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    Sons of the Sweet Potato “Awakening Exp.02″ Release

    Sons of the Sweet Potato (SSP) is a new series and project from Taiwan that explores all kinds of vibes, and “twist emotional and birth viberation for your soul.” If you enjoy this album, be sure to check out the artists.

    1. DJ Sapien – A Daughter’s Son 02:40
    2. DJ Sapien – Time and Tide 02:01
    3. Luviia – LongRoad 02:19
    4. Luviia – MarchingIndaStreet 02:03
    5. Long Nek – Fadin’ 08:20
    6. Long Nek – Deep Desire 07:46
    7. Conehead – Absense 03:22
    8. Conehead – Pendulum 02:58
    9. YellaTee – Shinning-Willie Nelson 03:39
    10. YellaTee – Dreamlover 02:35
    11. D​.​J. Kool Klone – 20 Dollars In My Pocket 01:34
    12. D​.​J. Kool Klone – Novus Ordo Seclorum 01:38
    13. GoodieK – Home 04:16
    14. GoodieK – Moonlight Serenade 02:53

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    Slot-A “Wepa For Knuckles (RIP Frankie Knuckles)” | @IAMSLOTA

    Here’s a dope little groove that Slot-A put together in tribute to the recent passing of Chicago’s House music pioneer Frankie Knuckles. Bump below and catch Slot in Indianapolis on 5/6 at Coaches with DJ MetroGnome and 5/7 at our Writer’s Block event in Broad Ripple. Free downloads.

    RIP Frankie Knuckles. The other day, I made about post on FB regarding Kevin Gates & my good friend commented asking if I had made a tribute to Frankie Knuckles. I not being the most well versed in Frankie Knuckles watched as many docs as I could and interviews. I can only hope to be as great and embedded in the hearts of many as Frankie Knuckles was. Slot-A

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    Apollo Brown “Cigarette Burns” Release | @ApolloBrown

    Check some newness that dropped last week from Detroit’s Apollo Brown. His new album hits stores on April 29th.

    Two weeks from today Detroit producer Apollo Brown will be releasing his newest instrumental soundtrack Thirty Eight. The sound falls somewhere between the end of 70s heroin and the beginning of 80s crack, with all the cigarette burns and scratches intact. The technicolor journey begins today with a three track collection of instrumentals from the project that Apollo has titled Cigarette Burns EP.

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    IAMNOBODI “Snapshots From Berlin” Release | @IAMNOBODI @jakartarecords

    This is a unique and great way to release an album. Check the grooves and the info on IAMNOBODI‘s latest release, Snapshots From Berlin.

    250 copies on numbered vinyl, each with a unique polaroid taken in the streets of the city that inspired the release. 250 copies, 250 different covers. All polaroids, signed, commented and/or painted on by IAMNOBODI. Trust us, this took more then one night to put together.

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    @Peace “@Peace & The Plutonian Noise Symphony” Release

    Check out this groovy release from New Zealand’s @Peace and his Plutonian Noise Symphony. The project mixes some nice vibes with a bit of vocal stylings. Free downloads and a physical CD option is available.

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    Howie Wonder “Please” Release | @rhythumbeats

    Check the second release that beat maker Howie Wonder has put out on Time Lapse. Free listens and you can purchase for $5 CAD.

    This is the second release on TL by Beatsmith Howie Wonder. Howie has become one of my favorite producers . Heavy heavy bass and jazzy melodies from start to finish . These beats are really well put together . Howie is bringing heat to the table.

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