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    Feeray “Molotov” Release | @Feeray

    Feeray dropped this instrumental album a week or two ago. Press play on this heater.

    The long awaited Instrumental album ‘Molotov’, by Feeray(formerly known as Firearms and Arson). All tracks produced and arranged by Feeray. All tracks are created, owned, published and are the property of Broke Street Billionaires(c).

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    Mndsgn “TXT (MSGS)” Video & “Yawn Zen” Release | @dntmndmi

    Mndsgn‘s Stones Thrown debut was released in the middle of last week, and features 12 tracks of instrumental bliss. Along side the release, he has released visuals for his “TXT (MSGS)” track, which I’ve added up above. Press play and cop from either iTunes or Stones Throw.

    1. Yawn
    2. Homewards
    3. Sheets
    4. Frugality
    5. Exchanging
    6. Convert
    7. Arklite
    8. Camelblues
    9. Txt (MSGS)
    10. AM
    11. Afternoon Shuffle
    12. Zen

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    AFTA-1 “Toy Machines” Release

    I was a huge Afta-a fan about 5-6 years ago, but I haven’t really heard anything from him in a couple years. Well, that was until this morning. This project is pretty spacey. Press play and cop for only ¥400.

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    Souls of Mischief x Adrian Younge “There Is Only Now” Release & “Finally Back” Video | @SOMHIERO @AdrianYounge

    Tomorrow is the day that Souls of Mischief and Adrian Younge‘s collaborative There Is Only Now album will be unleashed. In prep for that, they have released this video for “Finally Back” that features animation by Unjust with paintings by Mildred Friedman. Pre-order and purchase here.

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    C.Shreve The Professor “Summer Ransom” Release | @seeshreve @FreeTheOptimus

    NC’s C.Shreve The Professor just recently unleashed his Summer Ransom project, and you can stream the entire release below. Go and donate some money, or cop the physical product, from his Bandcamp page. Name your price. Lots of great grooves.

    Recorded in 2014 between April and July, Summer Ransom is the 10th full length release from Chris Shreve’s brainchild Free the Optimus. Mixing a number of tried and true FTO soundscape architects (ILe Flottante, Shep Bryan, Handbook, P.U.R.P.) along with plenty of new connections (Whokairs?, Soul Monk, Dylan Guye) makes for what feels like a new classic in what is already a deep underground catalog. The Professor anchors all 18 tracks with features from Mike L!VE, DJ Jet, Jrusalam, Tuscon, Martin Snoddy and Trapbo’ Chad. The album was mixed and mastered by Whokairs? at his studio in Asheville, NC.

    C.Shreve describes Summer Ransom as follows:
    “A new chapter in the same running dialogue. To Free the Optimus means to unlock your absolute best potential. This FTO installment is both the summer version and the ransom version. I was born in the summer–I want my time. We all want that. I’m claimin mine on some Seinfeld summer of George shit. This is an MC’s album. For rappers of all kinds, I want you to listen and feel some type of way. You either gon say go get em, or feel like i’m questioning your dopeness. And I am. If the shoe fits, y’all should wear it. I’m a true fan of the raw MCs out here doing this. I vibe with y’all in the front row. But that fake shit, that fraudulent garbage, nah man. F@ck you. We’re takin this thing ransom.”

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