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We are actively looking for people that want to not only be a part of the BDTB team, but are interested in growing with us in unique and interesting ways. Whether you are looking to help share music, wanting to contribute by starting a new series, interested in helping out with events, have a knack for advertising, wanting to lead or be a part of a street team, a hip hop lover that has interest in doing website stuff, or even something that I may have not listed, please feel free to read on.

Please note that if you are interested in being a contributor as a writer, you will have to have fairly good grammar and be somewhat web savvy. Oh, and for anybody partially interested: you have to be consistent. We’re not really looking for someone that will be really motivated in the first month and disappear from the earth afterwards.

Still interested? Yeah? Bet. Email me your ideas.

Fill out this contact form.

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