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Thorough Critique and Review of Your: Maxi Single (2-3 Tracks)


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With this service we’ll not only review and reply to you privately about your music, but we’ll go into detail about what we like and dislike about it from a blogger and audio professional perspective. This critique is an honest, detailed and personalized review to give you an unbiased opinion on your music.

You can always submit for free via our submission system, but this is a good way to introduce yourself to us on a more personal level than a submission. In so, we will respond to you with the following:

1) If we would post it,
2) Details on why we would or wouldn’t,
3) Detailed thoughts on how you can improve,
4) What we personally liked about it, and
5) If we like it – we may share it on the site.

This service is available because many artists do not fully understand what it takes to get their music on websites.