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  • Fresh Selects – Tight Songs – Guest Selects Mix #12: submerse | @submerse @TightSongs

    Submerse visits Tight Songs radio and adds an instrumental mix to the collection with Guest Selects Mix #12. This mix features beats from 77 Karat Gold, DJ Harrison, Knxwledge, Swarvy, Fitz Ambro$e and more. As a bonus, check out the previous mix for Fresh Selects from House Shoes. Stream both of these quality selections below on Soundcloud and follow Fresh Selects on their Mixcloud here.

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  • The Mothership Collective – “All Nigga Radio” (Mix) | @BondingTapes

    Lots of funky goodness on this mix from The Mothership Collective, which is a two side mix full of dope music and satirical content, titled All Nigga Radio. The mix is actually full of hip hop and reggae too, along with the funk, but I’m thinking many of you may dig this. Listen to both sides below, and I’ve added a little of their words along side the track listing. Purchase the cassette for $6.06 over at Bandcamp.

    Bonding Tapes is pleased to announce the anticipated release of The Mothership Collective’s debut album All Nigga Radio. This tape takes the listener on a Funky Voyage with a late night radio broadcast twists. Includes various forms of music like Hip Hop, Funk, Reggae, and also includes commercials, interview snippets and disc jockey ramblings. All Nigga Radio is dedicated to satire and sarcasm and invites the listener to feel the vibes of the music and to view the artwork not for it’s original intent, but for how the context is presented. Taking the power away from the original propaganda and incorporating it into our every day lives. The album is available for free or pay what you want download, or on limited edition cassette.

    Side A
    Station ID (DJ Supanigga)
    Nigga Summer (The Funky 7)
    This Shit Right Here (The Funky 7 Theme song, Tall nigga mix)
    Nigga Snare Beat (The Mothership)
    We Don’t give a Fuck Nigga (Rondell (featuring Henry Willis on drums)
    Nigga Rock Commercial (Ram Co)
    Niggas Comming To Get Ya (The Mothership)
    Nigga Control (The Mothership)
    Nigganomitry (The Mothership)
    Interview With Conart (Ash Hudson interviewed by Lukecage DTLA)
    Nigga Archeologist (George Clinton)
    Crazy (RAS) Gedion Commercial
    Station ID (DJ That Nigga and The Weed Man)
    Nothing (Corn Row & Dukey Braid)
    Let the Funk (Lukecage and Dwight Trible)
    Loose Change (nigga mix The Mothership)
    Stomp Down Nigga Beat (The Mothership)
    Candy Pimp (JSwift/Lukecage)

    Side B
    Warfare Niggas (The Mothership)
    Slide Nigga (Rondell)
    Station ID (DJ Supanigga)
    Suspect Niggas (Lukecage/Dwight Trible)
    The Party (Nigga Mix)
    Getcha’ Own Dick Nigga (Henry Willis)
    Interview (Chuck De La Chuck and Laura Jane)
    Abazantium (The Mothership)
    UPK (’Sup Nigga Mix)
    Station ID ( DJ That Nigga) Late Night Nigga Radio
    Concrete Soul (The Mothership)
    SuperNiggaGlue (The Mothership)
    I Just Wanna Shine Nigga! ( the Mothership)
    Station ID
    Its Tha Weed! (The Weed Man)
    Candy Pimp (JSwift/Lukecage)
    Answering machine (The Funky 7)
    Gangsta Titties (Rondell)

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  • Fresh Selects – “Tight Songs – Guest Selects Mix #10: The Stuyvesants” (Mix) | @FreshSelects @TheStuyvesants

    A couple weeks back Fresh Selects collaborated with The Stuyvesants to curate a mix of their current favorite instrumentals and remixes. This is the tenth Tight Songs mix, with previous guest mixers including Mndsgn, Count Bass D, Suzi Analogue with Swarvy, Ohbliv, and more. The Brooklyn duo hasn’t released any new material since last October, but with summer looming, we have a feeling you can expect some soulful vibes from them in the near future. Stream this mix from Soundcloud.

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  • A Tribe Called Quest’s “People’s Instinctive Travels & the Paths of Rhythm” Turns 25 (Mix)

    A Tribe Called Quest bandmates Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammed, and Jarobi’s People’s Instinctive Travels & the Paths of Rhythm is now 25 years old. Back on April 17, 1990, Tribe’s unique debut was released on Jive Records. Being so, Chris Read has put together a dope mix for Wax Poetics and WhoSampled. Check out the full track list and listen to the mix below. Read more here.


