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    Eligh “Pac-Man” | @therealeligh

    The Living Legend’s own Eligh decided to share this song due to everything going on in the media in the last few weeks. Check the song below, as well as what he had to say about. Lyrics and download available at his Soundcloud page. This smooth banger was produced by DNAE.

    I wrote this song for my upcoming album, “80Hrtz” many months ago. This album isn’t finished yet, but I can’t sit by and not share this song with you all right now. The paranoia, bigotry, ignorance, and gang mentality being displayed by police over and over again in this country makes me nauseous. I wrote this song about being ignorant to my friends feelings of fear, and hatred towards the police, being the one white kid in the group most of the time. I sampled the movie “Colors” where the main officer was nicknamed “Pac-man” by the neighborhood folks he terrorized. This song is dedicated to every person angered and saddened by the events unfolding in Ferguson. An American city, under siege by its own Police force. Black people under siege, once again. Racism, alive and well. My love to everyone in pain over this madness.

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    BDTB Presents: Writer’s Block Beat Tape “Volume 2″ Release

    Now I normally only share beats and beat projects on Sunday, but this project is now available to all. As with all of our beat tapes through our Writer’s Block series, this one is free for download. If you want an exclusive physical copy of this, we have them available – kind of. If you purchase the new Drums Bang Producer Beat Box for August 2014, you will get this project along with over $100+ worth of gear aimed for producers. Drum kits, samples, beat tapes, music, gear, discounts, and more! This project is brought to you buy us at BDTB, Drums Bang and Deckademics DJ School.

    1. DVient – Thin Line 02:28
    2. Cheyne Queezy – Fragile 01:40
    3. Mr. Kinetik – Summer Bop 03:08
    4. LONEgevity – Ubuntu 04:38
    5. Maja 7th – Four 01:41
    6. Mvstermind – Cutlass 422 04:51
    7. Keith D – E.T 01:58
    8. Rise Sovereign – The Remedy 03:34
    9. Harry Otaku – Fever 02:27
    10. The Mefadone Klinik – 277 05:42

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    #INDIANA: John Stamps “Naked Lunch” Release | @IYamJohnStamps

    Hailing from 46201, emcee John Stamps has unleashed his Naked Lunch project today with ten tracks of jams. The project is collective of different styles, as he has some wavy tracks produced by KNags, a Chuck Inglish groove, and a boom-bap track from TXTBOOK. I suggest giving this a listen below, and if you dig it you can download for five bucks from Bandcamp.

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    Star Captains “New Freedoms” Release & “Love Is” Video | @Narai_ @StarCaptains

    Grab your morning coffee and donut, and press play on this smooth and groovy album from the Star Captains. I’ve also added the video their main single from the project. Video by Shea Pollard and Benjamin Schuetze.

    Star Captains consist of seven members and are based in Vancouver, BC. Their music carries the spirit of 70s soul, complimented with modern sound design and instrumental technology. A beat-laced fusion of analog synthesizers and classic guitar tones played through tube-driven amps provides the edgy instrumental tracks behind hypnotic lead vocals.

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    BABA: 5 Year Old Jordan Writes A Hip Hop Song (Video)

    I’m just going to throw this out there: this song by 5 Year Old Jordan is better than a lot of the submissions we get. Regardless of if this is somehow a spoof or not, as there’s definitely some help with the writing (although it looks as if he’s really making these beats), there’s a lesson in this somewhere. I think. I’m classifying this in the Be A Better Artist category because of that. Let this marinate a bit.

    And if you have a problem just deal with it.

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    Moses Sumney “Man On The Moon” Video | @MosesSumney

    Check out some dope stop-motion from Moses Sumney‘s recent “Man On The Moon” track/video. The track is off os his debut Mid-City Island EP, which I’ve attached down below too. This is dope.

    I started making “Mid-City Island” in the fall, after a producer friend lent me an ’80s 4-track recorder and suggested I try recording myself before going into proper studio sessions. It was my first time recording myself, capturing songs immediately to cassette tape as I was writing them. I later decided it would be cool to share these ideas in their infancy so you can trace their development over time.

