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Full Crate x Jesse Boykins III “See With Me” & “Her Throne” | @FullCrate @JesseBoykins3rd

Artwork by Anthonio, painting by Brian Elstak

Two of 2011’s RBMA attendee’s link up for these two songs. I may just listen to these songs on repeat and stop posting today. Check below. Spotted at Okayplayer.

It’s a double selection! Two okayplayer stalwarts — Amsterdam’s Full Crate and true original Jesse Boykins III team up on the emotionally and harmonically sophisticated “Her Throne.” While they were at it–the sessions happened in Full Crate’s studio when JBIII was in town for the Red Bull Music Academy, of which both artists are alumni–they also created the excellent and more pulsing beat of “See With Me,” which hovers on the edge of moombaton-like bounce underneath Crate’s trademark melodic colors and crisp snares. Now OKP is proud to host this double premiere: “Her Throne” – the single with “See With Me” as the b-side on this virtual 12″. Stream below–and purchase as a single on iTunes.

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