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    Shafiq Husayn “It’s Better For You” Release | @ShafiqHusayn

    Check out this three-track EP project from Shafiq Husayn, that also includes the three instrumentals for each song. It’s Better For You is available digitally or on vinyl for £3 and £7, respectively. More info below. Purchase here.

    As one third of SA-RA Creative Partners Shafiq Husayn helped change the world, producing, writing and collaborating with a diverse cast of artists, from Common to Kanye, Jill Scott to J Dilla and Erykah Badu, the aspects of music that SA-RA helped reintroduce to Hip Hop and RnB can be heard today throughout the current musical climbate. Citing the influence of the greats like George Clinton, Prince, Herbie Hancock and Jimi Hendrix, Shafiq’s sky high level of quality and musicality is noted and admired all over the world. Featurng Anderson Paak (formerly know as Breezy Lovejoy) It’s Better For You is the first song lifted from forthcoming album The L∞P, a project that includes collaborations with the likes of Hiatus Kayote, Thundercat, Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Fatima and many more. Due for release early 2015. This is the first solo work from Shafiq since 2009’s the critically lauded album En-A-Free-Ka.

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  • Betty Ford Boys “Uppers / Downers” Release | @suffdaddy @dexter_mpm_wsp @BrenkSinatra

    Press play on this modern day funky trip with the Betty Ford Boys, which is the collective goodness of producers Suff Daddy, Dexter and Brenk Sinatra. Check the video for “So Fine” above. Check them on Facebook.

    “Uppers / Downers” is the first release by the Betty Ford Boys (Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk Sinatra) since their 2013 album “Leaders Of The Brew School”. It is a limited hand-stamped & sealed 10”. 1.000 Copies. “Uppers / Downers” will only be available during the “Retox Tour” in October / November. Remaining copies might pop up at selected vinyl stores later on. The six songs from the EP will not be on the album.

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    #INDIANA: One ft. DeMarcus Rashad, K Harris & Pope Adrian Bless “Too Black” | @BangersByOne

    Next Wednesday, November 5th, Bangers by One will be one of our features for our Writer’s Block producer showcase. The show will act as a release party of sorts for the first single from his upcoming Rude Awakening 2 project, which will be dropping early next year. Lyrics and credits are listed below.


    They say you gotta work 10x harder
    Be 10x smarter
    10x better
    Just to have half a chance
    Cause I’m black
    But I know who I am
    De Marcus Rashad

    [Verse 1 - De Marcus Rashad]

    Is it because I am Black
    Cause I am free
    That you love murdering me
    Is it because your afraid
    We use to be slaves
    and now we are modern day kings
    Is it because we’ve survived
    Your genocide
    You show you hate us inside
    wondering how could we, Why?
    Fearing we’ll rise
    Cause we’re the children of gods
    No need in hiding the truth
    Cause we all know
    it is no secret to us
    You’d whether see us enslaved or see us encaged
    Thats why you lock us in cuffs
    One thing I know it is burning me up
    you leaving us dead in the streets
    It could be me
    Murdered for living while black
    Thats why I scream fuck the police


    Is it my strength?
    Is it my stride?
    Why are you scared
    Scared for your life?
    Are you afraid
    that we may find out the truth?
    Afraid for our lives
    Seems we don’t have much too lose….
    Cause a nigga too black!
    Is it cause a nigga too black?
    Is it cause a nigga too black?
    Is it cause a nigga too black?

    [Verse 2 - K Harris]

    Black on black
    Like Fred Hampton and Huey P
    You spent a lot for that Louie V
    Now who was he?
    Do u know of the name u representing?
    Or do you not ask questions before spending?
    You ball hard but came from humble beginnings
    Got everything you ever wanted now you think you’re winning
    You lust, sinning and love believing that your good
    Came up a lil bit now you shitting on ya hood
    Can’t tell the difference between wants and needs
    So you buy everything you see
    Enticed by your greed
    It’s the life indeed
    but does it keep your sanity
    Insane buying chains exploiting your own vanity
    Staying strapped prepared for any altercation
    No contemplating
    Use it without a thought of hesitation
    And if you gotta give dat chain you
    Will die for them materials obtained bruh


    Is it my strength?
    Is it my stride?
    Why are you scared
    Scared for your life?
    Are you afraid
    that we may find out the truth?
    Afraid for our lives
    Seems we don’t have much too lose….
    Cause a nigga too black!
    Is it cause a nigga too black?
    Is it cause a nigga too black?
    Is it cause a nigga too black?

