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    Gilles Peterson “Brownswood Bubblers Eleven” Release | @gillespeterson

    Gilles Peterson and Brownswood Recordings have returned with the latest installment of their much loved Bubblers Series. Brownswood Bubblers Volume Eleven can be streamed in full below, and if you’d like to purchase the project you can below for £9 from Bandcamp.

    Known as something of a musical clairvoyant Gilles Peterson has built an unparalleled reputation for unearthing hidden gems and new and exciting talent over the course of his amazing career.

    Bubblers has established a great reputation over the years for providing a platform emerging talent from the Worldwide underground.

    Bubblers Alumni include …Flying Lotus, Tall Black Guy, Mayer Hawthorne, Lone, Bullion, Floating Points & Fatima, New Look, Dam Funk, Jamie Woon, Electric Wire Hustle, Flako, Nick Mulvey, Submotion Orchestra and many many more.

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    BDTB Presents the Sample, Chop & Flip Contest: Battle II – Amedeo Tommasi “Spy Story” (Submission Deadline 11/29/14)

    Welcome to the BDTB’s Sample, Chop & Flip Battle II. The rules and guidelines, as well as the sample and submission and voting dates, are all listed below! Make sure you follow the submission rules to be eligible. Winner will be on our winners beat compilation. Let’s go!


    Battle II Sample: Amedeo Tommasi “Spy Story”

    1) Read all of the rules here.
    2) Download the sample above.
    3) Submit using the form here.
    4) Submission Deadline: Saturday, Nov. 29th @ 11:59PM EST
    5) Voting Starts: Sunday, Nov. 30th
    6) Voting Ends: Saturday, Dec. 6th @ 11:59PM Midnight EST
    7) Next Contest Starts: Sunday, Dec. 7th

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    BDTB Presents Turn Off Your F*cking Radio: “Raps & Slaps, Volume 4″ (11/23/14)

    Here’s volume 4 of our Raps & Slaps series, which we share every every Sunday as a part of our #TOYFR goodness. Check out the playlist below and get your bumpage on.

    Flying Lotus ft. DOOM – Masquatch
    LONEgevity ft. G Granite & Gritts – Stones
    Outasight – Invitation
    Flow-Fi – Mars Today
    Thelonious Martin ft. Curren$y & Domo Genesis – Atlantis
    Kenn Starr – The Movement
    Alex Wiley – Lil Stoner Boi
    PRhyme – Courtesy
    Solomon Vaughn – The Bad Santa Song
    Danny Brown – LIE4 (LAKIM Remix)
    Freddie Gibbs & Mike Dean – Sellin’ Dope
    Flying Lotus ft. Krazie Bone – Medication Meditation

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    Solomon Vaughn “Vaughn Solo, 1st Edition” Release | @BoonieMayfield

    I got to meet Solomon Vaughn in Detroit this past March when we were attending the Red Bull Bass Camp, and I actually got to hear a couple of these songs. A few months later, here’s Boonie’s latest release, titled Vaughn Solo, which is 18 tracks of pure golden goodness. Listen to the entire project below, and you can download the release for free from his website here. Additionally, I’ve added Audiopium‘s album teaser, which is a group he’s a part of that’s dropping later this month.

    1 – The Beginning 02:19
    2 – No Handle Bars 01:18
    3 – Good Girls (feat. Istayjammin) [Prod by: Ro Blvd] 02:54
    4 – Pass The Offering (feat. Jordan Craft) 03:18
    5 – Remember When (feat. Jordan Craft) 02:58
    6 – That DOELEMITE! (feat. ILL University) [Prod by: Breakbot] 00:43
    7 – The Vaughn Solo Killer Bee Itch! (feat. Giane May) 03:16
    8 – My Love For… 01:11
    9 – Haters, Critics & Trolls Oh My 00:20
    10 – Elfman/Nobody Got Time (feat. Giane May, IStayJammin & Samia) 03:04
    11 – Rain On My Parade 01:50
    12 – 8-18-14 (The Summer Breakdown) 02:53
    13 – No More Of This Shame 02:04
    14 – Personal Sh*t (feat. Jordan Craft) 03:25
    15 – Ode to the Joy (feat. Blaque Plaque) [Prod by: Pete Rock] 02:51
    16 – Dreams (feat. iLL University) [Prod by: Ologist] 04:02
    17 – Driven (No Limits) 04:10
    18 – The Ending/Captain SavaBro (feat. iStayJammin) 06:01

