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  • Rusty Redenbacher – “Dream(s): Dream Number One” (Release) | @rustymk2

    Rusty Redenbacher recently started a new mix series and this is the first of collective, Dream(s): Dream Number One. As an added bonus I’ve included Dream(s): Dream Number Seven which includes some local talent. Check them out below and follow him on mixcloud for more.

    Dream(s): Dream Number One by Rusty Redenbacher on Mixcloud

    ‘Dream(s): Dream Number Seven’ by Rusty Redenbacher on Mixcloud

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  • Dezo Williams – “Child of the Funk” (Stream / Mix) | @DezoWilliams3

    Listen to a 17-minute mix of old and new material from producer Dezo Williams, which you can download for free. Read a bit more about the beatsmith below, and go ahead and press play on this one.

    Dennis “DEZO” Williams was born in Brooklyn, NY and resides in Staten Island, NY. He’s a Recording Artist, Music Producer and Remixer. His deep passion for music began with Hip Hop at an early age but his creativity flows through all genres of music from Rock, Dance, Jazz, World etc.. He’s a self taught musician who plays several instruments including drums, keyboards and guitar.
    His first album BAGELS (dedicated to J Dilla’s “DONUTS”) DezoWilliams.bandcamp.com/album/bagels-d­edicated-to-j-dillas-donuts
    was released in 2007. He later follows that album with BAGELS 2: DIRTY MUZIK DezoWilliams.bandcamp.com/album/bagels-2­-dirty-muzik
    and has produced for several artists as Phokuss, Euro League, James Shahan to name a few. He is currently working on two upcoming albums as well as producing for Comedy High based in The Bronx, NY

    01. Blow
    02. Child Of The Funk
    03. New Year interlude
    04. Quantum Leap
    05. The Promo
    06. March!
    07. Griss Shuffle Beat
    08. BeatMaker’s Dilemma
    09. Euphoria (I Could Fly)
    10. The Calling
    11. Buggin’ Bobby
    12. The Setup
    13. Feel It break
    14. Stash
    15. Talk About Jesus
    16. Heaven
    17. Damn!
    18. Snow Funk
    19. The Circle Game

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  • DJ Rahdu – “The Suite Spot: Maxwell Remixes Mix” (Release) | @DJRahdu @BamaLoveSoul

    BamaLoveSoul’s own DJ Rahdu just dropped a new mix that features more than 20 different Maxwell remixes and related songs. You can listen to the mix below, read a bit about the idea of this project, and eventually head over to Bandcamp to purchase this mix and get you some cool buttons.

    In 1996 I was fiercely committed to East Coast Hip Hop and discovering the breaks used to create it. I had a friend who worked at a local music shop located at a strip mall perpendicular to my job, and during my scheduled break I would visit, kick the Willie BoBo and in turn be laced with whatever I could carry out. I remember one evening, while staging the purchasing of a large amount of Hip Hop and Breaks, seeing a white cardboard display at the checkout for an artist I’d never heard of with unique, attractive packaging and a really cheap price point, like .99 or so. I picked up the CD single, mulled over adding it to the pile, decided I would never have the opportunity to listen to it with the large amount of music I was amassing and set it down.

    Months later when Urban Hang Suite was released, I realized the error of my decision. UHS signaled not only the introduction of Maxwell, it was also a harbinger of the Neo Soul Movement. In addition, the Ascension maxi-single I passed up, ironically included a remix by Hip Hop’s most respected producer, Dilla. Over the next 2 years, Maxwell continued to drop maxi singles from UHS with alternate versions and remixes of its beloved tunes much like the Hip Hop 12”s of that time.

    As time went on and I became immersed in music overall I discovered there were others touched by Maxwell’s music who decided to share their spin on his music. It’s a combination of these remixes, covers, and edits I have mixed and share with you today. Enjoy!

