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  • BDTB Presents Turn Off Your Radio, Volume 60 (1/30/16)

    Welcome to the 60th volume of our Turn Off Your Radio [TOYR] curated music discovery series.  There are songs this volume from Black Milk, Statik Kxng, Pell, Mayer Hawthorne, Koncept, Your Old Droog, Diop, Diggs Duke, Waterr, Dam-Funk, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and a whole 30+ more – including locally here in Indiana. The first 29 tracks are mostly raps and the following songs are more vibe-filled. Enjoy!

    Press play below and get hip to our full TOYR series, as we have 59 other volumes of music by to browse!


    1) COMPUTER. Simply listen via the web on your computer below. If you want to listen in Soundcloud rather than our embedded player below, browse our playlists by clicking here.

    2) MOBILE. Download the SoundCloud Mobile App to stream our playlist with their custom player. The custom player allows you to stream our playlist and easily fast forward to the next previous or next song on your phone screen. You can also stream below via your mobile web browser, but when your phone’s screen shuts off so will the music. That’s why we suggest getting the mobile app. It’s free and a great music discovery tool.

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  • BDTB Presents: J Dilla Sample Flip Contest (Deadline: 1/31/16)

    Are you a fan of J Dilla, the way he flipped samples, and make beats yourself? Well, coming up about a month from this Tuesday, on February 12th, Old Soul Entertainment will be having their annual J Dilla Tribute Show. We’ll be there as one of the sponsors again, and this year we’re having a sample flip contest to promote the show in collaboration with JBBL.

    This is not just any type of sample flip contest, as you’ll have to flip a sample that Jay Dee flipped in the past. So, below you’ll see 14 different songs that Dilla used on various beats to get you started. Download one of these samples, or use your own hi-quality version, and submit it to us to review. We’ll then go over them and select our favorites for a compilation that we’ll sponsor (with JBBL) to release mid-February.

    1) Anybody may enter.
    2) Must use one of the 14 songs we’ve listed below (we may have another competition with other samples). You may use a higher quality version of the sample song if desired.
    3) The sample must be a driving force in your beat, but you can use various additional sounds, instruments, samples, or drums as you wish.
    4) We must be able to recognize the sample or you must be able to prove you used it if questioned.
    5) You must submit your track via the form (below in this post) no later than January 31st, 2016 at midnight.
    6) We’ll join with Old Soul and JBBL to pick the beats for the compilation, and have a poll for you guys to pick your favorites.

    * indicates required field


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  • BDTB Wrap Up Results – 2015 Edition

    Thank you to everyone who chimed in and voted for their favorites in Indiana hip hop this year! To everyone that actually listened and watched the songs and videos, and made a conscious vote towards who you truly thought should win each category, props to you. You are gentleman/lady and possibly a future or current scholar.

    The purpose of our year-end Wrap Up is to showcase the artists in Indiana representing us to the world. The ones that are out here putting out great quality music, and the ones who truly deserve to be heard. We share music year round for that same purpose, so we thank you for participating and getting to know those artists around you.

    You can review all of the votes and music here, at your leisure.

    What is amazing about these polls is how many artists emerge from seemingly nowhere when we launch the voting each year, and it continues to be a great way to get to know the wide variety of Indiana hip hop – and for us to learn about each other. This includes all of the great finds, as well as some that should have probably stayed on the hard drive. But I digress, this has been a great way to find, connect, and showcase Indiana artists today and in the future.

    Now to the winners of the polls!

    Who do you think was Indiana’s standout emcee in 2015?
    Alias (23%, 123 Votes)
    Fazle (21%, 114 Votes)

    Who do you think was Indiana’s standout producer in 2015?
    Browntime Productions (27%, 77 Votes)
    Dylan Prevails (13%, 36 Votes)

    Who do you think put out Indiana’s best full-length hip hop project in 2015?
    Riko V – “Meant to Lose” (26%, 61 Votes) – RIP
    Mula Kkhan – “INLYAM” (16%, 37 Votes)

    Who do you think put out Indiana’s best hip hop EP in 2015?
    Diop – “Black Dragon” (25%, 31 Votes)
    Reis – “Here Goes Nothing” (21%, 27 Votes)

    Who do you think put out Indiana’s best instrumental project in 2015?
    Mandog – “Handpaw” (26%, 30 Votes)
    Shxps – “Hella” (24%, 27 Votes)

