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  • Nardwuar vs. Wu-Tang Clan (Video)

    The Wu-Tang Clan stopped in British Columbia recently, and in so, the Human Serviette, Nardwuar, got to stop in and talk with them. Lots of RZA knowledge, but you can also spot Ghostface, U-God, Rae, and a handful of others. Get your Kung-Fu knowledge up.

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    Dave Chappelle Talks With David Letterman (Video)

    For the first time in many years, Dave Chappelle made an appearance on a late-night television show as he stopped by David Letterman’s couch to chat it up about his upcoming spotlight at Radio City Music Hall. There will be performances from none other than Busta Rhymes, Nas, The Roots, and DJ Premier. In this interview he talks about that, but also quite a bit about his past surrounding him leaving his own show.

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    Sound Session Interview w/ Freddie Gibbs (Video) | @FreddieGibbs

    As Tech N9ne’s Independent Grind Tour stopped in Seattle a few weeks back, Freddie Gibbs stopped by the KUBE studios to chop it up with DJ Hyphen. It was a lengthy sit-down, and Gibbs talks on a lot, including his early days, move to LA and scene, his hooping skills, some criticism, and other interesting topics. When you get about 15 minutes press play on this one.

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    Drums Bang Interview w/ Slot-A (Video) | @IAMSLOTA @ProducerBeatBox

    When Slot-A was in town for our Writer’s Block showcase last month (June’s is this upcoming Wednesday), Drums Bang sat down with Slot and talked about his past and how he got started, his production and sound, and some about on his new beat tape that we’re sharing tomorrow. Be on the lookout for “High Tide,” and make sure to check out his featured Producer Beat Box over at Drums Bang’s website. A few things you get if you buy the box are listed below.

    Our inaugural DRUMS BANG: Producer Beat Box for June 2014 features Michigan to Chicago producer/DJ SLOT-A, who has produced for the likes of Jamall Bufford aka Buff-1 (The Black Opera/Athletic Mic League), Add-2 (Jamla Records), Scheme (Molemen), Neak, Grumpy Old Men, Gerald Walker, Sincerely Yours, and many others.

    If you purchase DRUMS BANG: Producer Beat Box for June 2014 you will get the contents listed below shipped to your doorstep, and yes, shipping is free in the US. More details on your box is listed below:

    1) Exclusive drum kit from SLOT-A with 40 custom crafted sounds. These aren’t just any kicks, snares, hats, breaks, etc…these are customized and crafted by SLOT-A himself. No copy and pasting from other kits!

    2) Live musician samples in bass form. Basslines Basics played by Clarence Jones (aka Gritts) of Sweet Poison Victim. There are 74 authentic bass samples, loops and one shots included.

    3) Live musician samples in guitar form. The Ted Somerville Guitar experience features Ted Somerville of Sweet Poison Victim. There are 104 guitar samples, loops, one shots and other experimental sounds included.

    3) Maja 7th & Dominique Larue’s “GRAND” EP with exclusive acapellas for five of the tracks.

    4) Slot-A’s brand new exclusive “High Tide” beat tape in digital form.

    5) Writer’s Block beat tape in physical form (CD) for the month of June. Special one-of-a-kind packaging. It features 10 dope producers from around the world, sponsored by BDTB. You can submit to be a part of it next month by hitting this link.

    6) Stickers, stickers.

    7) An item to add to your gear/adapter collection OR a discount coupon for either a music store or gear. It varies each month.

    8) Artwork for SLOT-A’s “High Tide” beat tape. The artwork is also signed. 8×10.

    9) Exclusive music from Chicago’s Sincerely Yours that was produced by SLOT-A.

    10) An informational and possibly comedic video about producing from Chicago’s ILL Brown (producer for Bun B, Freddie Gibbs, Casey Veggies, GLC and more).

    11) A one-of-a-kind button made by Make Me Sandwich. Pin it to something.

    12) Detailed information on all of the artists and vendors involved with the Producer Beat Box for this month.

    13) All of the digital information comes on a customized 4GB flash drive.

    14) Yes, that’s over $100 worth of freshness for only $30!

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    BABA: Reasons Why Buying Likes Doesn’t Help Your Career (Video)

    In case there is anyone out there curious about the whole “like” and “fan” phenom of sorts going on with social media, and thought about if “buying likes” or “followers” would really benefit your brand, this is a great 8-9 minute video. The video breaks down not only why likes are irrelevant from “click farms,” but also why the Facebook promotion option is pretty much full of shit and well, a scam. Give this a review and be a better artist.

    Disclaimer: I know this is really only relevant to Facebook, but buying non-engaging Twitter followers doesn’t you generate genuine interest on your brand.

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    BDTB Interview w/ J. Brookinz About His “Gateway” Project | @jbrookinz

    Having only acclimated myself into the hip-hop community two years ago, I found myself hearing a certain name no matter what circle of emcees or producers I was surrounded by. That name was J. Brookinz.

