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  • Hinx Jones – “Soul Hop” (Release) + “Nothing” (Video) | @HinxJones @Lonegevity @ItsGritts

    Indiana’s own Hinx Jones, the duo of Lonegevity and Gritts, have released their brand new Soul Hop album today, as well as a new video for their “Nothing” single. The ten-track project features production from Lonegevity throughout, but also from ILL Brown, Maja 7th, Slot-A, and Mandog. There are features from Sirius Blvck, Neak, Skittz, and Pope Adrian Bless. Read a bit more below, check out the video above, and listen to their newness down at the bottom. They also have a limited edition CD for sale on their Bandcamp page, which will have lyrics, a digital download code, will be signed and numbered, and is an alternative version of the album that includes interludes and transitions not available digitally. So yeah, cop that. The video was directed and edited by Brand-It.

    “Soul Hop” was made with a different approach than their previous projects, as their new themed album incorporates a lot more direct focus of intent, singing, and more so than ever promotes vibes and thoughts around bettering oneself. The production is a bit more heartfelt than aggressive. The goal was to mesh soul and hip hop together to form something of a new genre. Think Foreign Exchange’s Connected meets The Roots’ How I Got Over, with their own personal touches added to it.

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  • Hinx Jones – “Nothing” | @HinxJones @Lonegevity @ItsGritts

    Hinx Jones has returned with “Nothing”, the third single from their upcoming Soul Hop album. Lonegevity and Gritts will be dropping their first album in three years this Friday, October 2nd. Be on the lookout for a few videos from the duo coming in the near future. Cop the single and pre-order the album from Bandcamp. The song was produced by Lonegevity.

    The song discusses being happy while focusing on who we are at our core, and realizing what it really means to have great things in life.

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  • Hinx Jones – “Painted” ft. Skittz | @HinxJones @SkittzFormPro

    Hinx Jones is back with “Painted”, the second single from their upcoming Soul Hop album, in a single that features oft-collaborator Skittz. Many of you know Skittz from Cut Camp, The Proforms, and Beats & Breakfast. “Painted” takes a vocal sample from Skittz’ “Existence” track, and the beat was crafted with a boom-bap slap, soul sample, and synth bass.

    Purchase the single from Bandcamp (pre-order and get this and “Let It Go” via download now) and listen below.

    The song kind of talks about deconstructing oneself to realizing the greatness in being who you are, and to continue fighting to be great. The essence can be best described by the chorus: “Life Love Letter you can write it exact – it takes a special kind of brush to paint your heart on the track.” The first verse is Gritts and the second is Lonegevity, who also produced the song. The third verse and chorus feature Skittz. Be on the lookout for the video to come in mid October.

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  • Hinx Jones – “Let It Go” ft. Sirius Blvck | @HinxJones @SiriusxBlvck @ILLBrown

    Hinx Jones’ upcoming Soul Hop album will be released on 10/2/15, and today you can listen to the first single from the album. The song features a verse from rising Indianapolis star Sirius Blvck, and production from our oft-collaborator ILL Brown. Listen below, and you can purchase the single from Bandcamp (and pre-order Soul Hop as well). #NOCOSIGN

    Hinx Jones, the duo of Lonegevity and Gritts of Indiana, have been working on “Soul Hop” for the last two years – on and off between other solo endeavors. This being their third album, and sixth project as Hinx Jones since 2010, they wanted to do something a little different than their previous projects.

    “Soul Hop” was made with a different approach than their previous projects, as their new themed album incorporates a lot more direct focus of intent, singing, and more so than ever promotes vibes and thoughts around bettering oneself. The production is a bit more heartfelt than aggressive.

    The project has production from Lonegevity, ILL Brown, Maja 7th, Slot-A, and Mandog. Extra instrumentation added by Gritts on “Do Better”.

    There are features from Neak, Skittz, Pope Adrian Bless, and Sirius Blvck.

    The project was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lonegevity.

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  • Lonegevity Launches NO COSIGN RECORDS | @NoCosignRecords @Lonegevity

    Today marks the day that NO COSIGN RECORDS is born. Read the statement that Lonegevity gave us below, that talks a little about his new endeavor. BDTB is still pumping strong and isn’t going anywhere, so no need to worry about that. Consider this an extension of sorts. Their sampler is also below, and can be found on their new website.

    It’s no secret that I’m involved in a lot of things, and today marks the launching of my newest expansion: NO COSIGN RECORDS. I started BDTB back in 2009 with the idea that I knew a lot of talented musicians, artists, producers, rappers, and/or whatever you want to call them, and they weren’t getting the pub I thought they should be getting. I wanted to help artists get heard that I thought were dope, especially in Indiana and the Midwest (including myself), and it was the best way I knew how to do that at the time. I think we’ve done a great job at that so far, and we will continue to strive in that area as we have new things coming in the future as well.

    With that being said, it was time for me to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: start a record label. Kind of with the same idea behind BDTB (as far as helping artists get to where they deserve to be), I’ve been sitting on the idea for a long time: watching the great ones, up and coming ones, and I learned the best way for me to position myself and my ideas in with them. NO COSIGN RECORDS will act as a full service global music label, based out of Indianapolis. Our motto is something along the lines of “we don’t need your cosign” and “we don’t create artists; we nurture them”.

    So, today you can see the beginning of what’s to come. I have started with five producers, four emcees, three engineers, a multi-instrumentalist, video and media professional, and am looking forward to jumping right in. We have a huge goal to work on a major artist development project in 2016, so this isn’t just your typical label push. We’re going for the full circle. Please take a listen to our sampler, and if you like it then please share it to your friends. Check out our website too for more information.

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  • New Wave Collective – “Young Niggas” (Video) | @courYE @soicyice

    Check the second video single from Fre$co and J-Ice, of New Wave Collective, a track titled “Young Niggas” from their collaborative Soul Food project. The visual also serves as part 3 of a continuing few days in the life of the young rappers. This particular one picks up where after the amazing party the rappers were just apart of and follows them as they fall into a drunken slumber shortly after leaving. Music starts around the 3-minute mark. Video by Creative G.

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  • Mike Schpitz – “Topeka, High” (Release) | @MikeSchiptz

    Our brethren Mike Schpitz just released his long-awaited Topeka, High album today, which was premiered by DJ Booth. You may have heard a few of this singles in the past few months, as he has songs and production from Fresh, Panama, Pedro Bizz, $av, Stik Figa, ILL Brown, Slot-A, LONEgevity, ThatKidMyself, Maja 7th, and !llmind. Listen to the project in full below, and you can download either from DJ Booth or Audiomack. Mike also has put together some flash dives with his complete discography, so hit him up on Twitter to see how you can get one.

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  • LONEgevity – “Timtmtahsfd.” (Instrumental) | @Lonegevity

    While LONEgevity and Gritts are gearing up to drop their upcoming album, Lone just dropped a new instrumental, titled “Timtmtahsfd”. The couple-minute instrumental is a part of his evolving LEARNINGS series, where he drops instrumentals from time to time with hidden educational messages. Be on the lookout for more from the producer, as well as the new project from Hinx Jones (they just dropped an EP too). Listen below and purchase from Bandcamp.

    There is more to myself than anyone has so far discovered. Enjoy.

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  • Hinx Jones – “Few Joints” (Release) | @HinxJones @Lonegevity @ItsGritts

    Few Joints is a new three-track EP from Naptown’s Hinx Jones, which are the bonus tracks they decided not to include on their upcoming Soul Hop album. The songs are two unreleased tracks, and one that they let go last year as a freebie. Download the project for free, and you can expect their new album to drop sometime this year.

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