    What do you think was Indiana’s standout single in 2015?
    Riko V – “I Hate You” (20%, 46 Votes) – RIP
    Sirius Blvck – “Hocus Pocus” (12%, 28 Votes)

    What do you think was Indiana’s standout b-side non-single song in 2015?
    Riko V – “Dear Diary” (35%, 58 Votes) – RIP
    Pope Adrian Bless – “Dreams of Deathrow” (19%, 32 Votes)

    What do you think was Indiana’s standout instrumental single in 2015?
    Business Casual – “Louis Dubstrong” (33%, 62 Votes)
    Planetbars – “R U OK?” (20%, 37 Votes)

    What do you think was Indiana’s standout music video in 2015?
    Peteyboy – “Snappin” (22%, 42 Votes)
    Harlem Indynois – “Yung God” (13%, 25 Votes)

    Who do you think was Indiana’s standout video director in 2015?
    AllGravyTV (32%, 44 Votes)
    The Brand-It Bandit (13%, 18 Votes)

    Who do you think was Indiana’s standout DJ in 2015?
    DJ Action Jackson (17%, 24 Votes)
    Shxps (16%, 23 Votes)

    Who do you think was Indiana’s standout mix engineer in 2015?
    Werdbear (24%, 48 Votes)
    KEEF (22%, 43 Votes)

    Congrats! Comment below.

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  • BDTB Presents: Favorite Releases of 2015

    As we’ve done the last three years now, we went through a week or so ago and came up with a list of our favorite projects from the year – 2015. This includes both local and global music with a mixture of hip hop, eclectic sounds, singing goodness, and even strictly instrumental works. This year we selected our favorites and a variety of other categories.

    We also want to state that this is by no means a “best of” list because there is no way to listen to everything, but these are the projects that Jay Diff, Baby D, and myself were bumping and/or feeling the most in 2015. Of course we suggest you check out anything we post, but with that being said, we highly suggest checking out these projects.

    Kendrick Lamar“To Pimp A Butterfly” (b, j, s)
    Oddisee“The Good Fight” (j, s)
    Ghostface Killah & BADBADNOTGOOD“Sour Soul” (b, s)
    Scarface“Deeply Rooted” (j, s)
    Tyler, the Creator“Cherry Bomb” (b, j)
    Big Boi & Phantogram“Big Grams” (b)
    Big K.R.I.T.“It’s Better This Way” (j)
    Cannibal Ox“Blade of the Ronin” (b)
    Pusha T“Darkest Before Dawn” (j)
    The Game“Documentary 2” (j)


    Action Bronson“Mr Wonderful” (b, s)
    Big Sean“Black Sky Paradise” (j)
    Erykah Badu“But You Caint Use My Phone” (b, j)
    Fashawn“The Ecology” (j, s)
    Fredfades & Ivan Ave“Fruitful” (s)
    Kid Cudi“Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven” (b)
    L’Orange & Kool Keith“Time? Astonishing!” (b)
    Mac Miller“G0:0D AM” (b, j, s)
    Rapper Big Pooh & Nottz“Home Sweet Home” (s)
    Redman“Mudface” (j, s)
    Skyzoo“Music For My Friends” (j)
    Wale“The Album About Nothing” (b)


    Chief & Deheb“Leaf”
    Hiatus Kaiyote“Choose Your Weapon”
    Roman GianArthur“OK Lady”


    Mello Music Group“Persona”
    Scenic Rhythms Compilation“SR004: Scenic Nights, Volume 1”
    Soulection“Love Is King”


    Add-2“Prey For The Poor”
    Alina Baraz“Urban Flora”
    Bryson Tiller“Trap Soul”
    Freddie Gibbs“Shadown of a Doubt”
    GoldLink“And After That We Didn’t Talk”
    Gritts & Maja 7th“Wishing Well”
    NxWorries (Knxwledge x Anderson .Paak)“Link Up & Suede”
    SPZRKT & Sango“Hours Spent Loving You”
    The Internet“Ego Death”


    Anderson .Paak (Oakland, CA)
    GoldLink (Washington, DC)
    IAMNOBODI (Berlin, DE)
    Kaytranada (Montreal, CA)
    Knxwledge (New Jersey/LA)
    Mick Jenkins (Chicago, IL)
    Pell (New Orleans, LA)
    Red Pill (Detroit, MI)


