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  • ZRO FOX (ProbCause x Psalm One) “ZRO FOX” Release | @ProbCause @PsalmOne

    Chicago’s ProbCause and Hologram Kizzie (also known as Psalm One for those following along) have teamed up to form ZRO FOX, and they dropped a five-track project with it. The project was handled production wise by Wes P and Drew Mantia. Get your bumpage on below. Check more info at Bonayde Media.

    ProbCause and Hologram Kizzie (aka Psalm One) have been working together quietly since 2008. Having musician friends in the same circles made it inevitable. They’ve created a steady collection of songs that flirt with so many different genres. After collaborating on the ProbCause releases The Recipe 1 & 2 and Hologram Kizzie’s album Hug Life, they pretty much solidified the need to do an entire project together. Enter ZRO FOX.

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  • Flako “Kuko” Release | @natureboytweets

    Flako just released this dope maxi-single titled Kuko, which is four tracks of creative soundscaping. Listen and read a bit below, and you can purchase from this link here.

    Having last appeared on Five Easy Pieces in 2012 with the Eclosure EP, Kuku is the long- awaited new release from London-based producer Dario Rojo Guerra also known as Flako. Following two collaborations with Fatima on her Eglo Records debut album Yellow Memories, Kuku is both Guerra’s first solo release in two years and the first single to be taken from his forthcoming debut album, Natureboy. Featuring two tracks from Natureboy and two productions exclusive to this release, Kuku sees him continue to build on the uncanny natural world created on Eclosure, with a mixture of recorded instrumentation, synthesizers and vocals exploring the theme of balance key to Natureboy.

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  • Klaus Layer “Restless Adventures” Release | @REDEFrecords

    Beat maker Klaus Layer just recently dropped a new project with Redefinition Records, and it’s a 10-track boom-bap filled jam with spacious samples. Purchase for $7 from Bandcamp.

    Klaus’ fascination with antique bizarreness and the surreal grants his work a unique and instantly recognizable personality that transcends his inspirations. It’s a sound that demands and rewards repeat listens.

    On Restless Adventures, the beloved East Coast aesthetic of his influences are inverted somewhat with what seems to be a preoccupation with the sublimity of the organic green world. The effects are minute, subtle, and highly effectual. The ambient sounds of nature that Klaus organically weaves between layers of snappy drums and warped samples could be described as both psychedelic and organic … unfamiliar, yet strangely comforting.

    Kudos to Klaus for delivering a brave and experimental album to be enjoyed on numerous levels; it swings right for Hip-Hop heads, has layers of exotic instrumentation on top, and potentially something else in-between for listeners who like to look for narratives in their music. Perhaps most impressively, it does all of this a lot more cohesively than the title would have you think. The (Restless) Adventures of Captain Crook continue.

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  • Jay Prince “BeFor Our Time” Release | @JayPrince

    Here’s a new release from London’s Jay Prince, a nine-track project titled BeFor Our Time. You can get this project from either Bandcamp or his website.

    Be For:

    There are two definitions to this EP, the first being literally being “for our time”. In the current era of musicians, like myself from London, people tend crave and look to the states for answers and are quick to criticise the music from our own home. Some may disagree – but I speak from experience. This EP is the project that demonstrates there is hope where we’re from and where I’ve come from and we should unite in that. We all have a story to tell. This project is about Truth, Love and Passion.


    The second meaning of this project is its nostalgic presence. This being a story telling project, it is filled with reflecting on situations and life experiences. The whole theme sonically is driven by reminiscence; I wanted to bring the same feeling or something close to the feeling, you felt when Hip Hop was at its peak of greatness and what is said actually meant something. I was born in 1993, and with this project I wanted to give people that same feeling of when music and Hip Hop was appreciated and respected by the masses in the 90’s, and bring that feeling back to my home city and the world.

    Yoko – Prod. Jay Prince
    I’m Good – Prod. Jay Prince
    Polaroids – Prod. Jay Prince
    Cruisin – Prod. Mozaic
    1993 – Prod. Jay Prince
    4U – Prod. IAMNOBODI /Lately – Prod. Jay Prince
    All You – Prod. Jordan James
    The Trip – Prod.IAMNOBODI
    Feel It – Prod. IAMNOBODI add prod. Jay Prince

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  • Iman Omari “Higher-Loops” Release | @IamImanOmari

    The talented Iman Omari just dropped an eight-track instrumental and otherwise reflip-like groovy project, titled Higher-Loops. You can purchase for $6.50 from Bandcamp.

    “I have all this great stuff and, just because there’s a problem with one [streaming] service or another doesn’t mean the people stop wanting it. So I give them what they ask me about, as much as I can anyway.”What do you think?

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  • Kaligraph E “Kaligraphics Vol. II” Release | @KaligraphE

    Here’s a beat tape that Melbourne’s Kaligraph E put together back in December, which is a compilation of some beats from the two previous years. Go ahead and listen to Kaligraphics Vol. II below, and if you’re digging it you can add it to your archive by downloading from Bandcamp.

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  • KEYS “Welcome Home” Release | @frank_keys

    We got this submission from New Zealand’s KEYS, which is a dope smooth beat-instrumental tape titled Welcome Home. He described this release as all of his “last years musical/life experiences crammed into a 6 track compilation.” Lots of dope beat vibes on this one. Press play below, and you can purchase the project for four bucks at Bandcamp.

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