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  • Soulection – “Inside the Sound of Tomorrow 006″ (Video) | @Soulection

    Take a peak inside the road life of the Soulection crew, as they document their tours through Europe and North America. This video features appearances from Esta, Evil Needle, Iamnobodi, Sam Gellaitry, Mr. Carmack, and more. The Sound of Tomorrow tour returns to Europe on May 7th in Paris. Check out the Soulection website for tickets and more event information.

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  • RBMA UK Interview & Lecture w/ A$AP Rocky (Video) | @asvpxrocky @rbma

    During the Red Bull Music Academy’s (RBMA) UK tour, they sat down on the infamous couch with A$AP Rocky. Yasiin Bey also joined him for a small portion of the interview and they talked about a handful of stuff (per usual). Read a bit below, but get you some time and watch above.

    In 2011, Harlem’s A$AP Rocky emerged at the forefront of a resurgent New York rap underground. Connecting the dots between a wide spectrum of ‘90s rap and the fashion-savvy hip hop vanguard, Rocky quickly ascended to global stardom. In this public lecture at London’s majestic St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, as part of the 2015 RBMA UK Tour, the rapper gave a rare insight into his state of mind. Sitting down with journalist Hattie Collins on the Red Bull Studios London couch where he wrote much of At.Long.Last.A$AP, Lord Flacko seemed delighted to hold court. This extensive interview also features a special appearance by Yasiin Bey and the first play of album cut “M’$.”

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Gangrene Interview (Video) | @Alchemst @OhNoTheDisrupt

    The FADER caught up with Gangrene, which is Alchemist and Oh No for those following along at home, for a short three-minute interview discussing a handful of topics. The duo will be dropping something new via Grand Theft Auto, music wise, which will be dropping on April 21st.

    Director: Rob Semmer
    Editor: Sam Balaban
    Director of Photography: Scott Perry
    Titles: Joseph Garvey
    Animations: Jessica Hutchison
    Executive Producer: Joseph Patel
    Production Company: The FADER

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  • Combat Jack Show Has Extensive Interview w/ Kool Herc (Stream) | @CombatJackShow

    The father of hip hop, Kool Herc, recently sat down with Combat Jack and Premium Pete for an extensive interview. No need to talk much on this one. Listen below.

    The father of Hip Hop Kool Herc gives us a very rare interview documenting the birth of Hip Hop, how he ran the game throughout the 1970’s, how his man Coke La Rock was the very first rap emcee, the records he discovered, how he almost died for this culture, his battle with drugs, health issues and his top five emcees and deejays. This one is for the history books. We do this for the culture.

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  • RBMA UK Lecture & Interview w/ Danny Brown (Video) | @xdannyxbrownx

    RBMA (Red Bull Music Academy) UK recently grabbed Danny Brown for a near hour-and-a-half lecture in Glasgow. As you may know if you’re familiar with these lectures, lots of different topics were discussed with Danny on the couch with the infamous backdrop. Read a bit below, but get yourself some time to watch this interview above.

    In an era of industry-obsessed MCs, interchangeable hashtag raps, and “viral” everything, it has become increasingly difficult to find a true original in the rap game. Fortunately, at the start of the decade, along came Danny Brown. In 2011 the Detroit MC teamed up with Fool’s Gold Records and released XXX, a tour-de-force concept record about hedonism, growing up, and his hometown, which took listeners on a profane and psychedelic journey through his own uncensored ID. After a year of universal critical acclaim, Danny divided his time recording his debut full length LP, OLD, and appearing on tracks by the likes of A$AP Rocky, Ab-Soul, A-Trak and Purity Ring. OLD challenged XXX’s achievements, and Brown’s paradigm shredding path hasn’t hit a block since.

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  • Nardwuar vs. Mick Jenkins (Video) | @nardwuar @MickJenkins

    Nardwuar the Human Serviette caught up with Chicago emcee Mick Jenkins at SXSW for an interview. Per usual, Nardwuar digs deep into the Mick’s history. They talk about his curly Mohawk, mushrooms, hidden cash Chicago, what he looks at when he raps, and other random interesting things. Check out that above, and make sure to bump his The Water[s] release from this link.