    Bangers by One
    Don Chambers
    Pat App
    Ye Ali


    Big Pat (Connecticut, USA)
    C.Shreve the Professor (North Carolina, USA)
    Piers James (London, UK)


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  • AL GO RHYTHMIC – “NOWHERE” (Release) | @AL_GO_RHYTHMIC @NoCosignRecords

    AL GO RHYTHMIC is a producer and DJ hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana that has just released his debut NOWHERE EP via No Cosign Records. The title of the six-track EP is a play on both the phrase Now Here and Nowhere, and is 15-minutes full of beat goodness. Drums, sample chops, chill vibes, and overall great music to listen to. Read a bit more about AL below, and bump this goodness as well. Select your purchase option from No Cosign’s website.

    While making his official debut with No Cosign, AL is hardly a rookie. Growing up, his musical influences bloomed from browsing his father’s jazz records. From there, the intrigue of sampling and hip-hop production grew into his foremost passion. Local Indianapolis legends DJ MetroGnome and DJ TopSpeed helped him turn his passion into an art form. Due to these influential meetings in 2007, he decided to turn his knowledge of hip-hop and related genres into the crafts of production and mixing vinyl.

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  • Hinx Jones – “Soul Hop” (Release) + “Nothing” (Video) | @HinxJones @Lonegevity @ItsGritts

    Indiana’s own Hinx Jones, the duo of Lonegevity and Gritts, have released their brand new Soul Hop album today, as well as a new video for their “Nothing” single. The ten-track project features production from Lonegevity throughout, but also from ILL Brown, Maja 7th, Slot-A, and Mandog. There are features from Sirius Blvck, Neak, Skittz, and Pope Adrian Bless. Read a bit more below, check out the video above, and listen to their newness down at the bottom. They also have a limited edition CD for sale on their Bandcamp page, which will have lyrics, a digital download code, will be signed and numbered, and is an alternative version of the album that includes interludes and transitions not available digitally. So yeah, cop that. The video was directed and edited by Brand-It.

    “Soul Hop” was made with a different approach than their previous projects, as their new themed album incorporates a lot more direct focus of intent, singing, and more so than ever promotes vibes and thoughts around bettering oneself. The production is a bit more heartfelt than aggressive. The goal was to mesh soul and hip hop together to form something of a new genre. Think Foreign Exchange’s Connected meets The Roots’ How I Got Over, with their own personal touches added to it.

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  • Lonegevity Launches NO COSIGN RECORDS | @NoCosignRecords @Lonegevity

    Today marks the day that No Cosign Records is born. Read the statement that Lonegevity gave us below, that talks a little about his new endeavor. BDTB is still pumping strong and isn’t going anywhere, so no need to worry about that. Consider this an extension of sorts. Their sampler is also below, and can be found on their new website.

    It’s no secret that I’m involved in a lot of things, and today marks the launching of my newest expansion: NO COSIGN RECORDS. I started BDTB back in 2009 with the idea that I knew a lot of talented musicians, artists, producers, rappers, and/or whatever you want to call them, and they weren’t getting the pub I thought they should be getting. I wanted to help artists get heard that I thought were dope, especially in Indiana and the Midwest (including myself), and it was the best way I knew how to do that at the time. I think we’ve done a great job at that so far, and we will continue to strive in that area as we have new things coming in the future as well.

    With that being said, it was time for me to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: start a record label. Kind of with the same idea behind BDTB (as far as helping artists get to where they deserve to be), I’ve been sitting on the idea for a long time: watching the great ones, up and coming ones, and I learned the best way for me to position myself and my ideas in with them. NO COSIGN RECORDS will act as a full service global music label, based out of Indianapolis. Our motto is something along the lines of “we don’t need your cosign” and “we don’t create artists; we nurture them”.

    So, today you can see the beginning of what’s to come. I have started with five producers, four emcees, three engineers, a multi-instrumentalist, video and media professional, and am looking forward to jumping right in. We have a huge goal to work on a major artist development project in 2016, so this isn’t just your typical label push. We’re going for the full circle. Please take a listen to our sampler, and if you like it then please share it to your friends. Check out our website too for more information.

