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    Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E6: “They Say” ft. Theon Lee | @beatsxbreakfast

    Now that we’re in the final stretch for for Season 2 of our Beats & Breakfast series with Skittz and LONEgevity, we’re told we’re going to be seeing a few different styles of music. This week they invited the talented Theon Lee over and they worked on a soulful track featuring guitar and bass from Theon, and a nice little groove. Breakfast was filled with pancakes with chocolate chips and cinnamon flavored syrup, sunny side up and scrambled eggs, hash browns, and of course fruit snacks. Check out the accompanying video above, and listen and check the song, lyrics and credits below. Enjoy!

    “They Say” Credits:
    Verses: Skittz, Theon Lee, LONEgevity
    Chorus: LONEgevity, Skittz
    Bass & Guitar: Theon Lee
    Ride Out Rimshot: Theon Lee
    Keys: LONEgevity
    Production: LONEgevity
    Website: beatsandbreakfast.com

    Listen & Grab “They Say” Below:

    Intro: Skittz

    Verse 1: Skittz
    Give me time to watch a clock this is wasted method…..
    Wrinkles show the signs of work use pride to press it
    In with the new… in with the old…
    Well blended these injections and inflections tend to serve as my protection…
    Hoping I astonish… that i get selected…
    What i learned.. .this is churned and burned into my minds direction.
    Try to make connections… but some feel I’m a minion..
    Daily suit and tie for Skittz… shiiiit…. I feel like I’m winnin…
    Been here since my muddy days..
    Understatement killin it…
    Treating venues like these menus..order up fillin it…
    Swag rappers die..fry…melted down your golden eye…
    Fakeness in your brakes reconsider who you idolize…
    Uhhh… yeah… as I speed on free
    Move how I wanna move while your Freon leaks
    I’m strapped up, Lonegevity and Theon Lee

    Chorus Groove

    Verse 2: Theon Lee
    Well I don’t know if y’all noticed
    But I’ve been holdin’ my focus tomy motives
    I’m in the hood and all my homies got quotas
    And if they don’t, they out homeless I work for his sake
    And you expectin’ me to take a break from Crown Hill to do yo mixtape?
    What about what you be doin’ for Skitz and ‘em?
    Well, then my niggas
    Besides the fact that they legitimate, they make good dishes
    Ain’t nobody feedin’ me, so can’t nobody DM me,
    Like this gone be the turnin’ point for your career and scenery
    My nigga, I wish I had a buck for every time I heard the word “Exposure”
    Trayvon died and now we actin’ like the world is over
    It went to twitter, now the work is over,
    We lost the trial and now the worst is over
    My purpose is sober,
    No more hard liquor and lyrics
    I gotta put my mind into something richer
    Just imagine, I could writin’ this verse
    I get a call and hear my little brother ridin’ a hearse
    I put my liveliness first.

    Chorus Groove

    Verse 3: LONEgevity
    First they say “Have Fun” but then it’s “Work towards money…
    …because without that you don’t get no milk and honey”
    Today’s quite sunny…
    but can’t enjoy the present til you solidify your future and know just what you’re gon’ be
    They say I needed college
    They said I needed growth… I’m questioning their wattage
    Cause I’m quite bright, figured out what I like
    But the only ones that agree seem to struggle more than I
    So I got that in my mind, I try to double down
    Work twice as hard realizing my own star
    A lot of things change…
    A lot rearranged, it’s really more of the same
    Instead of parental figures guiding… you got friends trying
    Gotta trust that-they-ain’t-lying
    Intentions aren’t irrelevant
    But they are irrelevant
    I’m looking for my score so I can settle it

    Chorus Groove + Ride Out

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    Pete Sayke ft. Brail, Neak & Slot-A “Hell On A Highway” | @PeteSayke @ThatKidMyself

    Pete Sayke and producer That Kid Myself have released their second single today from their upcoming Forever collaboration. This track features vocals from Brail and verses from Neak and Slot-A. Forever will be available for free download on April 29th, and is sponsored by DJ Booth / BDTB.

    “Your pen’s got Peter Pan all over it.”

