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  • Koncept x J57 – “The Fuel” ft. Akie Bermiss (Video) | @Koncept @J57

    Koncept and J57 are gearing up to drop a new project on November 20th, and “The Fuel” is a new video from the project. The song features oft-collaborator Akie Bermiss, and is track two on their upcoming The Fuel EP. Watch as Koncept goes through some tough times and does what he has to for his family. You can pre-order today from iTunes. I’ve also added an interview that Rapology recent conducted with J57.

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  • RBMA Lecture w/ Che Pope (Video) | @RBMA @CheGOODMUSIC

    RBMA (Red Bull Music Academy) is in full swing in Paris, and they had renowned producer/businessman Che Pope on the spot for a great detail lecture that I highly suggest you watching. Especially if you’re a musician or producer on the up and up. Read a bit more about this lecture and Che himself below. Or, just free yourself from the world for an hour and a half and hone in.

    Between 2012 – 2014, American producer and songwriter Che Pope went from a partner, to the head of A&R, to the president of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label collective, and become one of the most influential figures in contemporary US rap and hip hop culture. Recently, he’s penned and produced hits for A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd, but his work dates back to the early 90s: deeply involved in the production of Lauryn Hill’s iconic The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, as well as working as head of A&R at Warner Bros, producing alongside Dr Dre at Aftermath Records, and composing film scores alongside the legendary Hans Zimmer.

    In this in-depth lecture, Che Pope breaks it down about what it means to work intimately with Kanye West, the labour of love that was working with Hill, how the hip hop industry has involved into an often ruthless business, and the rewards and challenges of musical collaboration.

    Hosted by Jeff “Chairman” Mao

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  • Blu x MED x Madlib – “Knock Knock” ft. MF DOOM | @HerFavColor @meda4ox

    Blu, MED, and Madlib just collaboratively dropped “Knock Knock”, that features the one and only MF DOOM. Teaming up for a collaborative project titled Bad Neighbor, the trio will drop their new project on October 30th. Listen to the funky groove below. MED and Blu also recently did an interview with Rolling Stone, which you can read in full here.

    How did you two meet? It was on the Emanon tour, right?

    MED: Actually, it was a MED tour and Emanon was opening up for me. This is in, like, 2006. Emanon brought along Blu just to season him up, to get him ready for the game.

    Blu: It was my first time in Europe. We’ve been good friends since.

    MED: When I heard the [Blu and Exile] Below the Heavens album, when they played it for me while out on tour, I was pretty in awe about it. I was like, this sounds like some honest music. It was good to hear that. We bonded on tour partying and whatnot, having fun.

    What led you to start making music together?

    MED: He was on my Bang Ya Head 3 mixtape. “Your Life” was one of the first songs we collabed on. Then we got on “The Burgundy” and from there that’s we decided let’s do a whole album together.

    Blu: Q-Tip from Tribe showed us a lot of love for [“The Burgundy”]. New York showed us a whole lot of love. That just got ate up everywhere. It was one of the biggest selling hip-hop 12-inches that year.

    “The Burgundy” 12-inch dropped in 2013. Why so long between then and Bad Neighbor?

    Blu: We weren’t in a rush, because we knew we were working with one of the most classic producers of all time. Some of the biggest classics: Jaylib, Madvillain, Quasimoto, Lootpack, you know what I’m sayin’? And that Freddie Gibbs [Piñata] is crazy. So we knew we had to give the people something nice. We had some great records to follow up on.

    MED: You know when you’re dealing with Madlib, he’s such a creative cat. He has so many projects going on at once. Me and Blu actually recorded about 30 songs. We’re going to possibly manage to do something with some of the other leftover joints. Madlib always figures out things to do with songs and stuff.

    Blu: We’d go to the lab, and there were these beautiful songs. Madlib’s orchestration is, like . . . he’s like the Duke Ellington of hip-hop. You go in and you’re hearing drums, loops, cuts and basslines you’ve never heard before, and rhythms and patterns never delivered to the hip-hop genre. Everything Madlib drops is fresh, brand new, unseen.

    It’s surprising to see AMG on your album.

    MED: Blu got collab-happy, man. I ain’t gonna lie. He told me, “I got AMG.” And I was, like, “Bitch Betta Have My Money AMG?” And he was, like, “Yo, he’s trying to charge a crazy number.” And I was like, “We don’t got that in the budget.” Somehow Blu pulled it through.

    How did you connect with Hodgy Beats?

    MED: Blu suggested, “Yo, let’s get Hodgy on something.” So we reached out, we met up at the Stones Throw office and we smoked the hell out of that office. That was fun. I thought we were going to get banned. We were smoking the whole shit out and the workers were catching contact. [Odd Future are] fans of Stones Throw, and they’re fans of the Lootpack movement that I was involved with. During that time, a lot of cats were making beats in their room. We’re in that underground hip-hop scene in L.A., you know, Dilated Peoples, Alkaholiks. We’re lucky enough to where some of these young kids grew up knowing who we were.

    Blu, between your 2014 album Good to Be Home and now Bad Behavior, it seems like you’ve turned your focus to your hometown lately.

    Blu: Everywhere we go around the world, people ask us about L.A. So we wanted to do a record for L.A, which was Good to Be Home. It was natural for me and MED to just pick up where that left off. Bad Neighbor is just an album where everywhere we go, we shut it down. Bad Neighbor, you know what I mean?

