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What’s the focus of Bringing Down The Band? BDTB formed as an idea I had of bridging music and everything surrounding it into an entity larger than myself. Bringing Down The Band is more than just a website and blog, it’s a lifestyle. Not only a new aged independent distributor of dopeness for worthwhile artists to be heard, but also a representation of what we, as artists, may feel is worthy of paying attention to in the culture that surrounds us. We at BDTB view art as a necessary part of society, and this is our way of sharing it to everyone that may not have the avenues, or addiction, as we do. We have no intent on posting everything that is submitted, or that we run into that is perceived hot at the moment; unless it is truly worthy of being shared to you. We’re looking for quality over everything, and you can hold us to that. Whether this content be funny, creative, positive, clever, intriguing, or a mixture of the aforementioned, the music, art, and information shared on this site is a representation of what us as artists deem worthy to check out. BDTB is a place for my colleagues and me to express our creativeness in what we like and enjoy, and we hope that there are people like us out there that enjoy it. If you are interested in being a part of this idea somehow then feel free to contact us. Please tell your friends.

Where does the name come from? If there’s any confusion on the name, which happens often, the name Bringing Down The Band references a time long time ago when myself (Sean) and a few others were told we were “bringing down the band” in high school. This happened in front of the entire band for laughing, during practice, about how bad the flute section sounded on a particular run. We cut up pretty often, so it was a recurring theme with us. Being said, and being told that we were “bringing down the band” when we were probably the best section that year, was an interesting lesson that always stuck with me. As we probably could have been more sensitive as high schoolers, that was beyond the point. When you work hard at creating something, or to simply be great, it’s easy to spot the people that either don’t work as hard as you, or are simply not cut out for it. Being said, Bringing Down The Band is a parallel to that in how we share our content. We will continue to share the best work out there, but instead of laughing at the poor efforts and music that’s not quite ready yet (except when we WELP something (maybe we haven’t grown up too much?)), we simply won’t share it. Be great or try again, with love.

Below you can check out our general posting schedule, and with that you can get a better look into what to expect during a usual week from us:

Monday-Friday: Regular sharing of all things dope.
Monday: Submissions will be reviewed to be either forwarded to queue or deleted.
Friday: A focus on sharing submissions.
Saturday: Jay Diff shares his “Cloud Vibes” playlist, which is a weekly collection of his recent favorite eclectic tunes.
Sunday: Sean shares his “Raps & Slaps” playlist, which is a weekly collection of his recent favorite hip hop tracks.


As of Fall 2013, we have sponsored and/or thrown shows featuring local and national artists: Mac Miller, Murs, Fashawn, Wiz Khalifa, Ab Soul, Brother Ali, Psalm One, Homeboy Sandman, Kendrick Lamar, Immortal Technique, Oddisee, Exile, ILL Brown, Schoolboy Q, MC ADaD, Neak, Slot-A, Mike Schpitz, Papi Jamon, Dominique Larue, Earl Sweatshirt, The Internet, Childish Gambino, Illa J, Frank Nitt, Open Mike Eagle, Sulaiman (Treated Crew), DJ Castle, Random aka MegaRan, Durrazo, Fresh Kils, Mad Dukez, Black Spade, Tef Poe, DJ Needlez, Rockwell Knuckles, Fluff Nasty, Longshot, Oreo Jones, Grey Granite, Freddie Bunz, Blake Allee, Breakdown Kings, Sweet Poison Victim, Hinx Jones, Ghost Town Collective, Rusty Redenbacher, Mr. Kinetik, The Proforms, Cut Camp, Echomaker, and yes, many more.

As of Fall 2013, we have worked and collaborated with the following companies, venues and organizations: ORANJE Festival, Do317, Red Bull Music Academy, Old Soul Entertainment, Deckademics, A3C Festival, The Vogue, Holy Toledo, Grizzly Music, Sam Ash, Heavy Gun Blog, DJ Booth, Drums Bang, Sabbatical, The Melody Inn, The Jazz Kitchen, MOKB, The Hi-Fi, Sun King Brewery, Musical Family Tree, and many other interesting and independent groups.


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