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    BDTB Interview w/ J. Brookinz About His “Gateway” Project | @jbrookinz

    Having only acclimated myself into the hip-hop community two years ago, I found myself hearing a certain name no matter what circle of emcees or producers I was surrounded by. That name was J. Brookinz.

    The local producer has seriously laid down work with most, if not all, major emcees in Indianapolis. Whether it is through creating a beat for their latest release or setting up annual shows like the annual Producer Beat Battle, which showcases some of the best producing talent Naptown has to offer and puts their skills in a head to head match, he is staying busy building in Indianapolis.

    There is also another project that J. has cooked up for the past four years and that project is called the Gateway. The producer came up with the idea five years ago and it was rumored that last year’s effort, Gateway 420, was going to be the last mix he would put together for our city.

    Fortunately, he has pushed aside those thoughts of letting it go and has decided to come back with what may be known as the best release to date. When asked why he decided to take another go at the project the producer had this to say, “I knew I was going to come back, but the way I was going to come back was going to be different, it couldn’t be just me. I invited some of the homies to come in and make some of the beats. I wanted these guys to take over.”

    Brookinz had always intended the Gateway be a part of his legacy and as something that the community could work on, come together and carry out every spring. And although years past have been filled with the producer running around putting everything together, this year was different. He got to relax a little bit and really take in the experience of the Gateway, but he goes on to say, “I have a job to do, I gotta keep watch and make sure that everything is running smoothly.”

    And trust me, only having been at the house J. held up in for an hour or so, it could be very easy to get caught up with everyone there. I could understand that struggle of keeping everyone on task. I mean, if Super Street Fighter is going on, you’d be hard pressed to get me to do anything.

    Matt Riefler was just the assistance Brookinz needed to help everything run smoothly. He worked on the engineering and recording for the #GATEWAY5 this year. Other producers that helped with creation of the beats include Dylan Prevails, Knags, Mandog, Harry Otaku, and Philo T.


    Another reason Brookinz decided to get back to the project was because he saw it as not only a place that artists from all walks could collaborate and learn from each other, but also a project that could really boost the morale for the hip hop culture of Indy. “Some guys are young and some guys are proven. I respect these guys and I want to do something for them.” It is opportunities such as this that really spring boarded the producer to the status he has attained today. “People gave me the chance to do things when I had no business doing them, but just as a shot to prove myself. So whatever kind of music you make, it doesn’t matter, it’s cool with me. I’m no guardian of the culture, so if we can work together, let’s do it.”

    As leader of the project, he also had to decide who was going to put their verses over the beats, but this may not have been as difficult as it sounds. “I mainly leave it open.” He brought most of the Ghost Town fam for the first to really flesh out the skeleton of the project. Then, he opened the door on the second day of recording to cats who had been hitting him up trying to be a part of the album.

    Brookinz plans on dropping the mix on April 18th, but has much more on his plate as well. #JBrookinzWeek has officially kicked off and the producer plans to stay busy putting together a showcase at Indy CD and Vinyl this weekend for Record Store Day, hosting a 420 party at Sabbatical on Sunday, and dropping the tape (all while celebrating his birthday too). We also may get the special treat of a single being dropped from his most recent untitled solo project.

    No concrete plans yet for next year’s release, tentatively titled, Gateway 666, but Brookinz plans on coming back and really taking his skills, and his friends’ skills, to the next level. So, if you are trying to get in the hip hop scene in Indy, it would be best for your health to get to know the name J. Brookinz. That is, if you haven’t already.

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    Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E5: “Must Be” ft. WhoisLouis & Ace One | @beatsxbreakfast

    We’ve entered the halfway point for Season 2 of our Beats & Breakfast series with Skittz and LONEgevity today. This week we invited WhoisLouis over, and he was joined by Ace One and Gritts (although Gritts didn’t contribute musically). The episode is full of production clips, cereal day, Cut Camp plugs, talk about the J. Brookinz Beat Battle last year, and various other interesting clips. The song is pretty dope too. Video above and song and credits below. Enjoy!

