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Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E2: “Celebration” ft. Grey Granite, Gritts & Tyler Knapp

You saw the first episode of the second season of our Beats & Breakfast series with Skittz and LONEgevity last week, and today we’re sharing with you the second episode. This episode and song features Grey Granite, Gritts (of Hinx Jones / Sweet Poison Victim), and Tyler Knapp (producer and half of the Mudkids). Video above, lyrics and song below. Check the links below!

Verses: Grey Granite, Gritts, Skittz
Chorus: Grey Granite
Bass: Gritts
Production: LONEgevity, Tyler Knapp

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Verse 1: Grey Granite
King of the Medicine flow
Imhotep dialect
Always come correct
Action on the set
Semi Tek from a Semi Vet, gain your respect
And Bring dat “celebration” like your Free of Debt
Nuff said…. Code Red, Cut – off – Crisis
Advises of the likenesses entices the REAL & RIGHTEOUS, A KING
Came to Dream of CREAM & AWESOME Things
For each & everyone all over Here
G GRANITE GAME JUNE first every year… Ooooh’laud…….
Enjoy the Occasion…
Dirty Deluxe YO I’m hunting for for DUCTS
While Bringing Down the Band and Giving No Fucks
TrillBeatBik Ruckus!
Ya Gotta Love us!

Chorus: Grey Granite
Enjoy the Occasion…
Enjoy the Occasion…

Verse 2: Gritts
It was all a dream until I heard Biggie and I screamed
Might as well create your own team
Grey Granite on the scene with big Skittz, we run this
It’s a celebration indeed
As we proceed… to give you what you need
You have to follow suite and let lead
Enjoy the occasion – as you put a hand in the air
Persuade others around to glorify as we share
The nightlife, get loose, and have a good time
Cause as I’m writing this verse rehearsing how to unwind
We give daps and hugs, Tyler Knapp in the club
And we turning it up…waiting for the vibe to unbuzz
It’s all love…as we give you beats for your dinner plate
Create an appetite to devour and delegate…the power of sound
And we came to get down
It’s B&B…everybody get your hands up now…now come on!

Chorus: Grey Granite

Verse 3: Skittz
Favorite is accurate clean and kinda sparkle
Lower beams help me swing into cream they wipe it off you
Haters creep erasing your dreams – I stand pristine
Gleam pro steam keep it jumpin, crickets packin tho…
Nobody felt ya team, conducta lack-a-flow
Happy thoughts… all about the good things..
Celebrate when bullets in the hood ring…think not..
Blink and missing live action..tremblin connect the dots
See the picture heat it up watch the apple pop
No brain, burning at a low flame.. snow walking through your nose
Amazing low pressure – something you should know about…
Saying YES to the method
Scatter when I blow, extra texture like you stack it
Runway runaway, landin gear outta here..swoop into the sky again
Clouds creative lather here..grounded you should try again

Chorus: Grey Granite

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  • seangevity

    @dleeshon:disqus Much thanks sir, I appreciate those words

  • D LeeShon

    I.. I freaking love this. This is dope. I see it on the horizon, Indy will soon emerge as the next culturally important cities (think Austin, Denver, Portland, Seattle) in the US. When people see that projects like this exist.. that’s when everyone else will wake up.