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  • Maxie – “Future (Freestyle)” Video

    Maxie is prepping for the release of Rubberband Lingo 4, and here’s his latest track in visual form, “Future (Freestyle)”. The video shot by Miro, showcases Maxie’s word play first and foremost. Also, check the track Gotta Get It featuring Playbwoi and Amani Tre Niner below. Rubberband Lingo drops 3/17.

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  • Interactive Top 10 Hip Hop Billboard Polygraph Since 1989

    This interactive hip hop billboard polygraph is a gem that will allow you to listen to the top 10 songs at any giving time since 1989 up until this past year. You can literally hear the highs and lows in the history of hip hop and rap over the years. You can even search for artist and see the songs that they had in the top 10 at any given time. This was created by Matt Daniels who also made Sample Stich, with Emily White and Trevor Anderson from Billboard. I hope you have some time on your hands for this one because it’s addictive. Go to the link here.

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  • Questlove Shares The Story of When Prince Came To Philly For The Musicology Tour (Video)

    Questlove narrates this hilarious story of what happened when Prince came to Philly for the Musicology tour and things took an unexpected turn. Check out the tale animated by Hectah for OkayPlayer. I bet you cant watch it just once.

    Questlove, you may have heard, tells the best stories. Prince, in our experience, IS the best stories. Watch above as Okayplayer animates Questo’s tale, a story filled with the magic powers of The Purple One, Nigerian Afrobeat god Fela Kuti, Finding Nemo, and a hot pink stretch Hummer.

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  • Freeway – “Fear of a Free Planet” (Release) | @Phillyfreezer

    Freeway is back with some newness with the release of Fear of a Free Planet. This is a welcoming project not only because its been a minute, but also to show that he’s keeping busy despite having kidney failure last year. He also reunites with Jake One and laces a J Dilla track. Check it out below.

    The Compound presents Fear of a Free Planet

    The Compound links up with Philadelphia Freeway in a time where the world is in a bit of chaos. With America in a funny, yet uncomfortable political race for the next president, and wars brewing globally, there is a need for substance in entertainment. The music game has a void, and Freeway is here to fill it.

    Taking it back to the essence with soulful samples and legendary lyrics, Free blesses us with his new body of work including production by some of Hip Hop’s greatest producers. With sounds from Don Cannon, Jake One and Merc Beatz, this project is not missing a beat. Then, to hear Freeway rocking over a J Dilla track is simply a gift in itself. Features with artists such as Styles P and Memphis Bleek also contribute to making this project a classic. Lastly, we get to experience Freeway’s story about his kidney failure on a bonus track through the eyes of his understudy Scholito. Hopefully, Fear of a Free Planet, aka The Free Tape, will inspire peace and positivity for listeners searching for a bit of hope in this crazy world. Early!!

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