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  • #INDIANA: C-Rayz Walz “ALMIGHTY ‘Gee-Chi'” Video | @C_Rayz_Walz

    C-Rayz Walz brought his crew in for his latest set of visuals, ALMIGHTY “Gee-Chi”. Check out the cypher-esque track below. That Bucky O’Hare graffiti is so dope. The track features Grey Granite and many others.

    “Gee Chee“ is a creative spelling of “G-Chi”, which refers to being a “G” (Godly), and The Life Force (Chi) that flows through our Bodies in the form of Blood, Oxygen and Internal Energy. Those who study an internal martial art or understand Eastern philosophy will get that.

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    #INDIANA: Mr. Kinetik “Spectrum” Release | @MrKinetik

    It’s October 22nd, and that means we get a new project from Mr. Kinetik. Free steams below and you can purchase for five dollars. Read more about the idea of the album below.

    This album is a range of tones, vibes, emotions and statements. Mr. Kinetik (Marc Williams) delivers another album full of thoughtful musicianship and songwriting that is straight from the soul. The album is held together by the reality that life is a spectrum; a range of experiences and knowledge gained from day-to-day living. “On My Mind” uses an 808 kick-driven pattern to explore memory lane, insomnia and the clouded mind. “My Lane” details excitement about the possibilities and opportunities of life when we are able to maintain our course. The lead single “Anyway” is a mania stroll complete with mentions of escape-ism, unhealthy habits, emotional numbness, the death of Eric Garner and how somehow, we still “hit the dance floor” and go on with life.

    Spectrum provides multiple perspectives and emotions that are produced in the journey of life. These perspectives are shared honestly and with detail. These perspectives and emotions come to life in each of the compositions present on this album in a show of respect for the range of life and the interconnectedness of life experiences.

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    #INDIANA: Stakzilla x Big Oil “Rich Mocha 2″ Release | @Stakzilla1

    Check this new release from Bloomington’s Stakzilla and producer Big Oil, titled Rich Mocha 2. The project features Pear Scott, Virginia Iozzo, Bean Ichimaru, Ace One, Skittz, and Cristy Padilla.

    Stakzilla and Big Oil are taking the rap world by storm. This project is a complete album with beats that are both melodic and bangin. Stakzilla’s raspy yet smooth voice delivers hard hitting lyrics that speak to anyone who listens. A myriad of topics are skillfully used to convey humanity with honesty. Natives of the planet Earth, they have combed the globe for the most potent samples. Take this musical journey!!

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    #INDIANA: LONEgevity “Shake Stuff Up” Release | @Lonegevity

    Lone has dropped a 3-track beat-tape, that he made in an hour yesterday, strictly for promotion of his new Shake Stuff Up kit with Drums Bang. Even though the tape was strictly made to showcase some of the shakers with different sounds (original composition, jazz sample and rock sample), you get to bump some goodness along with it. Free listens, and if you cop the kit you get the beat tape for free.

    Here’s a 3-track beat tape I made in the last hour using my new “Shake Stuff Up” kit with Drums Bang. I figured it’d be cool to kind of show everyone these shakers live and in action. The shakers used in these beats you can get in the shaker kit, which includes 139 different loops and one-shots.

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