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  • Ghostface Killah Releases His “Apology” Response (Video) | @GhostfaceKillah

    It would appear that Ghostface Killah has been taunted for too long by Martin Shkreli, as has finally decided to release a response video. He even brings out some of his “goons” for further explanation, while also using this video as a perfect time to showcase his Wu Goo products.

    All jokes aside, the video takes a pretty real turn as it attempts to pull at your heartstrings a bit. I was expecting more jokes and Killah humor, but the video response is more-so a long-winded monologue attempting to get to the real points and issues at hand.

    By the end of the video, it would appear that Ghost ends up trying to be the better man with this response, as he doesn’t necessarily play into the hands of Shkreli.  I guess the real question is: will Shkreli stay out of the sandbox and continue this story-line, or will he remain the villain?

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  • Giovanni James – “Shame on You” (Video) | @giovannijames

    Giovanni James released a video for his “Shame on You” single. The track features so pretty interesting and great sounds that you don’t find on newer tracks. Take a listen and let us know what you think in the comments. Purchase the single from iTunes.

    “Plenty of people in the world need shaming right now. I have my personal reasons for writing it, but would rather let the listeners’ own life narratives dictate the meaning for them. That’s the beauty of art – it has the ability to be interpreted on many levels depending on how it hits you!” – Giovanni James

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  • Kahlee, Ric Scales, Namek, Uptown Swuite – “Loogie” (Video)

    Kahlee and company have not only released a new video in “Loogie”, but also a six-track project with various features. Check out the video above, which features Kahlee, Ric Scales, Namek, and Uptown Swuite, and press play on the project below with additional features and production from Mandy C, Rachel Fraser, Soulplusmind, Soundology, Spoke Beats, Chong Nee, and Digital Martyrs. Bong.

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  • Alex Wiley – “For Sunny” ft. Hippie Sabotage (Video)

    Alex Wiley and Hippie Sabotage have released a new video for “For Sunny” as an announcement for them going on tour. They will be kicking off on February 25th, and the tour will have nearly 30 stops in various parts of the States and Canada. The song was from Wiley’s Village Party 2: Heaven’s Gate. The video was directed by Sebastian A. Guerra.


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  • FTD Presents: Action Bronson Takes on Jamaican Cuisine at the NyamJam (Video)

    Action Bronson‘s Munchies-sponsored Fuck, That’s Delicious has taken on NyamJam and Jamaican Cuisine. Read a bit more info on this and watch above.

    As Action Bronson’s presence in the “Food World” becomes more permanent, new and diverse opportunities are popping up for the self proclaimed Human Highlight Reel. This time it popped up in the most beautiful location possible, Goldeneye Resort in Oracabessa, Jamaica. The event was entitled Nyam Jam, and even before Action knew exactly what it was, he agreed to attend. As stated in the video, there was not a single bad bite of food, and if you love hot sauces and various pepper spreads, then you really couldn’t do much better. Mr. Bronson honed in on a calabasa slaw prepared by visiting Puerto Rican chef, Jose Enrique and a smoked chicken sandwich from Jamaican grill master, Gariel Ferguson. His experience at Nyam Jam inspired him so much, that upon his arrival back in New York, he immediately got cow foot stew and ate in the parking lot of Home Depot. One love.

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  • ‘Miles Ahead’ Trailer (Video) | @milesaheadfilm

    Don Cheadle is dawning the Jheri Curl and trumpet to play Miles Davis in the new movie biopic, “Miles Ahead”. They have finally released a trailer for the film and it looks good! The movie premiered at the New York Film Festival last year.

    The movie centers around Davis and Rolling Stone reporter, Dave Braden, played by Ewan McGregor, trying to get back Davis’ stolen tapes of his newest sessions. The movie is set to debut on April 1st and that’s no joke. Bong.

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  • Martin Shkreli Interviewed on The Breakfast Club (Video)

    Pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli has made a name for himself in the news as of late. Whether by him jacking up the price on AIDS medication, buying two million dollar Wu-Tang albums, or talking shit to Ghostface on Youtube.

    More recently, he stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to try and explain the his reasoning behind the bold moves that have drawn such attention to his name and practices. The first ten minutes of the video are about the Ghostface beef, but the rest of the interview gets pretty interesting because you find out a lot about his past. He does bring it back full circle as he threatens to slap Ghost in the face. He wrapped the interview by stating, “I wish you would”.

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  • Rod McCoy – “Conquer The World” (Video) & “Smoke And Murals” (Release)

    Atlanta’s Rod McCoy recently released a video for “Conquer The World”, which is a song from his previous Smoke and Murals project. Press play on the Quincy Brooks-directed video above, and listen to Rod’s new project below. You can name-your-price and download his latest project by hitting this link.

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