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  • Aru-2 – “Milky” (Release)

    Aru-2 just dropped his latest project, a new beat tape titled Milky that features 11 instrumentals. He has a handful of different merchandise options, so make sure to head over to his Bandcamp page to get the cassette, CD, or digital album. Bump the release in full below.

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  • Cyber$pacePimp – “Cyber$pace” (Release) | @cyberspacepimp

    Cyber$pacePimp is on a mission to bring out some new sounds the likes of Indianapolis hasn’t heard yet with Cyber$pace. Although this is his first EP, he has plans to drop another project at the end of July this year. He brought with a cornucopia of producers for the EP as well featuring XGod.Lifex, Myself, DJ Smokey, Zilla & Stesoul.

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  • Sam Reed – “This Is Love” (Release) | @samreedrva @DJHarrisonRVA @JellowstoneRVA

    Richmond, Virginia native, Sam Reed, has dropped her debut album, titled This Is Love, which is produced by Jellowstone Records label co-founder, DJ Harrison. The album is a strong debut that runs the gamut sonically in both production styles and vocally. The production spans from free-jazz to funk to hard rock style guitars, while Reed shows vocal range in the forms of spoken word, smooth R&B ballads, and powerful rock-esq anthems. With a recent co-sign from Questlove, DJ Harrison has turned heads seemingly overnight. Expect Sam Reed and fellow Jellowstone members to gain similar credibility very soon. If you’re not up to speed with either of these artists, now’s the time to get familiar. Stream and purchase the album on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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  • Georgia Anne Muldrow – “A Thoughtiverse Unmarred” (Release) | @JahJahMuldrow

    The multi-talented Georgia Anne Muldrow has officially unleashed A Thoughtiverse Unmarred, her first rap album entirely produced by Chris Keys. The 12-track project has no features other than Declaime and MP Is Free, and is a great soundscape I highly suggest listening to. You can read a bit more and stream below, and after you dig that go ahead and head over to Bandcamp (or iTunes) to purchase the digital album.

    Past is prologue. The sins of the father are visited on sons and daughters. The madness of the world only abates when you stop the cycle—when you seek something beyond the mono-cultural and the corporeal.

    Georgia Anne Muldrow is a seeker and truth-teller. The words on her first rap album—produced entirely by Chris Keys—balance a beautiful delivery with brutal honesty. These are the honest confessions of a mother who refuses to turn a blind eye to immediate and ancestral misdeeds. Her rhymes are conscious, but more importantly, they speak to our deeper conscience.

    The prophetic soul artist offers a singular voice, yet belongs to a storied lineage. Listening to this record, you can hear the echoes of past oracles: Billie Holiday, Alice Coltrane, Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill. But the wisdom and narrative reflect Muldrow’s most personal revelations.

    From the album’s inception, we find her analyzing the patterns of her life in the constellations, rambling down dusty trails, pledging to jot down these crystalline thoughts in her mind as a north star for the misguided youth. She holds her head high, not in the vein of superiority, but as someone who “used to roam wild on a one-way street.”

    The evils of the world are given no quarter. She indicts corporate thugs and warmongers, the shamelessly materialistic and musicians who refuse to offer a modicum of substance. Her motivation isn’t to brow beat, but to challenge you to do better—it’s the type of record that can trigger resolutions on any day of the year. It’s a document of racial solidarity and pride, but one that offers an olive branch to anyone down for the cause.

    The beats are dusty and suffused with warmth so overwhelming it practically radiates Vitamin D. The gritty drums and hypnotic loops are minimal enough to let Muldrow’s mineral-rich voice fill in the gaps. There’s a timelessness in it’s questioning of age-old human problems, yet it tailors the inquiries towards the issues we currently grapple with on a diurnal basis.

    Muldrow uses music as a vessel to inspire hope and propel people towards a better future. Beyond identifying worldly inequities, this record details one woman’s quest to improve things for herself, her children, and everyone else. It’s about finding universal truths, while staying true to one’s essence—transcending the hate and slowly starting to heal.

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  • LARRYBERRY – “Weed Brownies” (Release) | @_Goldie_lxcks

    Naptown’s LARRYBERRY dropped his first project, Weed Brownies, with assistance from a slew of featured guests and Benjy Beats working the production. The up and coming emcee has finally turned his hobby into a career.

    I love making music and make music for myself, but also for my friends and strangers to smoke to or turn up to.

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  • Nightsons – “#MonstersWeGotEm” (Release) | @nightsons

    The Nightsons have returned with their latest release, a four-track project that features Chuck Mason, Tony Styx, Son-One, and Tex Message titled #MonstersWeGotEm. The entire project was produced by Soul Cinematick with additional production from Shadowkat and Warren “Three V” Harris, and the it’s sponsored by B-Swift. Listen to the entire project below, and you can download it from Nightson’s website.

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  • Golden Moses – “Numnuts” (Release)

    Out now on Holy Infinite Freedom Revival, check out this mostly instrumental release,titled Numnuts, from Golden Moses. You can read more about the miracle of sound below, and get the cassette before it disappears!

    The incredible, sensational, all-in-one MIRACLE HEALING PRODUCT known throughout all space/time for its transdimensional life-altering powers – “NUMNUTS” – is now yours forever to cherish and share, but only available for a limited time. The time is now and the secret is yours to use as you see fit.


    Be healed (!) and give healing (!) and receive “NUMNUTS” into your life today. It is yours at no cost unless you desire to give something back. Share “NUMNUTS” with the wandering masses and find the love of the universe waiting patiently in the hearts of your fellow earthly creatures.


    This legendary product will vanish from our dimension on or around MAY 20, 2015, so acquire it while you can. And PLEASE pass it on to all who may need it, if you are willing to spread your love for “NUMNUTS” in the same way you have received it on this day.

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  • J-Rell – “#1BeatADay” (Release) | @thej_rell

    Chicago’s J-Rell has just recently released a new beat tape, titled #1BeatADay, and if you purchase the project you also get the drums he used for each track. Call it the deluxe edition. Listen to the beat tape below, and you can purchase the goods from Bandcamp.

    For the past 10 days, DJ/Producer J-Rell has released 1 instrumental per day via his Soundcloud page. Each beat being inspired by his environment, be it his home studio or the Mexico sunrise. Today he drops the Deluxe Edition which contains ALL 10 Instrumentals, the
    Drum-Kits used in each beat, & 2 BONUS Instrumentals.

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  • Con & Michael Franco – “she” (Release) | @minthemiddle @MPFranco

    Emcee Con and producer Michael Franco have come together to drop a collaborative project titled she, which is an eight-track EP. Franco actually played a crazy dope set at one of our Writer’s Block events around a year ago (I’ve added a video we shot below), and Con is a part of MME. You can listen to the project in full below, and purchase or download it from Bandcamp. They also have CD’s available for $10. #Midwest

    #WritersBlock @mpfranco

    A video posted by Bringing Down The Band (@bdtband) on

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