    This project for me is about learning how to let go and share ideas that are raw, simple, and unfiltered. A lot of the parts are thus one-take and improvised. “Mumblin’,” which I recorded with my loop pedal connected to the tape machine, is completely made up on the spot and was only done once.

    There’s a requisite honesty that comes with bedroom recordings. Thematically, the songs center around living alone in the middle of a big city like Los Angeles, finding the balance between isolation and over stimulation.

    “Mid-City Island” will be available digitally and on cassette!

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    Slot-A “High Tide” Release | @IAMSLOTA

    As many of you know due to some of our previous posts in the last couple days, not only is Slot-A the featured producer for the Drums Bang Producer Beat Box, but he’s also been planning to drop a new beat tape. Well, today is that day, and below you can stream and download Slot’s brand new High Tide beat tape. If you dig it and are a producer, you may be interested in getting the drums that Slot crafted for this project. They’re available over at the Drums Bang website.

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    Drums Bang Interview w/ Slot-A (Video) | @IAMSLOTA @ProducerBeatBox

    When Slot-A was in town for our Writer’s Block showcase last month (June’s is this upcoming Wednesday), Drums Bang sat down with Slot and talked about his past and how he got started, his production and sound, and some about on his new beat tape that we’re sharing tomorrow. Be on the lookout for “High Tide,” and make sure to check out his featured Producer Beat Box over at Drums Bang’s website. A few things you get if you buy the box are listed below.

    Our inaugural DRUMS BANG: Producer Beat Box for June 2014 features Michigan to Chicago producer/DJ SLOT-A, who has produced for the likes of Jamall Bufford aka Buff-1 (The Black Opera/Athletic Mic League), Add-2 (Jamla Records), Scheme (Molemen), Neak, Grumpy Old Men, Gerald Walker, Sincerely Yours, and many others.

    If you purchase DRUMS BANG: Producer Beat Box for June 2014 you will get the contents listed below shipped to your doorstep, and yes, shipping is free in the US. More details on your box is listed below:

    1) Exclusive drum kit from SLOT-A with 40 custom crafted sounds. These aren’t just any kicks, snares, hats, breaks, etc…these are customized and crafted by SLOT-A himself. No copy and pasting from other kits!

    2) Live musician samples in bass form. Basslines Basics played by Clarence Jones (aka Gritts) of Sweet Poison Victim. There are 74 authentic bass samples, loops and one shots included.

    3) Live musician samples in guitar form. The Ted Somerville Guitar experience features Ted Somerville of Sweet Poison Victim. There are 104 guitar samples, loops, one shots and other experimental sounds included.

    3) Maja 7th & Dominique Larue’s “GRAND” EP with exclusive acapellas for five of the tracks.

    4) Slot-A’s brand new exclusive “High Tide” beat tape in digital form.

    5) Writer’s Block beat tape in physical form (CD) for the month of June. Special one-of-a-kind packaging. It features 10 dope producers from around the world, sponsored by BDTB. You can submit to be a part of it next month by hitting this link.

    6) Stickers, stickers.

    7) An item to add to your gear/adapter collection OR a discount coupon for either a music store or gear. It varies each month.

    8) Artwork for SLOT-A’s “High Tide” beat tape. The artwork is also signed. 8×10.

    9) Exclusive music from Chicago’s Sincerely Yours that was produced by SLOT-A.

    10) An informational and possibly comedic video about producing from Chicago’s ILL Brown (producer for Bun B, Freddie Gibbs, Casey Veggies, GLC and more).

    11) A one-of-a-kind button made by Make Me Sandwich. Pin it to something.

    12) Detailed information on all of the artists and vendors involved with the Producer Beat Box for this month.

    13) All of the digital information comes on a customized 4GB flash drive.

    14) Yes, that’s over $100 worth of freshness for only $30!

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