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    Gee Watts “Gator Dance/Dreams” Video | @Gee_Watts

    Kansas City, Missouri native, Gee Watts put out a stellar project earlier this year called 199X and just dropped another visual for a couple songs, “Gator Dance/Dreams,” both awesome records. After a Kendrick cosign and a lot of buzz on the net, Gee continues to make noise with great visuals for great records.

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  • YG “Bicken Back Being Bool” Video | @YG

    This might be a first on BDTB but YG‘s album, My Krazy Life had some west coast classics on it for real and one of my favorite records, “Bicken Back Being Bool” just got the video treatment. Shout out to the whole West Coast right now for just killing it. It makes me miss the mid 90′s a little bit. If you haven’t heard the album, definitely check it out!

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    ILL Brown “What’s Happenin’” Video | @illbrown @xoxoOkay

    ILL Brown touched on the violence in Chicago on his debut release a few months ago, titled Return of the Hardcore, and late last week he unveiled the Chicago-coined drill track from the project.

    When this track pops up on his ROTH album, it’s not something that you would necessarily expect from Brown. At least I didn’t. Sure, it’s heavy on the production and lyrics side, but homie isn’t a drill rapper. I can’t lie, at first I was a little confused. But, having time to listen to his whole project multiple times in the last few months, I found it’s place in it all. Besides the hypnotizing sounds, I came to see “What’s Happenin’” as a Ill’s own “paraphrase” to the violence and mind-state of a lot people coming up in the violence we see and hear about on the south side of Chicago. Add a bit of “oh, you rappers are also garbage” in the mix and you have a whole handful of messages and textures. At least that’s what I take from it. Being said, I hit him up to see if he could talk about his idea a bit, and this is what he said:

    My idea for the song and video was to create awareness at the street level what’s going on with the elevated gun violence and gang activity in Chicago. The song and video is very vivid and depicts the mentality of our youth. These very songs are partially responsible for the retaliatory crimes that are often broadcast nationally… The video is grim reality, it’s exactly what’s happenin’…

    You can bump the rest of his tracks from ROTH by hitting this link.

    tomahawk gang

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  • Rainy Milo “Don’t Regret Me” Video | @RainyMilo

    Check out Rainy Milo‘s new “Don’t Regret Me” video from the critically-acclaimed 2012 Limey Mixtape. The UK songstress also recently released her debut LP, This Thing Of Ours, and you can purchase album on iTunes. The track was produced by Chet Faker and the video directed by Dexter Navy.

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