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  • BDTB Presents: Slot-A – “Shades & Flavors 2” (Release) | @IAMSLOTA

    We at BDTB are proud to present Slot-A‘s latest musical release, Shades & Flavors 2, a collection of remixes with their accompanied instrumentals and various other goodies. Over the last month, Slot-A has been putting out various maxi-single-like releases of his remixes, titled March to Shades & Flavors, which include a couple handfuls of remix releases that we shared earlier this month (check those out here).

    With the full release of Shades & Flavors 2 given to you today, presented by Bringing Down The Band, DrumsBang and Air Playd, Slot has an assortment of remixes with artists such as Nas, Dr. Dre, D’Angelo, Common, Aloe Blacc, Mary J Blige, OT Genasis, and others. The music range is from Funk to Hip Hop to Juke, and the release consists of 14 remixes in total. But, if you purchase the deluxe version of this project you will get all of the instrumentals, a zip file of Slot-A’s High Tide drum kit, and a discount code for 50% off anything purchased digitally from the Drums Bang store. That’s a pretty hefty value right there. Listen and select your option below, and you can also save Detroit from aliens by reading this:

    You can hear more production from Slot-A in music by LEP, Chuuwee, Add-2, Neak, Ghostweidah, The Black Opera, Jamall Bufford, or by checking out *Detroit Sound Defense* currently available on Android devices and coming so to iOS users. The app features tracks from 14KT and Nick Speed, but play as Agent 313 and Slot-A will provide your soundtrack as you defend Detroit from Aliens. Those who reach level 4 get the deluxe version of “*Shades and Flavors 2*” for free.

    Shades & Flavors 2 – FREE or Name Your Price – includes just the remixes.
    Shades & Flavors 2 (Instrumentals) – $5 – includes just the instrumentals.
    Shades & Flavors 2 (Deluxe) – $7 – includes remixes, instrumentals, drum kit, Drums Bang coupon, & email from Slot-A.

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  • BDTB Interview w/ Blake Allee About “Toxic Flowers” & Other Things | @blakeallee

    We sat down with Blake Allee for an interview about him and his new Toxic Flowers, which is the first sound that we have heard from the Indy producer / emcee in over a year. But, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been working in the studio. The artist has just been steering his sound into a new direction: his direction. He took a break from the scene to really put himself into his sound and has started making music for himself, but thankfully, is willing to share it with us.


    BDTB: So, where ya been?
    BA: I don’t wanna say I’m gone or still in it, I don’t where I am exactly. Man, I just got tired of promoting stuff, and playing shows because you had to promote them. I enjoy playing shows and enjoy making music, but I realized that if you don’t promote or have other people help you promote it just doesn’t work out. I just got to a point to where I wanted to do it for fun. It’s a lot of work when you just want to make music. I’m not saying that I won’t be doing any more shows or making any more music, but I want to make it for myself, and if I release it, I release it.

    BDTB: Kinda like how you released, Toxic Flowers. (Referencing the 24 hour before Facebook post)
    BA: Yeah, I had the album done for a few months, but I really struggled with if I wanted to do a video with it. I had always worked with Digital Rabbit on my videos, but he’s gone now. It was always part of the promotion and I had to stay up every night and get to blogs or whatever and it just became what you had to do, but I was just like, “Nah, I’m just gonna drop it tomorrow.” (Chuckles)

    BDTB: Do you plan to do any videos at all with the new tracks?
    BA: If I do a video I am going to do it myself. I’m not sure how that will go (chuckles), but since Digital Rabbit is a very talented director, to compete with him is not going to be easy. But, I guess I don’t really care as much. I don’t mind if every angle is perfect or if I don’t have the best camera or correct lighting. It just needs to be an idea and just doing it myself because I can edit, but if I did another video it would be that way. Focus more so on the story of it.

    BDTB: It should just be simple, it should just be, “Here it is. Enjoy it.”
    BA: Yeah, exactly. I know it can be hard to standout and I know that it is part of the game, I understand that, but I tried.


    BDTB: With Toxic Flowers were you trying to tie together a certain theme or were you trying to get a point across? It seemed like a lot of the album dealt with looking for and finding something.
    BA: The album is not necessarily personal because I know it is off the wall, it’s not in plain English and you have to decipher it. I just felt like really comfortable in saying what I needed to say.

