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InderPaul Sandhu – “Ring” (Video)

Check out a video that the UK’s InderPaul Sandhu dropped in the inbox a few weeks back for “Ring.” If you like what you see above, you may be interested in his six-track EP, #iPaulEP, available for free over at Bandcamp.

I remember being a little kid watching a talent show on tv with my god family and we saw this little white kid sing ‘puppy love’ everyone in the room was in awe. I said I wish I could do that and my god mother replied me ‘why cant you?’ I replied her ‘because i’m indian’ she told me that talent didn’t have any color and it was many years before I truly believed that. That story amazes me to this day at the tender age of 10 I had allowed society and the likes to shape my view of who I can be and who I cant be which is complete nonsense. The calling wired in my dna surpasses any stereotype or box that is placed on me. I know I aint the only little indian kid that had that kind of thought and I wanna be the voice that fights and challenges those kinda thoughts just like god mothers words did.


I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.