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  • Hezekiah – “Let’s Network” (Video) & “Dreams Don’t Chase Themselves” (Release) | @hezekiah3rd

    Hezekiah recently released a project titled Dreams Don’t Chase Themselves in February, and this short video and 10-minute short film recently dropped in promotion for the project. I’ve added the short film and deluxe version of the project below in case you haven’t listened. The deluxe version includes bonus Jazz Deluxe instrumentals.

    Hezekiah “Dreams Don’t Chase Themselves” LP which features a short film + Jazz Deluxe Instrumentals. Hez continues to push the Culture forward. Release date FEB 10 2015.
    Producer/Emcee/singer Hezekiah, known for his soul-searching lyricism and panaromic hip hop soul productions for artists like Bilal, Bahamadia, Zap Mama, Musiq Soulchild, Eric Roberson and more…. artists, Hezekiah debut of his 2005 cult classic, Hurry Up and Wait(SoulSpazm), and I Predict A Riot (Rawkus), named by AllMusic .com as one of their favorite “Hip Hop Albums of 2007.” and how can we forget 2010 Conscious Porn. With siren talents like Talib Kweli, Raheem Devouahn, Bahamadia, and Cody Chesnutt. The past few year Hezekiah has produced, song wrote and feature for some of your favorite artist and took the time to develop his rock band JOHNNY POPCORN. So here we are 2015 finally a new Full Hip Hop album from Hezekiah intitled DREAMS DONT CHASE THEMSELVES.

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  • MacGuyver – Intermission (Produced by DJ J-Scrilla) | @DMVMacguyver @scrillaventura

    Maryland’s MacGuyver, not to be confused with the crafty man with a paper clip, recently sent us a track called “Intermission”. The rapper, singer, and songwriter talks about some modern day issues over a soul sample chopped by DJ J Scrilla. Read more and bump below.

    In a time where people of color, especially African American men, are being targeted daily because they don’t appeal to “White America’s” standards, MacGuyver hooks up with veterran producer DJ J-$crilla to shed some light on the subject. The DMV area singer/rapper is a force to be reckoned with as he manages to capture the 90’s essence of hip hop over the $crilla produced soulful backdrop.

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  • Nemo Achida – LaLaLa / Sniffles (Video) | @NemoAchida

    The midwest’s own Nemo Achida just recently released a new video for two of his songs, “LaLaLa” and “Sniffles”. “LaLaLa” was produced by DJ Corey Grand and “Sniffles” was produced by Jet Taylor. I’ve also added one of the tracks below for you. Be on the lookout for Nemo’s upcoming AntiHero coming soon. Video directed By Brian Campbell.

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  • Aloe Blacc – Can You Do This (Slot-A Remix) | @IAMSLOTA @AloeBlacc

    The talented Slot-A got the co-sign from the talented Aloe Blacc for his new “Can You Do This” remix, which is a song that will be on Slot’s upcoming Shades & Flavors 2. We’ll actually be one of the sponsors for this new project, which will be dropping next week sometime, and will be a collection of his newer remixes. In case you haven’t checked the latest release this month from Slot (11 in total), I’ve added all of them below for you to check out.

    This week concludes March 2 Shades & Flavors 2. We go big with this one. Months ago, the homie Adad, introduced me to Aloe Blacc via email. We spoke briefly and wanted to see what I could do with the a capella of his hit single “Can You Do This.” After several edits and production additions this is the final product.

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  • J-Louis – Happiness | @thislouis

    While I’m on the instrumentals why not share some house vibes. Check out Happiness from producer J-Louis. You may recognize the sample that was used by Kendrick Lamar as well on Section 80. Free download below.

    SAMPLED -(HEY) By “King”
    Live Bass – J-LOUIS

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