    “Get Back” Credits:
    Verses: WhoisLouis, Skittz, LONEgevity
    Chorus: Ace One
    Production: LONEgevity, WhoisLouis
    Video: TR & Kato

    Purchase “Must Be” Below:

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    The Proforms “Elroy Preston” Release | @TheProforms @ace_one_ @proformjoe @skittzformpro @djspoolz

    Well, it’s tax day, and that means that it’s time for us to share The Proforms‘ second project as a group. This seven-track EP is a tribute to Elroy Preston, one of their favorite musical icons. The group’s Joe Harvey produced the entire project, and of course DJ Spoolz provided all of the cuts. Their new album release party will be this Saturday, April 19th at Sabbatical (921 Broad Ripple Avenue). They will be joined by Tony Styxx and Pope Adrian Bless on the stage.

    In other Proforms news, their first album, titled Atavism (and also sponsored by us here at BDTB), was recently chosen by Indy’s Nuvo Magazine as one of the 100 best albums to come out of Indiana. That’s pretty cool.

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    Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E4: “Get Back” ft. R-Juna & Ace One | @beatsxbreakfast

    It’s hard to believe that we’re already on the 4th episode, but here we are today sharing the next episode of our Beats & Breakfast series with Skittz and LONEgevity! For this episode we brought in R-Juna (Strong Roots Records) of Bloomington, Indiana area and Ace One (Cut Camp / Proforms / Breakdown Kings). Skittz cooked up some chicken with corn flakes and pancakes, and other great items. It was a clean, comedic day of making music, and the record turned out quite dirty. That’ll all make sense as you watch and listen. Check below as you can see the credits for episode 4, listen and purchase the song on your favorite medium, and follow along with the lyrics!

    “Get Back” Credits:
    Verses: R-Juna, LONEgevity, Ace One
    Chorus: Skittz, Ace One
    Production: LONEgevity

    Purchase Get Back” Below:


    Verse 1: R-Juna
    The hip hop Oroku Sak show you how to blow the spot
    Whether ya know it or not, one of the dopest to rock
    I stay exposin’ the plot with flows that’s nonstop
    Keeping this shit on lock til the bombs drop
    MC’s got the itis we’re raw rhythm providers
    So be surprised when everybody tries to bite us
    King Midas of the mic and key
    Guarantee ya fake artist ain’t as nice as me, light tree
    puff puff pass to me, I’m about to change ya mind frame drastically
    For me it has to be, nothin but the authentic rawthenic
    Sweet poison from the flow of R-senic
    Though I live conscious, spit reckless
    Back to the basics beats with ya breakfast
    We don’t give a shit about ya chips and ya necklace
    Buscemi-ass rappers with a strap and a checklist

    Chorus: Skittz / Ace One
    Get back to the basics…back to the real
    Get back to creative…back to the skill
    Get back to the basics…back to the real
    Get back to creative…back to the skill
    Get back to the basics…back to the real
    Get back to creative…back to the skill
    These are the times we destroy and rebuild
    Bring the noise it’s time to get ill

    Verse 2: LONEgevity
    Take me away from tomorrow..the “oh no” sorrows
    Got a light or thought that I could borrow?
    I craft like a doctor, Dr. Morrow
    I put ya head where ya ass lies and pull back like a Toro
    I start it up premium, keep it all regular
    Skills extra medium, but you still feeding him
    Secular rose thorns is second to no form
    Meaning: if struggle’s your lifestyle then I fucks with you no more
    Still friendly but passive tendencies are wrecking me
    Social awkwardness is a face bone specialty
    I smile no option aside, I look alive
    With the mouth of a screaming dragon…I rise
    I fly not the same
    Chances are I’m sane to my A-alikes, but otherwise I’m quite strange
    But that’s what happens when you try to be “you” in a world of the same…