    The local producer has seriously laid down work with most, if not all, major emcees in Indianapolis. Whether it is through creating a beat for their latest release or setting up annual shows like the annual Producer Beat Battle, which showcases some of the best producing talent Naptown has to offer and puts their skills in a head to head match, he is staying busy building in Indianapolis.

    There is also another project that J. has cooked up for the past four years and that project is called the Gateway. The producer came up with the idea five years ago and it was rumored that last year’s effort, Gateway 420, was going to be the last mix he would put together for our city.

    Fortunately, he has pushed aside those thoughts of letting it go and has decided to come back with what may be known as the best release to date. When asked why he decided to take another go at the project the producer had this to say, “I knew I was going to come back, but the way I was going to come back was going to be different, it couldn’t be just me. I invited some of the homies to come in and make some of the beats. I wanted these guys to take over.”

    Brookinz had always intended the Gateway be a part of his legacy and as something that the community could work on, come together and carry out every spring. And although years past have been filled with the producer running around putting everything together, this year was different. He got to relax a little bit and really take in the experience of the Gateway, but he goes on to say, “I have a job to do, I gotta keep watch and make sure that everything is running smoothly.”

    And trust me, only having been at the house J. held up in for an hour or so, it could be very easy to get caught up with everyone there. I could understand that struggle of keeping everyone on task. I mean, if Super Street Fighter is going on, you’d be hard pressed to get me to do anything.

    Matt Riefler was just the assistance Brookinz needed to help everything run smoothly. He worked on the engineering and recording for the #GATEWAY5 this year. Other producers that helped with creation of the beats include Dylan Prevails, Knags, Mandog, Harry Otaku, and Philo T.


    Another reason Brookinz decided to get back to the project was because he saw it as not only a place that artists from all walks could collaborate and learn from each other, but also a project that could really boost the morale for the hip hop culture of Indy. “Some guys are young and some guys are proven. I respect these guys and I want to do something for them.” It is opportunities such as this that really spring boarded the producer to the status he has attained today. “People gave me the chance to do things when I had no business doing them, but just as a shot to prove myself. So whatever kind of music you make, it doesn’t matter, it’s cool with me. I’m no guardian of the culture, so if we can work together, let’s do it.”

    As leader of the project, he also had to decide who was going to put their verses over the beats, but this may not have been as difficult as it sounds. “I mainly leave it open.” He brought most of the Ghost Town fam for the first to really flesh out the skeleton of the project. Then, he opened the door on the second day of recording to cats who had been hitting him up trying to be a part of the album.

    Brookinz plans on dropping the mix on April 18th, but has much more on his plate as well. #JBrookinzWeek has officially kicked off and the producer plans to stay busy putting together a showcase at Indy CD and Vinyl this weekend for Record Store Day, hosting a 420 party at Sabbatical on Sunday, and dropping the tape (all while celebrating his birthday too). We also may get the special treat of a single being dropped from his most recent untitled solo project.

    No concrete plans yet for next year’s release, tentatively titled, Gateway 666, but Brookinz plans on coming back and really taking his skills, and his friends’ skills, to the next level. So, if you are trying to get in the hip hop scene in Indy, it would be best for your health to get to know the name J. Brookinz. That is, if you haven’t already.

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    BABA: Dave Grohl Interview w/ Off Camera About Being A Successful Musician Today (Video)

    It’s been a while since I’ve written or shared anything for our BABA series, but this definitely belongs in there regardless of if it’s hip hop related or not. Dave Grohl, a drummer that some of you may know from bands such as Nirvana and Foo Fighters, sat down and talked about cool stuff in this two minute interview. Hey, be a better artist.

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    NoisePorn Interview w/ Oreo Jones (Video) | @OreoJones @noiseporn

    NoisePorn caught up with Oreo Jones down in Tampa, when he was on tour recently, and it’s a pretty in depth talk about him and his career and life thus far. Check this out, and check what NP had to say below.

    For this edition of NoisePorn Unzipped, we got to chat with “milk’s favorite emcee”: Oreo Jones. The Indianapolis-based emcee is described as “a bearded brother who summons multiple musical personalities for every new project.”

    Emerging in 2010, Oreo not only explored the hip-hop scenes of Indianapolis, but also delved into the indie music scene. He dropped his first EP titled “Delicious,” which was led by his single “Good Times.” The song reached the No. 4 spot on Hype Machine, proving himself to be an up-and-comer to watch out for. In addition to some big releases in 2011, he began “repping for fat kids everywhere” by starting his own hilarious YouTube cooking show called Let’s Do Lunch. Just one year later, he released his first full-length album, “Betty,” which further showcased his diversity, both musically and lyrically.

    After speaking with Oreo first-hand, we can tell you that his laid-back yet humorous personality has undoubtedly contributed to the diversity of his music. In our exclusive one-on-one interview with Oreo Jones, we discussed his Indianapolis roots, where his musical inspiration comes from and so much more.

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