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  • A-F-R-O – “Tales From The Basement” (Release) | @afro_allflows

    We shared about A-F-R-O about a month and change ago, and here in the last week he has released his Tales From The Basement project. This project finds the 18-year-old Cali spitter blessing a host of classic instrumentals with his otherworldly flows and razor-sharp rhymes.

    Stream Tales From The Basement below, and download the mixtape for free.

    1. Activated Trap Locks (produced by DOOM)
    2. Animal Kingdom (produced by Inspectah Deck)
    3. Code #829 (produced by RZA)
    4. Infantry (produced by Havoc)
    5. Scared Stupid (produced by Bruce Arntson & Kirby Shelstad)
    6. Dark Energy (produced by Que & Ninja B)
    7. Razor Blade Rhymes (produced by Mathematics)

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  • Mr. Kinetik – “Highlands Strolls” (Release) | @MrKinetik

    If you’ve been out to one of the JBBL matches in past few months you’ve seen Mr. Kinetik showcasing his sounds. Well, the producer-on-the-mic just dropped a new beat tape that consists of some of the tracks he’s played so far. Listen to Highlands Strolls below, and add it to your musical archive by heading to Bandcamp.

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  • HLMNSRA – “D R A F T S” (Release) | @hellomynameisra

    Normally I don’t share drafts and pieces of work that aren’t finished, but this is pretty dope. UK beatsmith HLMNSRA recently put out “D R A F T S”, and it’s an evolving release of songs and instrumentals. It’s not your typical “draft” – it’s a production idea that could be changed later but already has lots of stuff going on. Some tracks feature the voice of Fride. Listen below and purchase for £1 from Bandcamp.

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  • Thelonious Martin – “Dusty Cartridges 2” (Release) | @KingThelonious

    Thelonious Martin just liberated his Dusty Cartidges 2 compilation, which is a 20-track playlist of songs and remixes from the Chicago producer. There are actually remixes, originals, and instrumentals on this one. Bump below and download from Mediafire.

    01. BKLYN Feat. Hodgy Beats
    02. Flamingo
    03. Homme Is Real Feat. Ev4n Holt
    04. I Know Feat. Jay Z
    05. Animated
    06. Not A Pimp Though Feat. Xuice Hades
    07. For Dill Withers
    08. Miami Nights Feat. Moruf & Topaz Jones
    09. The Fire (Reprise) Feat. Topaz Jones & D Dand
    10. Show Me Around Feat. Theo Martins
    11. 20 Walk In Closets Feat. $AINT ROS$
    12. Move That Dope feat. Future, Pusha T & Pharrell
    14. Commas Bootleg Feat. Future
    15. Won’t Last Feat. Volition
    16. PRPWNDRRMX Feat. Towkio & Joey Purp
    17. WRIST (RMX) Feat. Father, Makonnen, & Key!
    18. 0 100 RMX Feat. Drake
    19. NoBellsRMX Feat. Cousin Stizz
    20. Decades Feat. Sylvan Lacue

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  • Hezekiah – “Still Waiting…” (Release) | @hezekiah3rd

    Hezekiah newly released Still Waiting… is the 10 year Anniversary remix album of his critically acclaimed 2005 release, Hurry Up and Wait. Get in on this one below.

    As Hezekiah dug through old boxes, he began to realize he actually had a full album worth of remixes and unreleased songs from this time period. Sometimes it pays off to be a workaholic. This album features Santigold, Bahamadia, Scratch of The Roots, Son Little, Chief Kamachi, Grand Agent, Keziah, and Richard Raw.

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  • Versis – “Copæsthetic” (Release) | @thisisversis

    Copæsthetic is the newest project from LA’s Versis, which is a dope nine-track set of songs you should dig. The project is a mixture of instrumental vibes, raps, and other great things. Listen below, cop from Bandcamp for seven bucks, and check out the credits as well. I’ve listed those below as well as a video on the backstory.

    produced by me

    “complacent Pl.”
    produced by me

    “rain on a Sunday”
    produced by t. hemingway
    he sent me the stems & i messed w/ a few things
    additional vocals by nonchalant savant & kid a

    produced by t. hemingway
    he sent me the stems & i messed w/ a few things
    additional vocals by kid a
    scratches by kay wil

    produced by 4real & t. hemingway
    additional vocals by zeroh

    “Love Is.”
    produced by 4real
    he sent stems & i messed w/ a few things

    produced by me
    made shorter than the original version in good taste by swarvy

    produced by me
    made shorter than the original version in good taste by swarvy

    “What’s the use of being here if you ain’t here right nao?”
    produced by me
    made shorter than the original version in good taste by swarvy
    last verse is zeroh

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  • Rapper Big Pooh x Nottz – “Home Sweet Home” (Release) | @RapperBigPooh @NottzRaw

    A couple talented fellas from the VA and NC area, Rapper Big Pooh and producer/emcee Nottz, have joined together for Home Sweet Home. The project has only a few features, from Jared Evan, Novej, Kenneth Whalum III, and Eric “Blakk Soul” Keith. Listen and read more about their project below. Cop from Bandcamp.

    This is soul food, an audible feast, a form of mental science, and a collection of memories reminding you why you first loved hip-hop. It’s Home Sweet Home, the collaborative album from rapper Big Pooh and Nottz: 13 slabs of soulful music and superb bars, released on Mello Music Group.

    If “comfort food” is often invoked as a negative cliché, this contradicts that notion. As Chris Rock once said, “cornbread, there’s nothing wrong with that.” And Virginia’s Pooh and Nottz have slow-roasted a home-cooked Sunday dinner with extra butter.