    1. A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It? (Extended Boilerhouse Mix) (Extract).
    2. A Tribe Called Quest – If The Papes Come (Loop)
    3. Chris Read – Theme #3 (Scratchapella)
    4. Jimi Hendrix – EXP (sampled in “If the Papes Come”)
    5. Eugene McDaniels – Jagger The Dagger (sampled in “Push It Along” and others)
    6. Ali Shaheed Muhammad interview for Wax Poetics
    7. Junior Mance – Thank You Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin (sampled in “Push It Along”)
    8. Grover Washington Junior – Loran’s Dance (sampled in “Push It Along”)
    9. A Tribe Called Quest – Push It Along
    10. A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum (Why? Version)
    11. Carly Simon – Why (Extended Version) (sampled in “Bonita Applebum (Why? Version)”)
    12. Little Feat – Fool Yourself (sampled in “Bonita Applebum (Album Version)”)
    13. Isley Brothers – Between The Sheets (sampled in “Bonita Applebum (Hootie Mix)”)
    14. A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum (Hootie Mix)
    15. RAMP – Daylight (sampled in “Bonita Applebum (Album Version)”)
    16. A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum (Album Version)
    17. Funkadelic – Nappy Dug Out (sampled in “Ham & Eggs”)
    18. A Tribe Called Quest – Ham & Eggs
    19. Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side (sampled in “Can I Kick It?”)
    20. A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It? (Extended Boilerhouse Mix)
    21. Lonnie Smith – Spinning Wheel (sampled in “Can I Kick It?”)
    22. Chambers Brothers – Funky (sampled in “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo”)
    23. A Tribe Called Quest – I Left My Wallet In El Segundo
    24. A Tribe Called Quest – Footprints
    25. Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke (sampled in “Footprints”)
    26. The Cannonball Adderley Quintet feat Jesse Jackson – Walk Tall (sampled in “Footprints”)
    27. Donald Byrd – Think Twice (sampled in “Footprints”)
    28. Sly & The Family Stone – Remember Who You Are (sampled in “After Hours”)
    29. A Tribe Called Quest – After Hours
    30. Billy Brooks – Forty Days (sampled in “Luck of Lucien”)
    31. A Tribe Called Quest – Luck of Lucien
    32. A Tribe Called Quest – Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)
    33. Earth Wind & Fire – Brazilian Rhyme (Beijo Interlude) (sampled in “Mr. Muhammad”)
    34. A Tribe Called Quest – Mr. Muhammad
    35. A Tribe Called Quest – Description of a Fool
    36. Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Running Away (sampled in “Description of a Fool”)
    37. Billy Baron and his Smokin Challengers – Communication Is Where It’s At (sampled in “Public Enemy”)
    39. A Tribe Called Quest – Public Enemy
    40. Reuben Wilson – Inner City Blues (sampled in “Youthful Expression”)
    41. A Tribe Called Quest – Youthful Expression
    42. Slave – Son of Slide (sampled in “Go Ahead in the Rain”)
    42. A Tribe Called Quest – Go Ahead in the Rain
    43. A Tribe Called Quest – Ham & Eggs (Outro)

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  • Strong Roots Records & DJ Spoolz – “Label Sampler, Volume 3″ (Mix) | @StrongRootsRecs @DJSpoolz

    The good homies over at Strong Roots Records have released a new sampler showcasing the artists on their label, and it’s a 40-minute mix put together by DJ Spoolz. There are songs on here from Blooded The Brave, R-Juna, Ace One, Nevi Moon, The Klinik, IRIS, Black Eddie, and others. Bump the goodness down below.

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  • Maxie – 3:17 (Release) | @Maxie317

    In proper 3/17 fashion Maxie dropped his latest project 3:17 today and you already know what time it hit streets. Hosted by Dj Reddy Rock & Dj Champ, it also features some appearance from some other Naptown heavy hitters. Check it out and download below. #NapOrNothing

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  • Red Bull Thre3style Indianapolis 2015 Recap (Video) | @RedBullINDY @RealSceneTV

    A handful of weeks ago, Indianapolis played host to the 2015 USA North regional DJ battle for Red Bull’s Thre3style event. In case you aren’t familiar, the Red Bull Thre3style takes a handful of DJ’s, puts them up head to head against each other, and each DJ is judged on their 15-minute set in a variety of categories that gauge their performance. Dayton’s DJ Spare Change ended up taking home the crown, and Real Scene TV was there to cover it.

    Check out more about the Red Bull Thre3style by clicking here.

    Red Bull Thre3style pits the world’s best DJs in a competition that values technical skill as much as the ability to thrill a dancefloor. Competitors are judged on the dual platforms of technical ability and crowd reaction, and are given just 15 minutes each to prove that they’re the best in the room. Judges work to a strict criteria that also marks DJs on their originality in song choices, confidence performing and mixing prowess.

    Thre3style’s roots lie in Canada, but the idea behind the competition is global: get people dancing, keep the party vibes coming and up your game until you’re the DJ that brings the perfect set.

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  • J. Period – #MARCH9 Vol. III (Mix)| @jperiodBK

    March 9th will forever go down in history as the day we lost one of the great emcees, that being Notorious BIG. J. Period put together a series of mixes to honor B.I.G., and here is a stream of #MARCH9 Vol III, which released a year ago. You can also get the other two mixes in the series on J. Period’s site. Check the mix and link to the other’s below.

    #MARCH9 Trilogy Vol I – III Download

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