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    #INDIANA: Go Fund Clarence “Gritts” Jones | @ItsGritts

    My talented brother Gritts from another, who is half of Hinx Jones with me (as well as in the world band Sweet Poison Victim), was recently rushed and spent a few days in the hospital. As many around Indianapolis know, Clarence is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and performer who was in 4 or 5 different bands at one point a year or so ago (I can’t keep up). As his health has improved for the most part, he still has quite a large bill and unfortunately had to miss a lot of work in the last month. Read what he has to say below, and check out this page here to donate. He’s giving away some physical copies of his music to anybody that can chip in.

    My name is Clarence Jones. I’ve recently been hospitalized. Due to my hospitalization I’ve been on a leave of absence from work. I’ve always been a hard worker, working pay check to pay check, making ends meet. Like many Americans, insurance isn’t affordable and now I have medical bills, as well as my regular bills to make up for. I’m in a music group called Hinx Jones. I love making people happy with music. It’s something I am very passionate about and in return for your generous donation, I’ll give you my product. We have 3 current projects, entitled (in order of release) “The 11 Piece”, “Frozen Liquor”, and our latest EP “We Do This”. Thank you so much for your time and donation

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    #INDIANA: One ft. DeMarcus Rashad, K Harris & Pope Adrian Bless “Too Black” | @BangersByOne

    Next Wednesday, November 5th, Bangers by One will be one of our features for our Writer’s Block producer showcase. The show will act as a release party of sorts for the first single from his upcoming Rude Awakening 2 project, which will be dropping early next year. Lyrics and credits are listed below.


    They say you gotta work 10x harder
    Be 10x smarter
    10x better
    Just to have half a chance
    Cause I’m black
    But I know who I am
    De Marcus Rashad

    [Verse 1 - De Marcus Rashad]

    Is it because I am Black
    Cause I am free
    That you love murdering me
    Is it because your afraid
    We use to be slaves
    and now we are modern day kings
    Is it because we’ve survived
    Your genocide
    You show you hate us inside
    wondering how could we, Why?
    Fearing we’ll rise
    Cause we’re the children of gods
    No need in hiding the truth
    Cause we all know
    it is no secret to us
    You’d whether see us enslaved or see us encaged
    Thats why you lock us in cuffs
    One thing I know it is burning me up
    you leaving us dead in the streets
    It could be me
    Murdered for living while black
    Thats why I scream fuck the police


    Is it my strength?
    Is it my stride?
    Why are you scared
    Scared for your life?
    Are you afraid
    that we may find out the truth?
    Afraid for our lives
    Seems we don’t have much too lose….
    Cause a nigga too black!
    Is it cause a nigga too black?
    Is it cause a nigga too black?
    Is it cause a nigga too black?

    [Verse 2 - K Harris]

    Black on black
    Like Fred Hampton and Huey P
    You spent a lot for that Louie V
    Now who was he?
    Do u know of the name u representing?
    Or do you not ask questions before spending?
    You ball hard but came from humble beginnings
    Got everything you ever wanted now you think you’re winning
    You lust, sinning and love believing that your good
    Came up a lil bit now you shitting on ya hood
    Can’t tell the difference between wants and needs
    So you buy everything you see
    Enticed by your greed
    It’s the life indeed
    but does it keep your sanity
    Insane buying chains exploiting your own vanity
    Staying strapped prepared for any altercation
    No contemplating
    Use it without a thought of hesitation
    And if you gotta give dat chain you
    Will die for them materials obtained bruh


    Is it my strength?
    Is it my stride?
    Why are you scared
    Scared for your life?
    Are you afraid
    that we may find out the truth?
    Afraid for our lives
    Seems we don’t have much too lose….
    Cause a nigga too black!
    Is it cause a nigga too black?
    Is it cause a nigga too black?
    Is it cause a nigga too black?