    Listen to “Welcome Home,” where Pooh paints the picture, “momma cooking up collard greens, fried chicken, macaroni, yams…you know the menu.” We see his brother firing up the grill, and his nieces and nephews playing in the yard.

    It’s a much-needed respite from the falsehoods and conflicted identities wandering around outside. If you miss songs like Kanye’s “Family Business” or Goodie Mobb’s “Soul Food,” your only option is to press play.

    “I’m most proud about how precise we kept it,” Rapper Big Pooh says. “It’s an album that moves, glides in and out of songs, from one to the next. The topics are precise, the music thumps, and the length provides instant replay value.”

    But it’s about power as much as precision. Pooh keeps a pragmatic balance between the sphere of family and friends, and the realities of the cold world. It’s immensely relatable rap about having too many debts on the credit card, trying to make diamonds of out coal, and not being able to afford to eat for days on end.

    Behind the boards, the two-time Grammy Award winning producer, Nottz annexes a form of boom-bap that hadn’t yet been discovered. It’s what you’d imagine Gang Starr would sound like if they came out in 2015: fueled by battering ram drums and orchestral loops, beatific gospel and raw sinister slaps. It’s not hard to tell why he’s been a go-to producer for Kanye, Snoop Dogg, and Scarface — or why 9th Wonder once called Nottz, “the best beatmaker on earth.”

    It’s the second triumph this year for Pooh, whose previous Mello canvas, Words Paint Pictures, dropped this spring—with production courtesy of Apollo Brown. This round, Pooh is tapping into the deep ancestral consciousness that gives us our identity.

    This is an album to remind you of what you left and where you’re going. Home Sweet Home proves that you can go home again, but you’ll meet both the good and the band. The feeling of being around those you love, and the cousins asking to borrow money. Life in all its forms. Dig in.

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  • Awon x Phoniks – “Knowledge of Self” (Release) | @awon1988 @hookedonphonikz

    Awon and Phoniks just recently dropped their second project, Knowledge of Self, back in late October. The duo featured ADaD, NorCal Nick, Hex One, Dephlow, Rodney The Soul Singer, and Ivan Ave. Listen and read a bit more below, and purchase from Bandcamp. They have various merchandising options available for you.

    “Knowledge of Self” is the 2nd official offering from hip-hop duo Awon & Phoniks. Coming over 2 years after releasing their debut album “Return to the Golden Era” in Summer of 2013, the Newport News, VA emcee and Portland, ME producer have been working diligently on their follow-up. While the debut LP was a throwback to 90’s hip-hop in every sense, with lyrics focusing on Awon’s troubled youth and tales of street grandeur, their 2nd LP sees the group maintain their signature sound while refining things both musically and lyrically. This time Awon is speaking from the present, educating youth on tracks like ‘Reflections’ and speaking on current social climates in ‘Summer Madness’ and ‘Profit Off My Pain’. He has adapted his rhymes to more relevant topics while keeping his all-natural flow groove-locked in the pocket.

    The duo also capitalized on the networking opportunities their first LP provided, collaborating with a multitude of talented artists from all over the globe such as Oslo’s Ivan Ave and London’s Heeni. Phoniks shows his maturation as a producer on tracks like the trunk rattling ‘Do They Really Love You’ and ‘Be Real With It’ featuring jazzy piano chops, subtly layered samples and off-beat, un-quantized rhythms. While the debut LP was crafted with the artists in isolation, recording and emailing each other from their respective bedroom studios, “Knowledge Of Self” was made possible by traveling across the east coast and working together in state of the art recording facilities. The tracks are given a warm punch from being recorded through top notch microphones and preamps and bounced down to analog tapes. Across it’s 13-tracks, Awon & Phoniks make their best case at providing fans with one of the most well-rounded, impactful hip-hop projects of 2015. Not only have they returned to the Golden Era, but this time they have done it with a seasoned wisdom. Knowledge Reigns Supreme.

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  • A.R.K. – “Trials, Tribulations, Triumph!” (Release) | @ThePackageDC

    Listen to this full-length from Washington, DC’s A.R.K., as the hip hop trio has recently dropped Trials, Tribulations, Triumph in early August. Aside from their full-length below, you need to press play on the bouncy “Not Cool” video above, which was one of my favorites from their album. You can purchase the project today from Bandcamp.

    A.R.K. represents the combination of three veterans of the HipHop scene in the greater Washington DC area. Noyeek the Grizzly Bear (Grizz), as a member of his original group Gifted Ingenuity, was one of the first Virginia area HipHop artists to sign a major label recording deal, with Mercury Records. Theory, as a member of his original group Live Society, was one of the first DC Hip-­Hop artists to receive national media attention, when Live Society was selected for recognition in the Unsigned Hype column in The Source in the early 90’s. as the All three came together as part of the legendary DC underground collective Infinite Loop, founded by group member Dimensions (Dimes). Dimes was formerly in a group with stic.man (of iconic conscious rap group dead prez) when both men lived in Tallahassee, Florida. He also a member of the duo Organic Symmetry in DC. After years of blazing trails on the DC underground separately, the three members of A.R.K. (formerly The Package) decided to combine forces once again. Within a few months of the completion of their debut album, New Golden Era, they discovered that their lead single, “Making Waves” had made an incredible breakthrough, receiving regular spins at the late night mix show of Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97, who became an instant fan of the song. After solo releases from Dimensions, Noyeek and Theory, A.R.K. is back at it with “Trials, Tribulations, TRIUMPH” a dope new collection of songs that speaks to the soul and moves the body.

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