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    Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E5: “Must Be” ft. WhoisLouis & Ace One | @beatsxbreakfast

    We’ve entered the halfway point for Season 2 of our Beats & Breakfast series with Skittz and LONEgevity today. This week we invited WhoisLouis over, and he was joined by Ace One and Gritts (although Gritts didn’t contribute musically). The episode is full of production clips, cereal day, Cut Camp plugs, talk about the J. Brookinz Beat Battle last year, and various other interesting clips. The song is pretty dope too. Video above and song and credits below. Enjoy!

    “Get Back” Credits:
    Verses: WhoisLouis, Skittz, LONEgevity
    Chorus: Ace One
    Production: LONEgevity, WhoisLouis
    Video: TR & Kato

    Purchase “Must Be” Below:

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    Sango “Tell Me One Thing” | @SangoBeats

    Sango returned last week with a brand new instrumental, titled “Tell Me One Thing,” which comes aside an announcement of a short tour run with Waldo. The Finally Tour will hit Detroit, Chicago, Vancouver and Santa Monica in late May. Dates and new tune are below!

    5/22 – Detroit, MI
    5/23 – Chicago, IL
    5/24 – Vancouver, BC
    5/25 – Santa Monica, CA

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  • Ab “45 Series, Vol. 2″ Release | @abmusic

    Cleveland’s Ab returned recently with the second part of his 45 series, featuring two new cuts “In Love” and “Near.” Read a bit more below and download this volume from his website here.

    Paying homage to the classic 7-inch record culture, the 45 series takes you back to an era where love and happiness were constantly on display. On Vol. II Ab continues this tradition as he tells the story of being in love with his woman and shows his willingness to give her the keys to unlock all of his internal possessions. The A-Side ballad “In Love” is a beautiful composition filled with an array of different instruments reminiscent of classic 70s funk band Earth, Wind, and Fire. On the dreamy B-side record “Near”, his soulful lead focuses on her acceptance of his love and he expresses his thankfulness for her longing to be close to him.

    “I’m more than certain that the everyday interaction that I witnessed between my parents created the foundation for the type of love I long to possess with someone,” said Ab. “What’s interesting today is the belief that this type of love that we all truly want is foreign. Those beliefs have led to settling for relationships we don’t want. Just like my father’s record player was my soul alarm clock, waking me up to a home filled with endless possibilities of love, I have a tremendous hope that this music will wake up people’s souls in our generation to believe that this type of love isn’t just a love of the past.”

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    J. Slikk ft. R.O.E. “Lady” | @TheRealJSlikk @RisingOverEnvy

    Check out this smooth track from producer J. Slikk‘s upcoming Fifty Shades of Jay project. Very bump worthy. More info below.

    After a two year hiatus, J.Slikk has resurfaced with the first single off his upcoming project, Fifty Shades of Jay. During his time off, Slikk has produced and collaborated with artists from all over the world in prep for his forthcoming release. The first single, Lady, is an ode to a beautiful lady perfectly narrated by fellow collaborator and Chicago emcee, R.O.E. On J.Slikk’s newest effort, you can expect the ultimate blend of well weaved production and tightly written lyrics. Most importantly, you can expect your ears to be fully satisfied.

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