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    The Stuyvesants “FINE” Release | @thestuyvesants

    All of the beat heads out there will dig this brand new release from Brooklyn’s The Stuyvesants, a 20-track groove of love-life-inspired beats. Listen below and purchase from their website here.

    The Stuyvesants ‘FINE’ LP Tracklisting:What do you think?
    1. Shakers & Movers
    2. Ice Breaker
    3. FINE
    4. The Thirst (Take You Home)
    5. Come To Me
    6. Unbelievable
    7. Last Night
    8. Voices
    9. Don’t Go
    10. Low Key Hokey Pokey
    11. Two Step
    12. The Story Goes
    13. In My Lifetime
    14. When Times Were Good
    15. Synthetica
    16. Her 9000
    17. Down For Me
    18. Clarity
    19. Feelings
    20. Sounds Like The Sun

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    Koen “Outputs 6″ Release | @koenbeats

    Here’s a dope instrumental beat tape for you to bump by Holland based producer Koen. The project is six tracks long and available for purchase at Bandcamp for only €3.

    Additional keys on ‘1145’ played by Tek.Lun. Additional bass and guitar on ‘1150’ played by Jael.
    Additional bass on ‘1141’ and ‘1146’ played by Morgan Grunefeld.
    Artwork by Roelie Vuitton (www.roelievuitton.nl)

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    J. Slikk “Clear Blue Summer” Release | @TheRealJSlikk

    Check out this dope instrumental beat tape from J. Slikk, which is a groovy 16-track project from the Chicago repper. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard so far, and that “A Lot of Brass” is really nice. Get you a bit of time and get this free download from Bandcamp, you won’t be disappointed.

    Chicago is a breeding ground for amazing musical talent, both rappers and producers. J.Slikk is a clear representation of this. The Southsider has released his latest instrumental LP entitled, Clear Blue Summer. The album was all inspired by his experiences during the warmest season of the year. “The album sums up the best summer I’ve had probably since high school. All the adventures, good fortune, good times, and new experiences all summed up” says J. Slikk. The music was created to share that feeling with the world in hopes that it would be therapeutic for all those who listen. This is evident in the lead single, Good Morning Sunshine. Relax, press play, and enjoy instrumental happiness inspired by a clear blue summer.

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    J57 “The Analog Tape 2″ Release | @J57 @BrownBagAllStar

    Check BBAS’ own J57 in this single track instrumental release, which is titled The Analog Tape 2. Press play below and head over to Bandcamp to support this release. You can cop for $5.75. Cover by Mark Beltran and photo by 7eventhlettr.

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  • Stanley Ipkuss “dopesick=\” Release | @stanleyipkuss

    Cali’s Stanley Ipkuss brings a new 3 track EP, dopesick=\ that serves as a precursor to his previous album, .indefinite.

    Though it does not go too deep into the story, the audience is able to get a quick glimpse into the mind of the dropout turned junkie as he participates in petty crime and getting his fix, all while frequently switching in-between pronouns to refer to himself; one can think of it as an internal conversation.

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    #INDIANA: LONEgevity “Shake Stuff Up” Release | @Lonegevity

    Lone has dropped a 3-track beat-tape, that he made in an hour yesterday, strictly for promotion of his new Shake Stuff Up kit with Drums Bang. Even though the tape was strictly made to showcase some of the shakers with different sounds (original composition, jazz sample and rock sample), you get to bump some goodness along with it. Free listens, and if you cop the kit you get the beat tape for free.

    Here’s a 3-track beat tape I made in the last hour using my new “Shake Stuff Up” kit with Drums Bang. I figured it’d be cool to kind of show everyone these shakers live and in action. The shakers used in these beats you can get in the shaker kit, which includes 139 different loops and one-shots.

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