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    BINKBEATS “Unraveled” Series #1-11 (Video) | @Binkbeats @boilerroomtv

    Recently while out at Coaches (Indianapolis’ nearly 9-years running Tuesday night of Hip Hop goodness), DJ MetroGnome asked me if I was hip to BINKBEATSUnraveled series with the Boiler Room. Well, I wasn’t, and he showed me the Dilla one up above. Boy.

    In case you haven’t pressed play yet, and you’ve been under the proverbial rock as I have, BINKBEATS recreates modern classics live with a slew of multiple instruments, and it’s all recorded in high quality video form. I’ve added all of the videos I could find down below for you to dedicate your afternoon to (ps: “Places” is such a dope song). Happy Friday!


    #1 – “The Healer” by Madlib/Erykah Badu

    #2 – “Getting There” by Flying Lotus

    #3 – “Without You” by Lapalux

    #4 – “Lost & Found” by Amon Tobin

    #5 – “Lovely Bloodflow” by Baths

    #7 – “Bowls” by Caribou

    #8 – “Places” by Shlohmo

    #9 – “Windowlicker” by Aphex Twin

    #10 – “Ringleader” by Shigeto

    #11 – “Default” by Atoms for Peace

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    ORANJE 2014 Beat Haus / BDTB Recap (Video) | @BeatHausShow @OranjeIndy

    This video from the Beat Haus / BDTB producer showcase at ORANJE just revealed itself to me a few moments ago, and I figured I’d share with you guys what you may/may not have missed! Shouts to the fellas out in Brooklyn, and of course for ORANJE for inviting us back this year.

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    BDTB Presents the Sample, Chop & Flip Contest: Battle I – 9th Creation “It Ain’t Right” (Vote Until 11/21/14)

    Listen to all of the entries in the Soundcloud player below and vote for your favorite in the poll below the player. Don’t be a Stan and just vote for your friend, vote for the best beat. The sample, rules and guidelines are listed down below as well for your reference.


    BDTB Sample, Chop & Flip Battle #1 - Favorite Beat?

    • Wattz Muzik (49%, 47 Votes)
    • TJ Reynolds (34%, 32 Votes)
    • The Mefadone Klinik (17%, 17 Votes)

    Total Voters: 95


    Battle I Sample: 9th Creation “It Ain’t Right”

    1) Read all of the rules here.
    2) Download the sample below.
    3) Submit using the form here.
    4) Deadline: FRIDAY, Nov. 14th @ 6:00PM EST
    5) Voting Starts: Friday, Nov. 14th @ 6:45PM EST
    6) Voting Ends: Friday, Nov. 20th @ 12:00AM MIDNIGHT EST
    7) Next Contest Starts: Sunday, Nov. 22nd

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    BABA: “The Distortion of Sound” Documentary (Video)

    “We live in a world where if you’re content with it, hey, even if it is better – so what.” Man, this struggle is real.

    Besides the fact that this is just a cool documentary, the initial thought about how over-compressed most music is nowadays really stood out to me. Being a music producer for over 10 years now, and watching how the texture and individual elements are often eliminated (and now sometimes just ignored in the production process), I feel I can personally relate to this. I often mix my music in multiple speaker systems, including the shitty speakers and headphones, just so that low-quality listeners can judge my music – and it’s so counter intuitive. I know a lot of producers that tend to overdo their compression to compete with what’s now standard, too, and it hurts my soul a little bit each time. That’s enough about me though. Press play above. Interviewees are listed below:

    Mike Shinoda • Slash • Quincy Jones • Snoop Dogg • Steve Aoki • Hans Zimmer • Andrew Scheps • Manny Marroquin • Dan the Automator • Lianne La Havas • Kate Nash • A.R. Rahman • Neil Strauss • Chris Ludwig • Greg Timbers • Dr. Sean Olive

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