Sunday, May 28th, 2017

We may not be a super entity quite yet, but we’re working on it. Below you can find the releases that we’ve had the pleasure of being apart of, as well as links to listen, download, and buy the projects. You can also find links to the individual artists so that you can find more information on them. If you have a project you are interested in collaborating with us on, or having us as a sponsor, please check out this page here.

DateArtistTitleLinksCat. #
DateArtistTitleLinksCat. #
2008-01LONEgevity"Eavesdrop Volume 2: Full Throttle"Bandcampbdtb0001
2009-06Gritts"The Grittstape"Bandcampbdtb0003
2009-06LONEgevity"Eavesdrop Volume 3: uplateonaworknight"Bandcampbdtb0004
2010-06Pete Sayke"The New Black"Bandcampbdtb0005
2010-07Hinx Jones"Not Really A Mixtape"Bandcampbdtb0006
2010-10Hinx Jones"The Eleven Piece"iTunes Bandcamp Kunaki Mediafirebdtb0007
2010-11Papi Jamon"The Samoa Joe Mixtape"Mediafirebdtb0008
2010-12LONEgevity"Eavesdrop Volume 4: On Some Other Sh!t"Bandcampbdtb0009
2011-03LONEgevity"Hear Instrumentals: Volume 1"Mediafirebdtb0010
2011-08Tony Styxx x LONEgevity"It's Bigger Than Me"Bandcamp Mediafire Kunakibdtb0011
2011-08Blake Allee"My Best Friends Are Machines"Datpiff Bandcamp bdtb0012
2011-10The Proforms"Atavism"iTunesbdtb0014
2011-10Hinx Jones"Frozen Liquor"iTunes Bandcamp Soundcloud Mediafire Kunakibdtb0015
2011-11Grumpy Old Men"Sunday Skool"Live Mixtapesbdtb0016
2012-02Cut Camp"Cut Camp Sampler"Soundcloud Mediafirebdtb0017
2012-02LONEgevity"Reverb"Soundcloud Bandcamp Mediafirebdtb0018
2012-03Skittz & LONEgevity"Beats & Breakfast: Season 1"Bandcamp Mediafirebdtb0019
2012-04Add-2 x LONEgevity "One Man Duo Remixes"Soundcloud Mediafirebdtb0020
2012-05Grumpy Old Men"#FreeLunch"Live Mixtapesbdtb0021
2012-11Papi Jamon x LONEgevity"Connect Game"Soundcloud Mediafirebdtb0022
2012-12Mike Schpitz x Slot-A"Have You Seen My Stapler?"DJ Booth iTunes Spotifybdtb0023
2012-12LONEgevity"Collections: Volume 1"Mediafirebdtb0024
2013-01Pope Adrian Bless & G-Ometry"AMIII: Internal Welfare"Bandcampbdtb0026
2013-02Scoot Dubbs & DJ Spoolz"The Difference Between Night & Day"Bandcamp Kunakibdtb0025
2013-02DJ MetroGnome x Ghostface Killah"Best of Ghostface, Vol. 1″youSENDit bdtb0027
2013-02Blake Allee"Televisionn"Datpiff Bandcamp Soundcloud bdtb0028
2013-03Sirius Blvck"Ancient Lights"Mediafire Datpiffbdtb0029
2013-04Grumpy Old Men x LONEgevity"Sunday Brunch"DJ Booth iTunes Amazonbdtb0030
2013-06Grey Granite"Rich In The Blood: The Eye The Shield"Datpiff Soundcloudbdtb0031
2013-08Mike Schpitz“The Prize Package Volume 2: Live From The Blapcave”DJ Boothbdtb0032
2013-10Hinx Jones"We Do This"Bandcamp Soundcloudbdtb0033
2014-04The Proforms"Elroy Preston"Audiomackbdtb0034
2014-04Pete Sayke x ThatKidMyself"Forever"DJ Boothbdtb0035
2014-05Skittz & LONEgevity"Beats & Breakfast: Season 2"Bandcampbdtb0036
2014-06Slot-A"High Tide"Bandcampbdtb0037
2015-03DJ Ves 120 & Tomahawk Gang Music"Year of the Gang"Soundcloudbdtb0038