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  • Quiet Dawn – “The First Day” (Release) | @QuietDawnMusic

    Press play on the debut album for French producer Quiet Dawn, which is a 12-track project titled The First Day with multiple features. Throughout listening to the project, you will be taken through a handful of emotions. You will hear features from Oddisee, Miles Bonny, Theory Hazit, Sarah Gessler, Barrio, Majnun, and a couple remixes from both Ohmega Watts and Lil’ Dave. Read a bit more below, and you can head to Bandcamp to either purchase the digital album or vinyl.

    ‘The First Day’ is the debut album from French producer Will Galland, aka Quiet Dawn. Since signing to First Word in 2014, Quiet Dawn has released two singles, ‘New Dawn’ featuring Oddisee (featuring a remix from Eric Lau) and the more recent ‘Golden Moments’ featuring Sarah Gessler. These served as the perfect introduction to QD’s style, with jazz, hip-hop and broken beat influences combined to create something that is very much his own sound.

    ‘The First Day’ is a concept album of sorts, a human journey based on one day – specifically the first day in search of love. This takes in many forms; peaceful familial love (Aurora, Hold Them Close), introspective love (The Trap, Golden Moments) and of course romantic love (Dusk, After Sex). Each track is linked to a specific time of day, taking the listener on a personal trip through time.

    The album highlights Quiet Dawn’s musical philosophy – particularly his desire to share the limelight with fellow musicians and artists. An introverted character as a person, his extroverted side comes out in his musical life. Consequently the album is dotted with collaborations. Miles Bonny, Oddisee, Theory Hazit, Sarah Gessler, Dandy Teru, Barrio and Majnun all add their talents to the album, with QD effortlessly blending their disparate skills with ease.

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  • Nu Vintage – “Blank Canvas” (Release)

    Check out this dope instrumental project from Nu Vintage, which is a 27-track beat tape titled “Blank Canvas”. This collection of instrumentals for is made for every mood you may come across in your day, and it was inspired by the bay area that Nu Vintage calls home. Free listens to this project, and you can either download it for free or via the name-your-price feature over at Bandcamp.

    If you like what you hear, I kindly ask that you share it with fellow music lovers such as yourselves.

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  • The Mixtapers – “Dawg Stroll / Shamanica” (Release) | @ExpansionsColle

    Here’s some new music from The Mixtapers, which is a two track single release for “Dawg Stroll” and “Shamanica”. This is the latest release from the UK’s Expansions Collective, which is a creative collective, record label, and radio show. You can listen to the two funky tracks below, and you can get them for free or via the name-your-price feature over at Bandcamp.

    Hailing from Bologna, Italy, the Mixtapers bring that Future Funk vibe with a Hip Hop edge. They’re a band in the truest sense of the word: There are no Ableton loops here – from the synths to the analogue drum machines – everything is played live.

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  • Sonny Paradise – “Black Marvel x Soul Series x Beat Tape” (Release) | @SonnyParadise7

    Sonny Paradise takes it to the beats on his latest project Black Marvel x Soul Series x Beat Tape. The 12 track release was produced entirely by Sonny P, and he’s no stranger to the drums. You may be able to snag a physical copy if you see him in person. Check it out below.

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  • Slot-A – “1404 Beat Tape” (Release) | @IAMSLOTA

    Michigan to Chicago producer Slot-A just dropped another new project, and 1404 Beat Tape is a project that was made using an MPC 1000 and SP 404. Not only that, he then recorded them live to a 4-Track Cassette recorder. A little nostalgia for your Monday. You can listen below and download the 18-track project for free from Bandcamp.

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  • Alexander Lewis – “7 Day EP” (Release) | @_AlexanderLewis

    How interesting. Here’s yet another 7 Day EP release, but this one is from the talented Alexander Lewis. The project shares seven days worth of emotions and beat ranges, as there is a heavy brass moving track, followed by a rainy day beat, a slew of other moving tracks, and it closes with probably my favorite vibe-filled track in “Jane”. Either way, get your listen on below.

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  • Braeden Bailey – “Seven.” (Release) | @BraedenBailey0

    Check out this new dope production piece from Dallas’ Braeden Bailey, which is properly titled Seven. Braeden worked on this project and decided to make a beat a day for an entire week to get himself out of a beat block, and what you hear below is the result. You can cop this for only three bucks over at Bandcamp.

    I needed to defeat a month of beat block, so I publicly committed myself to making a beat everyday for a week. This is what happened! It was challenging and yet very rewarding. I’m searching to find a new sound, but this is a nice buffer beforehand.

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  • Nagasaki Dirt & Mathaius Young – “Backyard Wrestling Association” (Release) | @nagasakidirt @MathaiusYoung

    Check out a full stream of Nagasaki Dirt and Mathaius Young‘s collaborative Backyard Wrestling Association project, which dropped a couple weeks ago. The project was executive produced by Mathaius Young, and the first track was co-produced by Charles Barron. Listen to the full stream below.

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  • Audio Push – “The Good Vibe Tribe” (Release) | @AudioPush

    Audio Push has just unleashed a 14-track project for 4/20 titled The Good Vibe Tribe, and you can bump it in full right now. If you want to download the songs, you can head to Soundcloud and download each song individually. The project features vocals and production from CoryaYo, G-Eazy, Hit-Boy, Rey Reel, Preston Harris, Mike L, G.Ry, SmokeyGotBeatz, Dot Da Genius, OZ, Fat Trel, Turtle Nojoke, N.No, Seriious, T Clacc, B-Nice, Cairo Mayeson, Cardo, Ducko McFli, Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, HazeBanga, Preach, Isaiah Rashad, Curtis King, and probably others.

    Here is our new project ‘The Good Vibe Tribe’ play it from top to bottom no skips! Don’t disrespect the art. We appreciate every single artist and producer involved in the making of this master piece . We appreciate all the support!

    01 Refugeenius (prod. HazeBanga & Preach)
    02 Bonfire f. G-Eazy (prod. CoryaYo)
    03 Reppin’ (prod. Hit-Boy)
    04 Ask Me (prod. Hit-Boy & Rey Reel)
    05 Mary Jane f. Preston Harris & Mike L (prod. G.Ry) / SixtyOneImpala (prod. SmokeyGotBeatz)
    06 Normally (prod. Hit-Boy & Dot Da Genius)
    07 Reset (prod. OZ)
    08 B.O.W Down f. Fat Trel, Turtle Nojoke, N.No, Seriious, T Clacc & B-Nice (prod. Cairo Mayeson)
    09 Sweep (prod. Hit-Boy & Cardo)
    10 Heavy f. OG Maco (prod. Ducko McFli & HazeBanga)
    11 Take Care (prod. OZ)
    12 Mind-Trap f. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies (prod. Hit-Boy & Preach)
    13 Jumpin’ f. Isaiah Rashad (prod. SmokeyGotBeatz)
    14 Peace Pipe 1.0 (prod. HazeBanga, Curtis King & Preach)

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