    BDTB: I noticed a lot of supernatural themes within the production and “Laser Beams” kinda sounds like an X-Files sample? And obviously in “Missed Calls” you use Godzilla in the background? Was there anything that lead you to use that?
    BA: Nah, it was a sample. It was just a sound I found from OmniSpirit, but can see the X-Files in there now. Supernatural and weirdness is something I have always been drawn to. I don’t even know where the Godzilla came from. Sometimes I like to look around for weird sound fx and someone on YouTube had every roar collected from the early movies to the new one. I recorded them and mapped them on the keyboard and found the one I liked the most.

    BDTB: And in “Shamrocks” you have the voice over interlude. Where was that from?
    BA: It was from a documentary called Comic Book Confidential. What I do is when I watch movies sometimes I will have a recorder going with it so when someone says something cool I have it on tape to use.

    BDTB: We talked about you making the album just to make the album; does that make it any easier to decide who to bring on? Or who to ask for a verse? I guess, how did you decide to put Tony Styxx in for a track?
    BA: There are some people in the city that I have always worked with and man, he just fit the song and what I was doing with it. I felt he had something special to bring to the track.

    BDTB: So do you have anything on deck ready to release or is it gonna be a while before we hear from you again?
    BA: I honestly don’t know. I will say that I haven’t been writing music as extensively as I used to. I felt like I didn’t have another life. I was working at the Post Office and then coming home working on music until I slept. Only to wake up in time to go back to the Post Office six days a week. And while I still love making it, I feel like once you lose that desire to be the best you will still create and put out music, but I don’t think I will try to be the best. The goal was always to be the best producer or be the best emcee. I’m not saying that I am or that I’m not, it is just not the goal any longer.

    BDTB: Now it is more about you making music and making sure that you are getting across what you want and that you get your art out there?
    BA: Yeah, if I want to work on something I will and if I don’t, I won’t. I don’t feel the pressure to anymore.

    All being said, it’s safe to say that this will not be the last time that we hear from Blake Allee over at Bringing Down the Band. How soon we will hear from him is up the artist himself. Until then, make sure you check out his newest work, Toxic Flowers, which is out now. You can listen below.

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  • Oddisee – “That’s Love” | @Oddisee

    Not only has Mello Music Group’s Persona compilation dropped today, but we also get “That’s Love” from Oddisee. The song is a nice jam that is the first offering from his upcoming The Good Fight album, which will be dropping on May 5th. Listen to the song below, and below that I’ve added the official press release for the song that describes Oddisee’s upcoming album. Can’t wait.

    Oddisee makes music that rattles in your bone marrow. It’s imbued with love, honesty, and selflessness. It’s virtuosic in its musicality, direct in its language, and infinitely relatable.

    In a landscape overrun with abstract indulgence and shallowtrend-chasers, the Prince George’s County, Maryland artist has created “The Good Fight,” a record that reminds you that it’s music before it’s hip-hop. Released on Mello Music Group, it’s for the fans and for himself. It finds the musical heavyweight balancing between craft, career, and successfully growing into the world around him.

    For Oddisee, “The Good Fight” is about living fully as a musician without succumbing to the traps of hedonism, avarice, and materialism. It’s about not selling out and shilling for a paycheck, while still being aware that this is a business requiring compromise and collaboration.

    It’s music that yields an intangible feeling: the sacral sound of an organ whine, brass horns, or a cymbal crash. It’s not necessarily the syllables, but rather what they evoke. A song like “That’s Love” is more than a declaration; it’s a meditation on our capacity to love and the bonds binding us together. Ambition and greed war with our sense of propriety. “Contradiction’s Maze” offers a list of paradoxes we all face (“I want to tell the truth when it hurts/but when it comes to me, I want the blow softened.”)

    Oddisee’s production simmers in its own orchestral gumbo. You sense he’s really a jazzman in different form, inhabiting the spirit of Roy Ayers and other past greats. The Fader’s compared him to a musical MC Escher, calling hailing his “grandiose and symphonic sound” and “relevant relatable messages.” Pitchfork praised his “eclectic soulful boom-bap.”

    “The Good Fight” acknowledges the stacked odds, but refuses to submit.

    It’s both universal and personal. The child of a Sudanese immigrant highlights the rigors of his own upbringing: his pregnant mother working the register until she was about to burst, his pops’ shuttered diner that couldn’t survive Reaganomics—the one that Oddisee drives past every time he returns home, just to remind him how quickly the world can turn bad.

    It’s these minor details that add into something major. It’s testament to the indelible nature of art: when you can turn what you love into something that lasts.

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