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  • Mike Schpitz – “Topeka, High” (Release) | @MikeSchiptz

    Our brethren Mike Schpitz just released his long-awaited Topeka, High album today, which was premiered by DJ Booth. You may have heard a few of this singles in the past few months, as he has songs and production from Fresh, Panama, Pedro Bizz, $av, Stik Figa, ILL Brown, Slot-A, LONEgevity, ThatKidMyself, Maja 7th, and !llmind. Listen to the project in full below, and you can download either from DJ Booth or Audiomack. Mike also has put together some flash dives with his complete discography, so hit him up on Twitter to see how you can get one.

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  • Sirius Blvck & KNags – “Chedda Biscuits” (Release) | @siriusxblvck @knags

    The long-awaited Chedda Biscuits project from Indianapolis’ Sirius Blvck and KNags dropped a couple days ago. The project is 12 tracks in length, and it features FLACO, Indiana Chief, Conway, Pope Adrian Bless, Drayco McCoy, and Ghost Gun Summer. Head over to Bandcamp to purchase the project for $5.

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  • Morpheground – “Fiery Skies · Still Waters” (Release) | @Morpheground

    Italian-born beat maker, Morpheground, lets loose a new 12-track instrumental LP, titled Fiery Skies · Still Waters. Can’t say I’m too familiar with Morpheground, but after getting a few tracks deep on this project, he is clearly a force to be reckoned with. These beats are true hip-hop bangers with a touch of experimental vibes. Purchase the album on Bandcamp or get the tracks “No Self” and “Church (Integrity check)” for free via email.

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  • Screw3000 – “Summer Deep” (Release)

    Check out this dope project from Russia’s Screw3000, which was put out by Melody Soul. There’s a lot of electronic and otherwise smooth goodness on this one. You can purchase the project from Bandcamp via the name-your-price function.

    We are happy to be issuing the “Summer Deep” EP by the incredibly talented producer, Screw3000, based out of Saint Petersburg, Russia. The EP is a fusion of modern-day electronic/nu-jazz with its roots firmly planted in a traditional hip-hop sound & approach that enthusiasts have grown to know and love.

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  • Shungu – “Sun Jazz World” (Release) | @Shungubeatmaker

    Brussels’ ShunGu has recently released a new beat-tape in Sun Jazz World, which is 23-tracks full of sample flips and remixes. Listen the the project in full below, and if you’re digging it you should head over to Bandcamp to purchase – for €10. Go get your listen or raps on.

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  • Knxwledge. – “H​.​S​.​PRT9_” (Release) | @Knxwledge

    Knxwledge has returned with H​.​S​.​PRT9_, the latest beat and remix filled project with his production. You can listen to the project below, and if you head over to Bandcamp you can cop the project for $8.88. Not only can you bump this newness, but Knx’ previous HUD DREEMS is now on vinyl over at Stones Throw. Check that here.

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  • K-Def – Tape Two (Release) | @DJKDEF @REDEFrecords

    Drum machine master, K-Def, has dropped a new batch of perfectly dusty beats from his library, simply titled Tape Two. While many contemporary rappers and producers are reverting to a 90’s boom-bap style, these beats were actually made during that special time in hip-hop, so there’s no faking the funk on this one. Check out the release on Bandcamp, where it is also available for purchase on cassette and vinyl.

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  • TEK.LUN – “The Crusade EP” (Release) | @tekdotlun

    Baltimore native and Huh What & Where (HW&W) label member, TEK.LUN, recently dropped his latest collection of instrumentals in the form of The Crusade EP. The eight track release shows TEK.LUN’s range and creativity as a producer. Beats like “Consequences” meld elements of house and trap, while “Live Out Your Life” and “Plum W Drew” show his knack for head-nod, downtempo-esque beats. Check out the release on TEK’s Soundcloud or purchase for $1 on Bandcamp.

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  • Chuck Maloney – “Finding A Better Ending” (Release) | @gaika_maloney

    Take a listen to Cape Town, South Africa to Los Angeles artist Chuck Maloney, as he just recently released a 10-track project titled Finding A Better Ending. The project features production from Brian O’Haze Nkosi and Bruno PhaRo van Dycke, bass by Sam Tiger, and features Jazz Elise, Anneliese Cher, and Brian O’Haze on vocals throughout the album. I don’t see a place to download or purchase the project, but you can check out his website for more information.

    A Klerksdorp born, Cape Town raised, 23 year-old South Afican Rapper/producer based in Los Angeles, California. He has been writing and producing music since age, 14. After dropping out of film school in 2011, he moved to LA and a year later put out his first official mixtape, titled: When Summer Ends, under the moniker, Dusty Chucks. Potholes and other blogs covered the video for a song off of the tape, titled, “For Dilla” Dir by: H5C. Since then he took two years to live, change and developed as a man and an artist.

    As a result he changed his name to Chuck Maloney and, with his in house production team, known as “KODE”, created this honest & novel piece. We hope you enjoy it.

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