    MED: I’ve traveled the world doing shows, but I’ve never had the chance . . . you know how some artists are, like, “I lived in New York for two years,” or “I lived in Atlanta for eight months,” and they can get a vibe of the community of musicians? It looks like Atlanta has a good relationship with musicians out there, the way they collab together. I think that’s how L.A. is. To me, it’s a great place to be as a musician. It’s not only that there’s so much talent out here, and there’s so much good vibes; but I’ve also watched a lot of people’s careers blossom, from Aloe Blacc to Anderson .Paak. There’s always the friendly competitiveness. Everyone wants to have that great music. But as far as the community, I can reach out to a lot of people if I want to, and either get some good information from them, some business savvy, or I can just get a collab or something. L.A. is the place to be if you’re a musician, in my eyes.

    Blu: L.A. is the best place to be in the world. I just hope they feel the same way with having us here.

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  • Real Late w/ Peter Rosenberg Interviews Mick Jenkins (Video) | @MickJenkins

    Mick Jenkins is currently on tour on the strength of his recently released Wave[s] project, and he just sat down and talked with Peter Rosenberg. Tune in and get familiar with Mick a little more. He talks about his label some, his favorite artists, taking pictures with fans, and a few other things (also joins with !llmind and Joell Ortiz later). Enjoy.


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  • Ebro In The Morning & Peter Rosenberg Interview Jay Rock (Video) | @jayrock

    These days, most people are fairly familiar with the name Kendrick Lamar, but not as many are familiar with the name Jay Rock. At least on a mainstream level. Well, Jay Rock is up next for TDE, and his new 90059 album is in the headlights. This interview with Jay Rock talks a bit about his past, Strange Music, Warner Brothers, and many other interesting things you may not have know about the TDE artist. You can pre-order his new album, and it will release when he’s ready. The expected release date is December 4th, 2015. You can pre-order here.

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  • Do317 Interviews Oreo Jones About CHREECE (Video) | @ChreeceAF @Do317

    Oreo Jones recently sat down with Do317 to talk about his festival brainchild, CHREECE, which will be going down this weekend. Chreece is an all-ages hip-hop festival in the historical district of Fountain Square, Indianapolis, with six indoor and outdoor stages – featuring 40 diverse rappers, producers, and DJs from all over Indiana (and a few from Chicago). All proceeds to go Musical Family Tree.

    Do317 sits down to chat with Oreo Jones, about his newest venture, Chreece. Jones is a leader in Indy’s hip-hop community and he came together with Musical Family Tree to bring the first hip-hop festival to Indianapolis. He opened up to interviewer, Madie Szrom, about how it all came together, what he hopes to achieve & the artists he is most excited to see at the 6 venue festival. Video filmed & edited by Cavan McGinsie of Do317 & Tattered Map Productions, at General Public Collective, in Fountain Square. (Chreece Festival is sponsored by Cutty Sark Prohibition.)

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  • Stones Throw Podcast 93: BreakBeat Lou – “Ultimate 45s” (Mix)

    Creator of the “Ultimate Breaks and Beats” series, BreakBeat Lou was recently featured on Stones Throw’s podcast, dropping a live break beat set of “Ultimate 45s” . Whether you want to refresh your breaks knowledge, or you just want to put on something to get you grooving– this mix is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

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  • Kendrick Lamar Interviews N.W.A. | @kendricklamar

    Thanks to Billboard, Kendrick Lamar was able to sit down with some of his biggest influences and interview N.W.A.. With the their biopic, Straight Outta Compton set to come out to theaters on Friday, it is really great to hear about some of the stories form the horses mouth.

    They hit the main points of how did N.W.A. change the scene, ups and downs of learning the industry and the four even got into who they are bumpin’ now. The general consensus agreed K. Dot is a favorite.

    You can check out the half hour interview below and see how humbled Kendrick is to be in the presence of such inspiring artists from his own neighborhood.

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  • Jesse Thorn interviews Pete Rock on NPR | @PeteRock @JesseThorn

    Jesse Thorn, of NPR’s Bullseye, interviews Pete Rock about many of his classic beats and production credits. From his first hit remix of Public Enemy’s “Shut ‘Em Down” , to recently working with Kanye, many highlights are covered as Pete tells behind the scenes stories of his career.

    He started out as half of the hip-hop duo Pete Rock and CL Smooth, later going solo and collaborating with and producing for many of the biggest names in rap, from Nas to Kanye West.

    Pete Rock joins us to talk about his earliest music memories, meeting James Brown as an elementary-schooler, and how he took a sample from an album called “The Honeysuckle Breeze” and used it to create a classic hip hop track.

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  • Slaughterhouse Interview w/ Ebro In The Morning (Video) | @Slaughterhouse @EBROINTHEAM

    Slaughterhouse joined Ebro for his morning show, and they talked about a handful of recently relevant topics. Joe Budden, KXNG CROOKED, Joell Ortiz, and Royce Da 5’9″ are all joined in the studio with Ebro and Paul Rosenberg, and they talk about everything from the new Southpaw soundtrack, the new Drake ghostwriting rumors, lyricism, and more importantly their new project. They dropped hints that it will be executive produced by Just Blaze, and feature production from him and !llmind, Boi-1da, and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. Check out the 30-minute interview above.

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