Music Submissions
We no longer take email submissions, but you can submit music by pressing the button below. Do NOT peddle the email addresses below with music submissions. If interested in having us sponsor a project or premier a single, please read this page here, otherwise click that button below to submit music to us.


Additional Inquiries – Do NOT Submit Music Here
If you have an inquiry that is anything other than submitting music (ie: do NOT submit music to the personal email addresses below), please use the provided information wisely. This may be advertising, sponsorship, placements, events, and any other business information.

Sean aka Lonegevity · Founder / Owner / Editor-In-Chief / Brand Development
Email: scstuart(at)bringingdowntheband.com (Business & Sponsorship Inquiries Only)
Twitter: @Lonegevity

Terry aka DJ Jay Diff · Development Director / Editor
Email: jaydiff(at)bringingdowntheband.com (DJ Gigs & Event Inquiries Only)
Twitter: @djJayDiff

TR · Creative Director
Twitter: @TomRobots

Brendon aka Baby D · Editor / Interviews
Twitter: @OldDirtyBrandon

Kisha · Event Coordinator
Email: kisha(at)bringingdowntheband.com (Event Inquiries Only)
Twitter: @MsStone34

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