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  • BDTB Presents: Your Naptown & Indiana Hip Hop Dopeness – May 2013 Edition

    I was thinking the other day that it might be a cool idea to start recapping each months content somehow so that everybody knows what came out from Indianapolis and Indiana each month. Well, today I went through and grabbed song singles, songs from releases, songs from videos, and put them all in a zip file for you to get familiar with. Check the track listing above, or below, and hit the link below to download the zip file. Enjoy!

    Download via Mediafire

    Ajene The God ft. BJ The 13th – Style for Free
    Blooded The Brave – All We Need
    Cut Camp – What Ya Say Now (LONEgevity Remix)
    Dominique Larue x Maja 7th – #SOON
    EJAAZ – Mantra (Produced by Boogie Ka Zamm)
    Faba Van Exel – Thirst Traps & Boom Bap
    Grey Granite – Satan Seeds (Produced by Ruse One)
    Grey Granite – Ten G’s (Produced by Chopzilla)
    Grumpy Old Men ft. Scheme – Inception (Produced by LONEgevity)
    HUMAN – Off The Chain
    J. Brookinz ft. Sirius Blvck, Big Chief Green, EJAAZ & John Stamps – Last Words
    John Stamps – Screw With ‘Em
    Lyrical AJ – Plan B
    Mr. Kinetik – Re(Frame + Arrange + Define)
    Nyzzy Nyce – I Just Rather
    Pope Adrian Bless – Full Metal Alchemist (Umi Says)
    Ricky Freezer ft. HUMAN & Blake Allee – Write My Wrongs
    Sirius Blvck – Ancient Lights (Produced by Bones of Ghost)
    The Klinik ft. R-Juna – Fiendin’ Tonight

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  • BDTB x DJ MetroGnome Present “Sleepers: Volume 2.0” Release

    Update: We’ve got the links fixed now.

    Below you have the second edition of DJ MetroGnome and BDTB’s Sleeper series. Check the track-listing and make sure to grab both download links to get the entire list. Enjoy, and you can grab our previous Sleepers from here!

    Action Bronson – Hookers At The Point
    Add-2 ft. John David Provitt – Love Jones
    Aesop Rock ft. Blueprint & Rob Sonic – BMX
    Brother Ali ft. Phonte & Stokley Williams – I’ll Be Around
    Chuuwee ft. Absract Ninjaa – Smoke One for Doom
    Dag Savage – Milk Box
    Dorsh – The Mulatto (Afrodite)
    El-P – Drones Over Brooklyn
    Emcee Preach – The Gospel
    Grey Granite & Blake Allee – Armando Alvaraz
    Grumpy Old Men – Freelunch
    Homeboy Sandman – Watchu Want From Me
    Jared Evan – Charlie Brown
    Jesse Boykins III & Gora Sou – The Perfect Blues
    Joey Bada$$ ft. Capital STEEZ – Killuminati
    Killer Mike ft. Emily Panic – Anywhere But Here
    Mike Schpitz & Slot-A ft. Pete Sayke – Turn Me Up
    Nemo Achida – Big Lights, Deep Shades
    Oddisee – American Greed
    Pac Div – Truth
    Papi Jamon ft. Hinx Jones – And You Say
    Planet Asia ft. Willie The Kid & Fashawn – Fuck Rappers
    Sean Price – STFU (Part 2)
    The Alchemist ft. Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q – Flight Confirmation
    The Black Opera – All Over Disguise (Apollo Brown Remix)

    DJ MetroGnome:
    14KT ft. Oddisee & Olivier Daysoul – High Horse
    Action Bronson & Closed Sessions – Blackbird
    Add-2 – Cassette Tapes (Lonegevity Remix)
    Capital STEEZ – Free The Robots
    Concise Kilgore ft. Action Bronson – Octopussy Tentacles
    DJ Houseshoes ft. Black Spade – Sunrise
    Freeway ft. Wale – True
    Hajj Prime – I Remember
    J. Pinder ft. Choklate – Illuminate
    Jared Evan – It’s Over
    JR&PH7 ft. Phonte & Median – Goodbye
    Killer Mike – Willie Burke Sherwood
    MC ADaD – Never Let Go
    Oddisee – Let It Go
    Pope Adrian Bless – Legendary
    Saigon ft. Styles P – Not Like Them
    Seravince ft. Renee Neufville – U Love
    Shigeto – Huron River Drive
    Sid Pattni – Got To Learn Sometimes (Ta-Ku Remix)
    Skyzoo – The Rage of Roemello
    Soia ft. MEZ – Obtaining
    The Black Opera ft. Rasheeda – Peace and War
    Uptown XO – Good Vibes
    Visioneers – Jungle Green Outlines
    Wu Block ft. Masta Killah, GZA & Erykah Badu – Drivin’ Around