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  • BDTB Interview w/ Blake Allee About “Toxic Flowers” & Other Things | @blakeallee

    We sat down with Blake Allee for an interview about him and his new Toxic Flowers, which is the first sound that we have heard from the Indy producer / emcee in over a year. But, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been working in the studio. The artist has just been steering his sound into a new direction: his direction. He took a break from the scene to really put himself into his sound and has started making music for himself, but thankfully, is willing to share it with us.


    BDTB: So, where ya been?
    BA: I don’t wanna say I’m gone or still in it, I don’t where I am exactly. Man, I just got tired of promoting stuff, and playing shows because you had to promote them. I enjoy playing shows and enjoy making music, but I realized that if you don’t promote or have other people help you promote it just doesn’t work out. I just got to a point to where I wanted to do it for fun. It’s a lot of work when you just want to make music. I’m not saying that I won’t be doing any more shows or making any more music, but I want to make it for myself, and if I release it, I release it.

    BDTB: Kinda like how you released, Toxic Flowers. (Referencing the 24 hour before Facebook post)
    BA: Yeah, I had the album done for a few months, but I really struggled with if I wanted to do a video with it. I had always worked with Digital Rabbit on my videos, but he’s gone now. It was always part of the promotion and I had to stay up every night and get to blogs or whatever and it just became what you had to do, but I was just like, “Nah, I’m just gonna drop it tomorrow.” (Chuckles)

    BDTB: Do you plan to do any videos at all with the new tracks?
    BA: If I do a video I am going to do it myself. I’m not sure how that will go (chuckles), but since Digital Rabbit is a very talented director, to compete with him is not going to be easy. But, I guess I don’t really care as much. I don’t mind if every angle is perfect or if I don’t have the best camera or correct lighting. It just needs to be an idea and just doing it myself because I can edit, but if I did another video it would be that way. Focus more so on the story of it.

    BDTB: It should just be simple, it should just be, “Here it is. Enjoy it.”
    BA: Yeah, exactly. I know it can be hard to standout and I know that it is part of the game, I understand that, but I tried.


    BDTB: With Toxic Flowers were you trying to tie together a certain theme or were you trying to get a point across? It seemed like a lot of the album dealt with looking for and finding something.
    BA: The album is not necessarily personal because I know it is off the wall, it’s not in plain English and you have to decipher it. I just felt like really comfortable in saying what I needed to say.

    BDTB: I noticed a lot of supernatural themes within the production and “Laser Beams” kinda sounds like an X-Files sample? And obviously in “Missed Calls” you use Godzilla in the background? Was there anything that lead you to use that?
    BA: Nah, it was a sample. It was just a sound I found from OmniSpirit, but can see the X-Files in there now. Supernatural and weirdness is something I have always been drawn to. I don’t even know where the Godzilla came from. Sometimes I like to look around for weird sound fx and someone on YouTube had every roar collected from the early movies to the new one. I recorded them and mapped them on the keyboard and found the one I liked the most.

    BDTB: And in “Shamrocks” you have the voice over interlude. Where was that from?
    BA: It was from a documentary called Comic Book Confidential. What I do is when I watch movies sometimes I will have a recorder going with it so when someone says something cool I have it on tape to use.

    BDTB: We talked about you making the album just to make the album; does that make it any easier to decide who to bring on? Or who to ask for a verse? I guess, how did you decide to put Tony Styxx in for a track?
    BA: There are some people in the city that I have always worked with and man, he just fit the song and what I was doing with it. I felt he had something special to bring to the track.

    BDTB: So do you have anything on deck ready to release or is it gonna be a while before we hear from you again?
    BA: I honestly don’t know. I will say that I haven’t been writing music as extensively as I used to. I felt like I didn’t have another life. I was working at the Post Office and then coming home working on music until I slept. Only to wake up in time to go back to the Post Office six days a week. And while I still love making it, I feel like once you lose that desire to be the best you will still create and put out music, but I don’t think I will try to be the best. The goal was always to be the best producer or be the best emcee. I’m not saying that I am or that I’m not, it is just not the goal any longer.

    BDTB: Now it is more about you making music and making sure that you are getting across what you want and that you get your art out there?
    BA: Yeah, if I want to work on something I will and if I don’t, I won’t. I don’t feel the pressure to anymore.

    All being said, it’s safe to say that this will not be the last time that we hear from Blake Allee over at Bringing Down the Band. How soon we will hear from him is up the artist himself. Until then, make sure you check out his newest work, Toxic Flowers, which is out now. You can listen below.

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