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Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E10: “Make It Happen” ft. Dominique Larue & Gritts

The tenth and final episode of our Beats & Breakfast series debuts today, Tuesday the 20th of May, and features Columbus, Ohio’s Dominique Larue and Indianapolis’ Gritts. It’s a funky, jazzy track titled “Make It Happen,” and is available for download and such from the below areas. We hope that you have enjoyed our second season! Skittz and Lone will be putting together a package release in the near future that will also include the instrumentals, so make sure you stay tuned!

Purchase and Listen to “Make It Happen” Below:

Verses: Gritts, Dominique Larue, Skittz
Chorus: LONEgevity, Gritts
Production: LONEgevity
Video: TR & Kato

When the needle drops.