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  • LONEgevity – “Dillatape” (Release)

    Indiana’s own Lonegevity just dropped a J Dilla inspired beat tape in Dillatape. Read a bit more below and download this for free from Bandcamp, or individually from Soundcloud below.

    Idea/background: BDTB launched a J Dilla sample flip contest for a J Dilla tribute show that Old Soul Entertainment is throwing this February (2/12/16). For the contest, BDTB shared 14 samples that Dilla used throughout his career, and producers/beat makers were challenged to flip one of the samples for a future compilation. This beat tape was put together in two weeks (1/15/16 – 1/30/16).

    “It just so happened that I’ve been experimenting with Ableton effects and sounds, and this was a good way to combine celebrating Dilla while trying some new things out. Instead of making one beat, I made 10.” – Lonegevity

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  • Lonegevity – “Sometimes I Still Dream” (Release) | @Lonegevity

    Indiana’s own Lonegevity has returned for another new instrumental release, as Sometimes I Still Dream acts as 32-minute collective piece of thoughts without words. Lone worked on crafting SISD for nearly three years, as he wanted to do something completely different and unique.

    The 11-track project is setup to listen in two 16-minute segments. Read more below and purchase the new project from Bandcamp, and if you purchase you also get the 32-minute continual stream as a bonus track.

    If you put the song titles together, it makes a statement. “Sometimes I still dream aggressive thoughts about my motion, but the wisest ways to move forward always guides me towards changing not my intent, only my path.”

    I guess this kind of means that even though sometimes I just want to power through life and take what seems to be the easy route towards whatever others may see as happiness, I always eventually realize that I have already defined my goals and know what fulfills my life. It’s a struggle sometimes to believe that you’re being innovative or that you know what you’re doing, especially when there’s so much around you pushing you to be normal. Sometimes I might have to readjust my route to personal success, but I can’t compromise who I am and what I want to do within. So, ‘sometimes I still dream’ about things I don’t have yet, but I’m reminded that I will always attain what I’m meant to. And sometimes, I still try to dream like a kid dreams, that anything is possible. That’s kind of what this means. Hope you like the project. – Lonegevity

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  • LONEgevity – “Only”

    LONEgevity will be dropping his Sometimes I Still Dream project next Friday, but today you get the second single from instrumental album, “Only”. Stream the smooth song below and head over to Bandcamp to either cop the single or pre-order the project.

    “Θnly” is track 10 off of LONEgevity’s upcoming “Sometimes I Still Dream” instrumental album. Background: Theta is the border between the conscious and the subconscious world, and by learning to use a conscious, waking Theta brain wave we can access and influence the powerful subconscious part of ourselves that is normally inaccessible to our waking minds.

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  • LONEgevity – “Not My Intent” ft. Scoot Dubbs & Gritts

    Listen to LONEgevity‘s new “Not My Intent” song that features fellow Cut Camp musicians Scoot Dubbs and Gritts. LONEgevity is gearing up to drop his upcoming Sometimes I Still Dream instrumental album on 1/22/15 via No Cosign Records. Listen and read more about it below. Pre-order today via Bandcamp.

    “Not My Intent” is track 9 off of LONEgevity’s upcoming “Sometimes I Still Dream” instrumental album. This is the only song on the album that has features, and it features Scoot Dubbs on Bass and some other programming with LONE, and also features Gritts with some additional keys. LONE has keys on this too, so good luck figuring out who is who. It’s just a dope collaboration.

    LONE started working on SISD in 2012 after a couple fairly successful years as both a member of Hinx Jones and Beats & Breakfast, and also as a remix producer. After putting out project after project, he wanted to get back to the essence of making music for himself, and he decided to start over and try some new things. This included experimenting with different programs and sounds.

    Sometimes I Still Dream’s intent, at the most rudimentary level, was LONE wanting to get excited about making music for himself again. He wanted a growing in sound that ultimately was different and innovative. The entire album is themed, sequenced to flow together, and takes you on a 32 minute sound journey into experimental grooves and thoughts. About 90% of the project is original, meaning that all of the sounds you hear down to the custom percussion was made by him.

