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    Zion I “Libations” Release | @ZionI

    Check out Zion-I‘s second EP of 2014 in Libations, a six-song mix of sounds from Zumbi and Amp Live. More information on their release below, and if you head to SoundCloud you can download each song individually for the time being.

    On the heels of the very boom bap oriented “Masters of Ceremony” EP, Zion I drops “Libations” the reflective 2nd installment of their 3 part series. “This project was heavily influenced by one of my best friends passing away suddenly”, states Zumbi, “His death put me in a mood to really analyze my life and how short this existence really can be. It opened my eyes and heart to both the ugliness and beauty of what we experience while alive.” Hence, “Libations” broods with reflection and deep emotion. “To me, libation is when you honor someone by pouring out your brew before you sip, its a sort of prayer. On this EP, I poured out some liquor for my homie, as well as my family, and myself” shares Zumbi. The EP features production from AmpLive, Headnodic, and newcomer Featherload. It also has veteran MC’s Mr Lif, Sadat X, and Opio featured prominently amongst others. Now ease back, and sip some of this heady wine from the Zion I cup.

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    Joe Harvey x WhoisLouis “The Joe Louis EP” Release | @ProformJoe @WhoisLouisMusic

    A couple Naptown vets, Joe Harvey (Proforms/Twilight Sentinels) and WhoisLouis (Audio Recon), have collided together for the Joe Louis EP. The project features Joe’s production and WhoisLouis’ rhymes on a powerful showcase of boom, bap and rhymes. There are some really dope joints on this one. “Let It Ride” and “Now Raw Kings” are two of my favorites. DJ Spoolz provides cuts on a few tracks, and there are vocal features from long time collaborators Yeti-One and Eratic. Free!

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    Sons of the Sweet Potato “Awakening Exp.02″ Release

    Sons of the Sweet Potato (SSP) is a new series and project from Taiwan that explores all kinds of vibes, and “twist emotional and birth viberation for your soul.” If you enjoy this album, be sure to check out the artists.

    1. DJ Sapien – A Daughter’s Son 02:40
    2. DJ Sapien – Time and Tide 02:01
    3. Luviia – LongRoad 02:19
    4. Luviia – MarchingIndaStreet 02:03
    5. Long Nek – Fadin’ 08:20
    6. Long Nek – Deep Desire 07:46
    7. Conehead – Absense 03:22
    8. Conehead – Pendulum 02:58
    9. YellaTee – Shinning-Willie Nelson 03:39
    10. YellaTee – Dreamlover 02:35
    11. D​.​J. Kool Klone – 20 Dollars In My Pocket 01:34
    12. D​.​J. Kool Klone – Novus Ordo Seclorum 01:38
    13. GoodieK – Home 04:16
    14. GoodieK – Moonlight Serenade 02:53

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    Apollo Brown “Cigarette Burns” Release | @ApolloBrown

    Check some newness that dropped last week from Detroit’s Apollo Brown. His new album hits stores on April 29th.

    Two weeks from today Detroit producer Apollo Brown will be releasing his newest instrumental soundtrack Thirty Eight. The sound falls somewhere between the end of 70s heroin and the beginning of 80s crack, with all the cigarette burns and scratches intact. The technicolor journey begins today with a three track collection of instrumentals from the project that Apollo has titled Cigarette Burns EP.

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    IAMNOBODI “Snapshots From Berlin” Release | @IAMNOBODI @jakartarecords

    This is a unique and great way to release an album. Check the grooves and the info on IAMNOBODI‘s latest release, Snapshots From Berlin.

    250 copies on numbered vinyl, each with a unique polaroid taken in the streets of the city that inspired the release. 250 copies, 250 different covers. All polaroids, signed, commented and/or painted on by IAMNOBODI. Trust us, this took more then one night to put together.

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    Moonchild “Please Rewind” Release | @thisismoonchild

    Welcome to Record Store Day! We celebrate music every day here at BDTB though, so check out this new release from Moonchild. Ten tracks of jazzy, groovy goodness.

    Amber Navran: Vocals, Tenor Saxophone, Whistling
    Andris Mattson: Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Production
    Max Bryk: Alto Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Production

    Tracks #1, 4, 5, 7
    Michelle Tseng-Violin
    Nora Germain- Violin
    Bryan Gonzalez- Viola
    Karen Hall- Cello

    Tracks #4,7,10
    Aija Mattson- French Horn

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