    GDNA – (RE) Fixing Bad Habits
    Maxwell – Unsung
    MeLo-X – The Highest
    Pro Era – Maxwell ft Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth & Capital STEEZ
    Maxwell – Sumthin Sumthin GDNA (RE) Vision
    Maxwell vs Busta Rhymes – Sumthin to Put Your Hands In
    Maxwell – Sumthin Sumthin (The Mantra)
    Katrell – La Jeunesse Retrouvee
    Maxwell – Ascension (Touchsoul Lover’s Only Edit)
    Maxwell – Ascension (aywy. & Shem Edit)
    Maxwell – No One ft HB & Mother’s Favorite Child
    Maxwell – Stop the World (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)
    Maxwell – Luxury:Cococure (Mixzo Mix) (Uncut)
    Maxwell – Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) The Tribute
    Maxwell – Get to Know Ya (DJ Dodge Mix)
    Maxwell – Til the Cop’s Come Knockin’ (Tony Loreto & Toro Remix)
    Maxwell – Sumthin Sumthin (Karizma Edit)
    Maxwell -Everwanting: To Want You To Want (Black Label Mix)
    Maxwell – Fortunate (Naked Music Mix)
    Maxwell – Til The Cops Come Knockin’ (The Opus Pt. 02)
    Yarra Rai – Whenever, Wherever, Whatever
    Little Brother – Whatever You Say (The Maxwell Mix)
    MeLo-X – Dance of the Wings(MeLo Suite)
    YP – Softly
    Illustration by DJ Rahdu

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  • DJ Premier & The BADDER – “BPATTER” (Video) | @RealDJPremier @nyceonthebass @markplaystrombone @TakuTrumpet

    DJ Premier has been rocking stages accompanied by the band The Badder as of late and here’s a video for the track BPATTER. The Group consisting of Lenny “The Ox” Reece, Brady Watt, Mark Williams and Takuya Kuroda back up Preemo as he does his thing to create a nice mix jazz, hip hop and funk. Check it out.

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  • Stones Throw Podcast 93: BreakBeat Lou – “Ultimate 45s” (Mix)

    Creator of the “Ultimate Breaks and Beats” series, BreakBeat Lou was recently featured on Stones Throw’s podcast, dropping a live break beat set of “Ultimate 45s” . Whether you want to refresh your breaks knowledge, or you just want to put on something to get you grooving– this mix is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

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  • Wally Wonder – “Nu York 03” + “Nu York 04” (Mix) | @dj_wallywonder

    Wally Wonder is back again with“Nu York 03” and “Nu York 04” , his latest mixes in the series that sheds light on NYC’s lesser known hip hop scene. Do the knowledge and check out these mixes, plus a word from Wally on the project below.

    Nu York 04 is that fresh 2015 look into the scene in the 5 boroughs, a wider perspective on the current status in New York than we are seeing and hearing in popular music’s focus.  The Big Apple has always possessed a wide arsenal of great hip hop style’s and stars since it’s inception, I simply felt it time to put the 1 and 2 together, and lead people to a team of new superheroes to champion.

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  • Real Late w/ Peter Rosenberg: A Tribute to Sean Price

    It’s still kind of hard to put words together, but our thoughts are still with Sean Price and his family. As of yesterday, Peter Rosenberg did a tribute to Sean Price on his Real Late show. Tune in below and get you a reminder of the greatness that was Sean Price. As of now, Songs In The Key Of Price is still slated to drop on August 21st.

    Duck Down has also established an online fundraiser page for the family of Sean. Check that out and donate.

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  • J​.​Rocc x Flaunt Edwards – “The Edits Vol. 1” (Release) | @jrocc @FlauntEdwards

    Member of the legendary Beat Junkies crew, J.Rocc, has blessed us with some of his personal DJ edits with The Edits Vol 1. J provides edits for the likes of Was (Not Was), Art Blakey, Otis Redding, and a few Dilla samples as well. You’ll want to jump on this one quick if you’re a DJ, sample connoisseur, or you just want to get down to some funky tunes. Purchase and stream this one on Bandcamp.

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  • Radio Juicy Vol. 156 – Now You Know by 2LATE (Mix) | @Radio_Juicy

    London beat maker, 2LATE, recently dropped a mix courtesy of Radio Juicy, titled Now You Know. This is the first time I’ve ran across 2LATE’s work, and I’m glad it wasn’t a day later. This 20-minute mix boasts a hefty amount of beats, all with a smooth but dark sample-based sound, backed by some extremely snappy drums that could rival the Soul Brother #1. Stream this beat mix on Radio Juicy’s Soundcloud below.

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  • Wally Wonder – “Nu York 01 + Nu York 02” (Mix) | @dj_wallywonder

    Brooklyn via Indy DJ, Wally Wonder, recently dropped “Nu York 01” and “Nu York 02” , which are mixes that shed light on up and coming emcees and producers of NYC. 01 is mostly laced with a gritty “turn up” sound, while 02 has a more classic New York hip hop feel. There are many good artists throughout these mixes, including Ness RhymePlastico Douglas, Chelsea Reject, OG Marlyn MonROLLUP, Henry Blanco, Lord Kayso, and many more. Stream these two mixes on Wally’s Soundcloud down below.

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