    Chorus: Skittz / Ace one

    Verse 3: Ace One
    We buck wildin’ like restless natives on an island
    Backflippin’ on mattresses and sleeping on pallets
    We kick it dumb dude, kung fu… Shaolin
    Parappa rapper rapping ass rappers are going down
    Not by violence, we silence, by style and
    Assassins Creed every passage we speak…murder sound
    Pump up the volume…don’t ever turn it down
    Turn it up loud don’t ever turn it down…
    Here’s the lesson that you need to learn now
    We the public enemy that’s burning Hollywood down
    The reason Jack White’s home is Dollywood now
    In the middle, we got that sound that you ain’t heard in a while
    Bout to do it…like it ain’t been done… in some while
    Give you that feeling like you ain’t known in a while
    When you hear it in your spirit and know that it’s going down
    It’s time to tune in and zone out…nap..town

    Chorus: Skittz / Ace One

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    Pete Sayke ft. Mike Schpitz & Add-2 “Been Dope” | @PeteSayke @thatkidmyself @MikeSchpitz @Add2theMC

    Pete Sayke is gearing up for his late April release of Forever, a collaborative album with producer ThatKidMyself, and today he has released the first single from the project. “Been Dope” features lots of great bars as Pete enlists with Grumpy Old Men counterpart Mike Schpitz, and Chicago/Jamla emcee Add-2. Four verses of heat with Slot-A providing some cuts! Check the DJ Booth premier, as they will be sponsoring this project with us and THHP, and listen below and download from Audiomack.

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    Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E3: “Measured In Weight” & “See Me Shining” ft. ILL Brown & Cut Camp | @beatsxbreakfast

    It’s time for some more of our wonderful Beats & Breakfast series with Skittz and LONEgevity! You saw the first and second video, and this week you get a special treat as it’s really kind of two episodes in one. For episode 3, Skittz and LONEgevity invited ILL Brown down from Chicago, and him and Lone decided to make two beats for the day. With that, we have two songs, and features in vocals from Ace One (Proforms / Breakdown Kings / Cutcamp), Black Eddie (Cut Camp / Strong Roots Records), and Gritts (of Hinx Jones / Cut Camp / Sweet Poison Victim) Video above, lyrics and song below. Check the links below, which you can check the credits and links to the lyrics!

    “Measured In Weight” Credits:
    Verses: Gritts, Skittz, Black Eddie
    Chorus: Skittz, Gritts
    Trombone: Gritts
    Production: ILL Brown, LONEgevity
    Click for Lyrics

    “See Me Shining” Credits:
    Verses: Ace One, LONEgevity, ILL Brown
    Chorus: Skittz
    Production: LONEgevity, ILL Brown
    Click for Lyrics

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    Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E2: “Celebration” ft. Grey Granite, Gritts & Tyler Knapp | @beatsxbreakfast

    You saw the first episode of the second season of our Beats & Breakfast series with Skittz and LONEgevity last week, and today we’re sharing with you the second episode. This episode and song features Grey Granite, Gritts (of Hinx Jones / Sweet Poison Victim), and Tyler Knapp (producer and half of the Mudkids). Video above, lyrics and song below. Check the links below!

    Verses: Grey Granite, Gritts, Skittz
    Chorus: Grey Granite
    Bass: Gritts
    Production: LONEgevity, Tyler Knapp

    Buy on iTunes
    Buy from Bandcamp

    Verse 1: Grey Granite
    King of the Medicine flow
    Imhotep dialect
    Always come correct
    Action on the set
    Semi Tek from a Semi Vet, gain your respect
    And Bring dat “celebration” like your Free of Debt
    Nuff said…. Code Red, Cut – off – Crisis
    Advises of the likenesses entices the REAL & RIGHTEOUS, A KING
    Came to Dream of CREAM & AWESOME Things
    For each & everyone all over Here
    G GRANITE GAME JUNE first every year… Ooooh’laud…….
    Enjoy the Occasion…
    Dirty Deluxe YO I’m hunting for for DUCTS
    While Bringing Down the Band and Giving No Fucks
    TrillBeatBik Ruckus!
    Ya Gotta Love us!

