through BDTB.
    - BDTB/DRUMS BANG will take care of all of the physical pressing and associated fees.
    - Each selected producer will received a complimentary CD of the compilation in our custom packaging.
    - Each selected producer will receive a 20% discount to purchase the DRUMS BANG: Producer Beat Box for the month they are selected.
    - We may give away or sell any extra physical copies (CD format) of each WRITERS BLOCK compilation at future WRITERS BLOCK or related events. (We do not plan on making extras, but if we for some reason have extras we’d sell to cover costs of printing/pressing the CDs.)

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    Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E1: “Time” ft. Ace One & Pope Adrian Bless | @beatsxbreakfast

    After a great time with Season 1, Indianapolis’ Skittz and LONEgevity sat down and planned out a second season to their Beats & Breakfast series. This time around the two got with Thomas Roberts, who directed the season’s activities (and also does great things with us at BDTB). This season features 10 episodes and 11 songs. A new episode and single from the project will drop every week until the release on 5/27/14.

    The first episode features Indianapolis’ Ace One and Pope Adrian Bless. All music in the video above is music produced by LONEgevity. Lyrics to the song, which is also listed below, is well…listed below.

    Buy from iTunes
    Buy from Bandcamp

    Chorus: Lonegevity
    Better get your living in while you can – yes believe
    The older you get more time flies but know that you can leap
    Before you know it time has passed you by – you say don’t leave
    Make the best of every moment at hand that you see

    Verse 1: Ace One
    I’m double-fisted, runnin’ through this wide world of livin’
    Sippin’ whiskey in a jar, straight, Thin Lizzy
    My intentions are precise, as incisions
    Use every minute given wisely, before I spend it
    Shhhh…if you listen, you can hear the clock tickin’
    Tockin’ non-stop, as the time keeps slippin’
    Tempus fugit, time flys, no kiddin’
    Find ya’ rhythm, increase momentum
    Make waves & storm the shore with no quarter given
    Immortality, it’s yours, go get it
    When ya’ got it, then ya’ got it, burn hot as molten liquid
    Stay cold as frozen liquor, but never go frigid
    Remember, the 6 P’s, don’t ever forget these
    Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance Please believe
    Whether 9 to 5, on the grind, or rockin’ mics
    Keep ya’ money on ya’ mind, and ya’ mind on ya’ time


    Verse 2: Skittz
    Styles remain tied up at the dock…bad move
    Float away smiling with these eggs…hatch two
    Build and let go put my effort into action…
    See it glow, plant the seeds of satisfaction
    Next move…GET UP
    Agenda no pretender we define to realign transmission mind bender
    You can hear it when I drive by…see it when I move
    Hoping younger knuckle bumpers one day get into the groove
    If they don’t then I know I got HOPE…that’s POPE
    Underground indeed, never need to throw a rope
    We like it down here…cooler to the touch…
    Like good for your soul…put your hands upon the rush
    Lay my plate at the table with those that work tables…
    Merch or spin doc, repel with no cables
    Fly free…yes indeed…this is drop zone 3
    Your clock grew wings..more skies…less trees


    Verse 3: Pope Adrian Bless
    Hugs feel like air conditioning –
    Fingertip ceiling fans when you touch ya children
    Glass houses in your retina, for better or worst, it’s
    I found a home in the hearse where we traveled the distance..
    The phone cord rotary bone fingers you used
    when you spoke in sign language – I understand
    You took a bath in radiant wrath, you thought it was clean
    Kiss of death with use of machine guns – kind words.
    Every time I rhyme words – you called me Jesus
    You said I got my point across – no pun needed
    Christopher Rios – you have to see where I speak from
    Christopher Wallace – A big deal when you seen son
    Pac wrote the bible – you saw Nas as Nicodemus
    I smoke a lot so I’m enthralled by every nicotine patch
    War paint from carousel’s canvas – life’s fair
    Cigarette smoke on your grave – all city cult

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    LONEgevity “Interject” Release | @LONEgevity

    LONEgevity is back with the fifth of 13 in his beat tape series, and this one is titled Interject. He has adjusted the pricing on all of the beats to $75 apiece, so get on that if you need some of that goodness. Free listens below!

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    LONEgevity “DreDilla Tribute” | @LONEgevity

    Yesterday was Indianapolis’ DreDilla celebration, a party put together by Old Soul Entertainment, DJ MetroGnome and us at BDTB, and the party combined the works of Dr Dre and J Dilla. Donuts and 40s. The track below is a beat (or multiple) put together by LONEgevity for the evening that combines the two producers’ music and music they sampled into something new and fresh. Free downloads. Enjoy!

    Tracks used:
    Add-2 – Cassette Tapes (LONEgevity Remix)
    Motherlode – When I Die
    J Dilla – African Rhythms
    J Dilla – The Red Remix
    Solomon Burke – Get Out Of My Life Woman
    Dr. Dre – The Chronic (Intro)
    J Dilla – Untitled Beat Tape Track 6
    Common – Cold Blooded
    Donny Hathaway – Little Ghetto Boy
    Dr. Dre – Little Ghetto Boy
    J Dilla – In The Streets
    Leon Haywood – I Want A Do Something Freaky To You
    Jaylib – The Official
    J Dilla – Say It
    Jaylib – Champion Sound
    The Weavers – Kisses Sweater than Wine
    A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again
    Slum Village – CB4
    Jaylib – Heavy

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    LONEgevity “Gat(her)” Release | @LONEgevity

    Naptown’s LONEgevity has released his 4th of 13 total beat tapes in his current series. All available for a 100 bucks for exclusive use. Check them out below, as well as the specifics.

    In promotion and celebration for the announcement of LONEgevity’s next full-length instrumental album (dropping December of 2014),”Gat[her]” is beat tape 4 of 13 leading up to the release of “Sometimes I Still Dream.” All 13 of the beat tapes in this series features a special extra discounted price for a semi-exclusive “Produced by LONEgevity” beat. Each beat on “Gat[her]” is available for semi-exclusive purchase for your project for ONLY $100.

    What does semi-exclusive mean? If you direct-purchase any beat on “Gat[her]” it will then be listed as “SOLD” on Bandcamp, and nobody else will be able to purchase/download it to use as a song. It also will not be shopped anymore to rappers or singers; the beat is yours for your upcoming project! You just need to pay the semi-exclusive fee of $100, download the track from Bandcamp, and make sure to always put appropriate credit when applicable.

    Other information: I reserve the right to use the beat in instrumental form however I see fit, but no additional artist will have the right to use it for a song. All beats SOLD AS IS. Tracked out versions up the price by $25 if available. All beats are mixed down but no beats are pre-compressed or mastered/boosted. You should do that when you master your song!

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    Skittz “Existence” (LONEgevity Remix) | @SkittzFormPro @Lonegevity

    Indianapolis producer and remix specialist LONEgevity just liberated this remix he did for oft-collaborator Skittz. The two are working on releasing a Season 2 to their Beats & Breakfast series that is debuting in mid March. The track is originally on The Proforms’ Atavism which we sponsored back in 2011. Check out the original song here and the album here. The picture is Skittz performing on the BDTB stage with his band, The Breakdown Kings.

    I grabbed this acapella from my homie Skittz and threw some early 90′s flavor to it. Check it out!

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