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    C.Shreve The Professor “Summer Ransom” Release | @seeshreve @FreeTheOptimus

    NC’s C.Shreve The Professor just recently unleashed his Summer Ransom project, and you can stream the entire release below. Go and donate some money, or cop the physical product, from his Bandcamp page. Name your price. Lots of great grooves.

    Recorded in 2014 between April and July, Summer Ransom is the 10th full length release from Chris Shreve’s brainchild Free the Optimus. Mixing a number of tried and true FTO soundscape architects (ILe Flottante, Shep Bryan, Handbook, P.U.R.P.) along with plenty of new connections (Whokairs?, Soul Monk, Dylan Guye) makes for what feels like a new classic in what is already a deep underground catalog. The Professor anchors all 18 tracks with features from Mike L!VE, DJ Jet, Jrusalam, Tuscon, Martin Snoddy and Trapbo’ Chad. The album was mixed and mastered by Whokairs? at his studio in Asheville, NC.

    C.Shreve describes Summer Ransom as follows:
    “A new chapter in the same running dialogue. To Free the Optimus means to unlock your absolute best potential. This FTO installment is both the summer version and the ransom version. I was born in the summer–I want my time. We all want that. I’m claimin mine on some Seinfeld summer of George shit. This is an MC’s album. For rappers of all kinds, I want you to listen and feel some type of way. You either gon say go get em, or feel like i’m questioning your dopeness. And I am. If the shoe fits, y’all should wear it. I’m a true fan of the raw MCs out here doing this. I vibe with y’all in the front row. But that fake shit, that fraudulent garbage, nah man. F@ck you. We’re takin this thing ransom.”

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    Ajani NaNaBuluku “Ogun Speaks: The Mixtape” Release

    With a mixture of some of his favorite instrumentals and customized remixes, become introduced to Atlanta’s Ajani NaNabuluku. I’ll let him speak on his project below.

    Album photo: Circa 2000 and somethin, my memory’s failing me as I reach this old age (of 20)

    I’d like to give yall this last gem of the summer. Some of the material/concepts within this tape have ranged from 3 months to half a year old. Updated and tweaked numerously cause said artist insanely strives to reach that unattainable realm of perfection (even now as he types, he’s writing songs for new joints he’s been making this summer.

    Consisting of instrumentals from songs I’ve had stuck in my head/fav producers and mixing genres of rap and R&B.

    Lastly, in a nutshell, this is like my extreme thank you for the positive feedback and reception I got for my moderation concert last school year ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=g52OIVmlt-s, 3 months later and it still shocks how I pulled this off), as an artist it is my duty to supply that fye’ (fire) that is music and always improve. I hope you take your time to listen and enjoy. And see yall in the future.

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    Mick Jenkins “The Water[s]” Release | @FreeMickJenkins

    After really sitting down and listening to some of Mick Jenkins‘ music last week, I instantly got excited about his new project, “The Water[s].”  Dude is positioned to make a lot of noise, especially after aligning with Cinematic Music Group.   Definitely check out the new project and expect hear a lot more from Mick.

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    BDTB Presents: Writer’s Block Beat Tape “Volume 2″ Release

    Now I normally only share beats and beat projects on Sunday, but this project is now available to all. As with all of our beat tapes through our Writer’s Block series, this one is free for download. If you want an exclusive physical copy of this, we have them available – kind of. If you purchase the new Drums Bang Producer Beat Box for August 2014, you will get this project along with over $100+ worth of gear aimed for producers. Drum kits, samples, beat tapes, music, gear, discounts, and more! This project is brought to you buy us at BDTB, Drums Bang and Deckademics DJ School.

    1. DVient – Thin Line 02:28
    2. Cheyne Queezy – Fragile 01:40
    3. Mr. Kinetik – Summer Bop 03:08
    4. LONEgevity – Ubuntu 04:38
    5. Maja 7th – Four 01:41
    6. Mvstermind – Cutlass 422 04:51
    7. Keith D – E.T 01:58
    8. Rise Sovereign – The Remedy 03:34
    9. Harry Otaku – Fever 02:27
    10. The Mefadone Klinik – 277 05:42

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    Bmbu “C.R.A.T.E” Release | @Bmbuwest

    Press play on the latest project from Bmbu below. Name your price for the project over at Bandcamp.

    John Michael Alsace (born 1989 in Santiago, Dominican Republic), aka Bmbu, is an American Hip-Hop Producer currently based out of Philadelphia, PA. He released three free solo instrumental EP’s in 2013, “Elevator Music”, “Unheard”, and “The Language That You Dream In”. His latest album, “reBuilder” was released March 10th, 2014.

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