    Chorus: Grey Granite
    Enjoy the Occasion…
    Enjoy the Occasion…

    Verse 2: Gritts
    It was all a dream until I heard Biggie and I screamed
    Might as well create your own team
    Grey Granite on the scene with big Skittz, we run this
    It’s a celebration indeed
    As we proceed… to give you what you need
    You have to follow suite and let lead
    Enjoy the occasion – as you put a hand in the air
    Persuade others around to glorify as we share
    The nightlife, get loose, and have a good time
    Cause as I’m writing this verse rehearsing how to unwind
    We give daps and hugs, Tyler Knapp in the club
    And we turning it up…waiting for the vibe to unbuzz
    It’s all love…as we give you beats for your dinner plate
    Create an appetite to devour and delegate…the power of sound
    And we came to get down
    It’s B&B…everybody get your hands up now…now come on!

    Chorus: Grey Granite

    Verse 3: Skittz
    Favorite is accurate clean and kinda sparkle
    Lower beams help me swing into cream they wipe it off you
    Haters creep erasing your dreams – I stand pristine
    Gleam pro steam keep it jumpin, crickets packin tho…
    Nobody felt ya team, conducta lack-a-flow
    Happy thoughts… all about the good things..
    Celebrate when bullets in the hood ring…think not..
    Blink and missing live action..tremblin connect the dots
    See the picture heat it up watch the apple pop
    No brain, burning at a low flame..
    Cocaine..support snow walking through your nose
    Amazing low pressure – something you should know about…
    Saying YES to the method
    Scatter when I blow, extra texture like you stack it
    Runway runaway, landin gear outta here..swoop into the sky again
    Clouds creative lather here..grounded you should try again

    Chorus: Grey Granite

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    BDTB x Drums Bang Presents: Writer’s Block Beat Tape Submissions Are Open (May 2014 Edition)

    As you may know, we (along side DJ MetroGnome) throw a producer’s showcase every first Wednesday of the month at Sabbatical in Indianapolis (Broad Ripple). We bring out producer’s to play live from around the corner to out of the country.

    Well, we’ve got a cool idea.

    From now until Record Store Day (April 19th, 2014), we will be taking submissions to be on the BDTB sponsored Writer’s Block Beat Tape for May 2014. The beat tape will feature *around* 15 beats each month of the best production submitted from various producers around the world (anybody can submit). Additionally, it will be the featured beat tape in the brand new DRUMS BANG: Producer Beat Box that is launching in May, which is a new production-based business founded by BDTB’s founder, LONEgevity, that offers notable producer-crafted drum kits, acapellas, samples, tutorials, stickers, and other customized cool items that will not only be different each month, but mailed out to your doorstep as well. That launch site is up here.

    So if you submit and get selected, your beat will be on the MAY 2014 edition WRITERS BLOCK CD that will be put out on a CD, and be included in the DRUMS BANG producer beat box for MAY 2014. It will also be available for free download on Bandcamp for all to get familiar with you, with a link to your Soundcloud and/or Twitter/Facebook page. Specific rules and information below:


    - Email must include Producer Name, the beat (or link to the beat) in WAV form, title of beat, and twitter/soundcloud info.
    - Each producer may submit ONLY one (1) beat per month/contest. Don’t send us to Soundcloud to pick.
    - The beat can be original or have samples. It does not have to be verse, hook, verse, hook! Be creative.
    - It has to be your beat.
    - It is free to submit. You must submit a .wav formatted beat. Email to writersblock@drumsbang.com
    - You will not be paid if you get selected as this is a promotional item for you, BDTB, DRUMS BANG, and Writer’s Block.
    - BDTB/DRUMS BANG will use your one (1) submitted instrumental for this specific release ONLY.
    - We will not sell or distribute the instrumental separately from this release.
    - Although DRUMS BANG: Producer Beat Box will be sold, the contents of this CD are used for promotional use only through BDTB.
    - BDTB/DRUMS BANG will take care of all of the physical pressing and associated fees.
    - Each selected producer will received a complimentary CD of the compilation in our custom packaging.
    - Each selected producer will receive a 20% discount to purchase the DRUMS BANG: Producer Beat Box for the month they are selected.
    - We may give away or sell any extra physical copies (CD format) of each WRITERS BLOCK compilation at future WRITERS BLOCK or related events. (We do not plan on making extras, but if we for some reason have extras we’d sell to cover costs of printing/pressing the CDs.)

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