    [Verse 3 - Pope Adrian Bless]

    Joe Clemmons, my nigga
    How you feelin, bull?.
    Emmitt Tilt-A-Whirl riding in this carnival
    Ferris wheel and deal with death
    Merry go round
    Here’s a round clip of old films that we shooting now
    Tell me why the cage bird sings in a hollow verse
    How to kill a mockingbird sound when I see a hearse
    Jim Crow tryna pigeon toe tapping at my doe (door)
    Napping underneath The railroads
    Til our bodies hurts
    Catch me in the crossfire
    Triple K (KKK) tire swings singing on the poplar (tree)
    Tree of life planted as the bell tolls
    Shawn Michaels kick the whole bullet as he drops
    Cop killing stick to ribs like Velcro
    Scared for Taheem and (st) Taaliyah
    It’s a scary thing
    Bury me alive
    Cherish me until I’m bleached out
    Looking for a scary scene
    Tell my brothers reach out
    God gave us everything
    Hatred got us leeched out

    Written by De Marcus Rashad, Kressin Harris, and Aaron Pipkins, R. Goldsmith. Published by Gold Works Music Publishing (ASCAP), D.K.A.S..LLC (ASCAP), Affiliation Share (BMI), Produced by One for Bangers by One, Additional Vocals by R. Goldsmith. Additional Trumpets by Sean Stuart aka Lonegevity.

    RECORDED BY: One @ City Dump Records in Indianapolis, IN and De Marcus Rashad @ De Marcus Rashad Studio in Houston, Texas / MIXED BY: One @ City Dump Records

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    !llmind “!lluminati” Release | @illmindPRODUCER

    Check out this brand new instrumental beat-tape, titled !lluminati, that is produced entirely by !llmind. The beat tape includes a drum kit of every one-shot drum sound used in the project (including bonus sounds). A secret URL download link to download the entire LP which expires in 24 hours. You can purchase here.

    Download contains: 55 One-Shot drum hits (snares, kicks, hi-hats, drumbreaks & sound effects). Compatible with any DAW (16/44 WAV format). A secret url download link to get the full “!lluminati” LP.

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    MonkeyRobot “Earshot” Release | @darkerthanwax

    Checkout this dope and groovy instrumental release from MonkeyRobot, which is a seven-track EP titled Earshot. Read more below.

    The irreverence of MonkeyRobot halts at its cheeky moniker – the duo’s music is highly intelligent, vibrant and heavily saturated with soul. MonkeyRobot is an eclectic producer duo made up of Brussels-based beatmakers Eric P and LuiGi (or Eric Paquet and Louis Van De Leest). Their trademark – exploring the boundaries of soulful music between 90 and 120 bpm. With their illustrious background in hiphop and jazz, they join forces to delve into the future of beatmaking. Not surprising then, that their music has been revered, having the privilege of releasing under labels such as Jazzy Sport, Bastard Jazz, Brownswood, and now, Darker Than Wax.

    “Earshot” has a lovely intro in High Five, which kicks off with a wonky bassline before flipping into a total fusion workout. This immediately sets the tone for the Ep. “Dumpster Diving” takes over with a House mode, one which would prove to be extremely useful in getting a floor started. Beau on the other hand, provides a shade of contrast, with Glaper-esque keys which illuminate the journey of the album. The energy picks up again with the ethnic percussions and half step breakdown of Shango, showcasing the multi-faceted side of this duo, while “Bright” morphs into a late night House workout once again, this time employing slight Techno elements in its composition. And finally, capping off the Ep is “Generation”, a slick dub blend – the oscillating synths blanketed over groovy basslines are ingeniously comforting and catchy, ending the album on an exulting note.

    The subtle dexterity of MonkeyRobots shines through their compositional arrangements – making this one of Darker ThanWax’s most palatable releases so far.

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