    It’s never to late to innovate. It’s never too late to start over. It’s never too late to dream.

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  • Listen to No Cosign Records Label Compilation, V2 (Release)

    No Cosign Records has emerged with their fifth release since inception in September of 2015, and this one is a free compilation of artists they work with. The project has beats and instrumentals, a remix, a hip hop song, and even a piano ballad with a total of seven tracks. Listen to songs from Bangers by One, Maja 7th, ILL Brown, LONEgevity, Gritts, AL GO RHYTHMIC, Mike Schpitz below, and hit up Bandcamp for the free download via the name-your-price feature.

    The songs are all brand new and never released, and feature instrumentals and beats, a remix, a piano ballad of sorts, and a grimy hip hop song. Get familiar and download for free (we won’t say no to donations).

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  • Gritts x Maja 7th – “Wishing Well” (Release) | @ItsGritts @Maja7th

    More than 20 years in the making, Gritts and Maja 7th have officially dropped their collaborative Wishing Well EP. The project is a simple three songs deep with a depth much further. Read a little bit a bout the project below, listen, and make sure you download this goodness for free from Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

    More than 20 years in the making, Gritts and Maja 7th have been close friends since middle school. Although they have worked together on various projects in the past, and stayed great friends while pursuing their own respected music careers, “Wishing Well” will be their first official project that they release together.

    “Balls To The Wall” hones in on Gritts‘ “Working Man’s Hip Hop” attitude, as he talks about his general hustle and bustle throughout the years. “Lift You Up” is a socially aware song that focuses on pushing forward and living with a positive attitude. “Wishing Well” brings the project together, as Gritts takes you through a metaphorical story that makes you wonder who, or what, he’s actually talking about. Once you realize his topic at hand, the song becomes even more beautiful than it already was. Fueled by Maja 7th‘s production, the three-track EP is a great fusion of soulful production, singing and harmonies, and personal rhymes from Gritts.

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  • Gritts x Maja 7th – “Lift You Up” | @ItsGritts @Maja7th @NoCosignRecords

    Coming at you to lift up your spirits today, check Indiana’s own Gritts and Maja 7th, as they give us “Lift You Up” ahead of their forthcoming EP. Dropping on 12/4/15, these fellas will be releasing a three-track free EP, titled Wishing Well, which is sure to impress. Read a bit more below, and download this song for free.

    “Wishing Well” is a brand new EP from emcee and musician Gritts and producer Maja 7th. The EP is full of thoughts on life and the world around us, as the writing and songs take a long look at many issues in the world today – in a positive light.

    More than 20 years in the making, Gritts and Maja 7th have been close friends since middle school. Although they have worked together on various projects in the past, and stayed great friends while pursuing their own respected music careers, “Wishing Well” will be their first official project that they release together.

    The EP drops via No Cosign Records on 12/4/15.

    And it’s free.
    releases December 4, 2015

    All songs written by Gritts.
    All songs produced by Maja 7th.
    Songs mixed and mastered by Lonegevity.

    Maja 7th appears as a collaborative effort between No Cosign Records and Red August.

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  • AL GO RHYTHMIC – “Our Era (Like That)” | @AL_GO_RHYTHMIC @NoCosignRecords

    Listen to the second single from Indiana beatsmith AL GO RHYTHMIC‘s upcoming debut on No Cosign Records, which is a boom-bap joint titled “Our Era (Like That)”. Be on the lookout for Al’s NOWHERE to be dropping his six-track EP next Friday. Bass on the track was played by Lonegevity. Represent like that.

    The debut project from Indiana beatsmith AL GO RHYTHMIC is titled “NOWHERE,” and the title is a play on both the phrase Now Here and Nowhere. Drums, sample chops, chill and intense vibes, and overall great music to listen to.

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