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    Scenic Rhythms Compilation “SR004: Scenic Nights, Volume 1″ Release | @ScenicRhythms

    Everyone has their own interpretation of what a scenic night might be, and with this compilation you get to hear what 30 different music producers’ interpretation is. Free bumps and you can cop for $8.

    &y // soundcloud.com/andysbeatz
    Akira Gautama // soundcloud.com/metafive
    DLS303 // soundcloud.com/dls303
    miraa. // soundcloud.com/mirabeatz
    2SPACED // soundcloud.com/2spvced4u
    LOW-KEY // soundcloud.com/low_key_1988
    KAHSUN // soundcloud.com/kahsunyo
    Silhouwette // soundcloud.com/silhouwettesounds
    [nullspace] // soundcloud.com/nullspacemusic
    Lanzo // soundcloud.com/lanzobeats
    idea. // soundcloud.com/wun-idea
    Tvpes // soundcloud.com/tvpes
    B 3 N B I // soundcloud.com/b3nbi
    Chaden Summerset // soundcloud.com/chadesummerset
    Walkingshoe // soundcloud.com/inthisshoe
    Billy The Kid // www.soundcloud.com/williamdthe3rd
    Matatabi // soundcloud.com/k-a-n-k-y-u
    shamaan rogers // soundcloud.com/shamaanrogers
    supa one // soundcloud.com/supa-one
    three eyes // soundcloud.com/bandwagon_wook
    ˚D•∆•ø•I•M˚ // soundcloud.com/d-v-o-i-m
    SPLLWRKS // soundcloud.com/spellworks
    blueberry_ // soundcloud.com/blueberrybeat-2
    V i k // soundcloud.com/comfygod
    the van nuys yogi // soundcloud.com/sfvluv
    A.T GOLD // soundcloud.com/cion-johnson-smith
    Sugar Cane Davis // soundcloud.com/sugarcanedavis
    Lion // soundcloud.com/lion
    Ed EtHiCs // soundcloud.com/edethics
    Evolv // soundcloud.com/indeliblenichecollective

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    The Budos Band “The Sticks” | @budosband

    The Budos Band hit the road on July 10th, and still have a handful of dates left on their tour. Be on the lookout for their upcoming Burnt Offering project to be out on October 21st.

    Jul 24 – Twilight Concert Series @ Salt Lake City, UT
    Jul 25 – Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
    Jul 26 – Seattle, WA @ Capitol Hill Block Party
    Jul 27 – Victoria, BC @ Philipps Brewery
    Jul 31 – Los Angeles @ Echo Plex
    Aug 1 – Las Vegas, NV @ Brooklyn Bowl
    Aug 2 – San Diego, CA @ Casbah
    Oct 25 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Wick
    Nov 15 – Live Oak, FL @ Bear Creek Festival

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    Optic “Memories” Release | @optic_beat

    Check out some jamming grooves from Tokyo’s Optic‘s Memories project, which dropped back at the end of May. The project is 12 tracks deep and full of great emotions to vibe out to. Press play on this while you do some cleaning around your place, and name your price over at Bandcamp.

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    Jon Phonics “White Neckle” Release | @JONPHONICS

    Here’s some dope electronic funk for you. Jon PhonicsWhite Neckle is 7-tracks of groovy instrumentals that you can cop either digitally, or on 7″ vinyl. Read more about him below.

    Jon Phonics (Jonathan Phoenix) has been steadily making a name for himself as a producer with releases on the likes of Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Bubblers and a limited edition Cassette Tape through Bleep.com in 2013 (that sold out in under an hour). His signature brand of deep textured, soulful productions is hard to pin point; drawing as much from early 90’s hip- hop as it does early 00’s grime and 80’s funk.

    Over the past 12 months his own label/club night, Astral Black, has been building a reputation as a platform for forward thinking producers in the burgeoning experimental hip hop and new wave grime scenes. The likes of Jaisu, Inkke and Opal Block have all contributed to the label’s hand screen printed cassette series and there are some seriously heavy 12″s planned for the coming months. Packed out club residencies in both Glasgow and London are a testament to how the label has grown.

    First Word is delighted to welcome Phonics to the fold for the release of his ‘White Neckle’ EP. The instrumental tracks that you expect are present and correct with the addition of two stand- out vocal performances from South-London rapperRupand soul vocalistYasine. Having received early radio support from the likes of Alexander Nut, Moxie (NTS), LuckyMe’s The Blessings and Hyperdub’s Scratcha DVA – ‘White Neckle’ is another forward step for the talented producer.

    Available as a digi-EP and a limited edition 7″ (featuring 4 of the tracks) it’s the first of a run of projects for Phonics, with releases on Alexander Nut’s ‘Hotep’ imprint and collaboration’s with the likes of Pedestrian and Jam Baxter scheduled for release in the coming months.

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    Calibro 35 “RAI Radio 1: Musiche Per Sonorizzazioni E Programmi” Release | @Calibro35

    Check out some new grooves from the dope Italian band Calibro 35, titled RAI Radio 1: Musiche Per Sonorizzazioni E Programmi. The project is available for free from Bandcamp. These crime funk heroes also have great artwork.

    Massimo Martellotta – arrangiamenti, chitarra, vibrafono, cori
    Enrico Gabrielli – tastiere e fiati
    Luca Cavina – basso
    Fabio Rondanini – batteria e percussioni
    Tommaso Colliva – registrazione e missaggio

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    Drip Drop “Mecha Dreams” Release

    Sydney’s Gentle label just recently dropped this new project from Drip Drop titled Mecha Dreams. Free listens and you can name your price for the purchase over at Bandcamp. Four tracks deep.

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