    Download Sleepers 2.0 (Part 1)
    Download Sleepers 2.0 (Part 2)

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  • BDTB x Oranje 2012 Recordings & Producer Release | @OranjeIndy

    For the eleventh year of the Oranje Festival here in Indianapolis, we joined up with them as a sponsor, put together a mobile sound recording booth, and recorded attendees who were brave enough to step into the life of a recording artist.

    Below are the 10 beats that we selected in our producer contest a week before the event, and below the producer tracks are the 37 recordings that happened live during the festival. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and we hope you get a good laugh at everything you hear below! If you just want to download everything together as an entire file, feel free to hit the like button below to grab it in a one large zip file. Otherwise, have fun sifting!

    We’ll post our montage video of the time-lapsed photo’s at a later date, so make sure to check back soon.

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  • BDTB x DJ MetroGnome Present “Sleepers: Volume 1” Release

    Late last night I randomly decided to start going through songs that came out so far this year that I felt were probably looked over by most. I mentioned it on Twitter, and DJ MetroGnome quickly replied saying he probably had some honorable mentions. We fused the ideas together, and here are 30 tracks total, 15 songs from each of us, that we believe you should check out if you haven’t already. Track listing and download link below. Check!

    Add-2 “All The Kings (FTP)”
    Apollo Brown & OC “Prove Me Wrong”
    Blame One “Old Flicks”
    Clear Soul Forces “Get No Better”
    Dorsh “The Mulatto (Afrodite)”
    Full Crate & Jesse Boykins III “Her Throne”
    Grumpy Old Men “Dope”
    Kids These Days “Flashing Lights”
    Oddisee “You Know Who You Are”
    Overdoz. ft. Iman Omari “Lauren London”
    Rashid Hadee “Something Special”
    Roy Kinsey “Murder Roy”
    Scoot Dubbs ft. Hinx Jones “Enjoy The High”
    Soul Khan ft. Akie Bermiss “Wellstone”
    The Underachievers “Gold Soul Theory”

    DJ MetroGnome:
    ADaD & Illmind “No Place To Go”
    Comdot “Hunnit”
    Freddie Joachim ft. Carlitta Durand “Keep Lovin”
    Georgia Anne Muldrow “Seeds”
    Killer Mike “Reagan”
    Oddisee “Maybes”
    Othello & 14KT “Top Spillin'”
    Pope Adrian Bless “91 at 21”
    Sean Born ft. Kaimbr “DrugsAlcoholSex”
    Semi “Hopping Turnstiles”
    Senor Kaos “Communism 2012”
    The Cafeteria Line “They Go”
    Union ft. Elzhi “Wings”
    Waajeed “Big city”
    YP ft. Sly Polaroid “Ya Hear Me”

    Download “Sleepers: Volume 1” via Mediafire

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  • BDTB Presents: BDTB’s Favorite B-Side Tracks of 2011 (Release)

    Well, it’s that time of year again. Here are some of my favorite B-Side joints from this last year. Obviously, there are a lot more I would have liked to add, but give this a listen and get up on some cats you may have been sleeping on! If you missed last years, it’s still available here. Enjoy, and happy holidays to all.


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  • BDTB’s Favorite B-Side Tracks of 2010 (Release)

    As we near the end of 2010, and another good year in music, I decided to compile some of my favorite tracks from this year that may have been a little overlooked. Check out the track listing for some of my favorite tracks of the year, and enjoy some great music! Look some of these cats up if you aren’t familiar!


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