    [Verse 3 - Pope Adrian Bless]

    Joe Clemmons, my nigga
    How you feelin, bull?.
    Emmitt Tilt-A-Whirl riding in this carnival
    Ferris wheel and deal with death
    Merry go round
    Here’s a round clip of old films that we shooting now
    Tell me why the cage bird sings in a hollow verse
    How to kill a mockingbird sound when I see a hearse
    Jim Crow tryna pigeon toe tapping at my doe (door)
    Napping underneath The railroads
    Til our bodies hurts
    Catch me in the crossfire
    Triple K (KKK) tire swings singing on the poplar (tree)
    Tree of life planted as the bell tolls
    Shawn Michaels kick the whole bullet as he drops
    Cop killing stick to ribs like Velcro
    Scared for Taheem and (st) Taaliyah
    It’s a scary thing
    Bury me alive
    Cherish me until I’m bleached out
    Looking for a scary scene
    Tell my brothers reach out
    God gave us everything
    Hatred got us leeched out

    Written by De Marcus Rashad, Kressin Harris, and Aaron Pipkins, R. Goldsmith. Published by Gold Works Music Publishing (ASCAP), D.K.A.S..LLC (ASCAP), Affiliation Share (BMI), Produced by One for Bangers by One, Additional Vocals by R. Goldsmith. Additional Trumpets by Sean Stuart aka Lonegevity.

    RECORDED BY: One @ City Dump Records in Indianapolis, IN and De Marcus Rashad @ De Marcus Rashad Studio in Houston, Texas / MIXED BY: One @ City Dump Records

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  • #INDIANA: C-Rayz Walz “ALMIGHTY ‘Gee-Chi'” Video | @C_Rayz_Walz

    C-Rayz Walz brought his crew in for his latest set of visuals, ALMIGHTY “Gee-Chi”. Check out the cypher-esque track below. That Bucky O’Hare graffiti is so dope. The track features Grey Granite and many others.

    “Gee Chee“ is a creative spelling of “G-Chi”, which refers to being a “G” (Godly), and The Life Force (Chi) that flows through our Bodies in the form of Blood, Oxygen and Internal Energy. Those who study an internal martial art or understand Eastern philosophy will get that.

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    #INDIANA: Mr. Kinetik “Spectrum” Release | @MrKinetik

    It’s October 22nd, and that means we get a new project from Mr. Kinetik. Free steams below and you can purchase for five dollars. Read more about the idea of the album below.

    This album is a range of tones, vibes, emotions and statements. Mr. Kinetik (Marc Williams) delivers another album full of thoughtful musicianship and songwriting that is straight from the soul. The album is held together by the reality that life is a spectrum; a range of experiences and knowledge gained from day-to-day living. “On My Mind” uses an 808 kick-driven pattern to explore memory lane, insomnia and the clouded mind. “My Lane” details excitement about the possibilities and opportunities of life when we are able to maintain our course. The lead single “Anyway” is a mania stroll complete with mentions of escape-ism, unhealthy habits, emotional numbness, the death of Eric Garner and how somehow, we still “hit the dance floor” and go on with life.

    Spectrum provides multiple perspectives and emotions that are produced in the journey of life. These perspectives are shared honestly and with detail. These perspectives and emotions come to life in each of the compositions present on this album in a show of respect for the range of life and the interconnectedness of life experiences.

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    #INDIANA: Stakzilla x Big Oil “Rich Mocha 2″ Release | @Stakzilla1

    Check this new release from Bloomington’s Stakzilla and producer Big Oil, titled Rich Mocha 2. The project features Pear Scott, Virginia Iozzo, Bean Ichimaru, Ace One, Skittz, and Cristy Padilla.

    Stakzilla and Big Oil are taking the rap world by storm. This project is a complete album with beats that are both melodic and bangin. Stakzilla’s raspy yet smooth voice delivers hard hitting lyrics that speak to anyone who listens. A myriad of topics are skillfully used to convey humanity with honesty. Natives of the planet Earth, they have combed the globe for the most potent samples. Take this musical journey!!

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