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  • BDTB Presents #TOYFR: “Raps & Slaps, Volume 28″ (05/23/15)

    For the 28th volume of our Raps & Slaps series, we’ve put together a mix of new joints, old joints, and a collection of Naptown artists is celebration for our upcoming Cypher event tonight. The Cypher event will be going down at the Mousetrap tonight in Broad Ripple area, and you can check out the event by hitting this link here. Go ahead and check out the goodness down below.

    Madchild – Devils and Angels

    Black Opera ft. Scolla & Ro Spit – 90z Baby

    Sonny Paradise – All You See Is

    G Grante & John Stamps -Burn Money

    C.Shreve the Professor – L!VE on the Beat

    Skittz & LONEgevity ft. Gritts & Black Eddie – Measured In Weight

    Jaecyn Bayne – Microphone Fiend

    Nightsons ft. Chuck Mason – The Problem

    KNAGS ft. Sirius Blvck, John Stamps & Ajene Tha God – The Trinity

    DXTRs Lab ft. Pope Adrian Bless, Feeray, Tony Styxx – Machine

    DXTRs Lab ft. AC McClendon – Call Me

    Tek.Lun – Early 90’s Nostalgia (All That)

    FLACO – Cruel

    Alex Wiley – Track One (Actual Song)

    Scienze ft. Blu & Elle Pierre – Southside, Queends

    GoldLink – Sober Thoughts (Chris McClenney Remix)

    Drayco McCoy & Duke Algebra – 1990 Revolver Boy Shit

    Camp Lo – Sunglasses

    CZARFACE ft. Method Man – Nightcrawler

    Stro – All I’m Hearing Is

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  • BDTB Presents #TOYFR: “Raps & Slaps, Volume 20″ (03/28/15)

    Kind of hard to think that we’re already on Volume 20 of our #TOYFR for Raps & Slaps, but here we are with another list full of dope tunes. This week mixes a handful of songs that we shared this week with a handful of songs we didn’t share this week. Get in tuned below, and be on the lookout for our 24/7 live streaming radio that will be debuting soon!

    Bumpy Knuckles & Big Daddy Kane – The Fire’s Gettin High (Prod. Oddisee)
    Action Bronson – Big League Chew
    Earl Sweatshirt & Action Bronson – Warlord Leather
    Hit-Boy – Automatically
    JR&PH7 x Chuuwee – Regional Transit
    Nemo Achida – LaLaLa
    J57 ft. Archie Bang & Audible Doctor – Soarin’ Like Jorda
    Alex Wiley – Vibration
    M31RK & Peter Haslanger – The Get Up Instrumental
    Flaxeed – Lost
    Mercy ft. Ransom – Day of Reckoning
    MacGuyver – Intermission
    Suave Da Lyricist – #Her
    Noex – Resurrection
    Everett Gibbons – Jungle

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  • BDTB Presents Turn Off Your F*cking Radio: “Raps & Slaps, Volume 7” (12/14/14)

    Thanks for checking in for the seventh weekend, episode and volume of our Turn Off Your Fucking Radio series, and today you get 20 tracks in our Raps & Slaps volume. Check all of the track listing as well as the playlist below. Sometimes if you’re on mobile the playlist doesn’t fully pop up, so click this link here if you want to stream it in full.

    MAHD – Raw Shit
    Hippie Sabbotage – Waiting Too Long
    Alex Wiley – Top of the World
    ZForbes ft. Illa J – Work That
    Dayne Jordan & DJ Jazzy Jeff – Fellow
    Fashawn ft. Evidence – Dreams
    Joey Badass – N0.99
    Show You Suck ft. Oreo Jones – I Hope Your Next Pizza Is The Best One
    Sirius Blvck ft. John Stamps & Oreo Jones – Bill Murray
    Blooded The Brave ft. Pope Adrian Bless – Free C-Murder
    Lazy Ass Specialist – The Dog Park On Planet Wisdom
    DTWEEZER – Error 404
    LONEgevity – Sleep
    Herzeloyde – Phanboy (GEOTHEORY Remix)
    IAMNOBODI – Time Like This
    Cashus King ft. Blu, Sene & Denmark Vessey – Could It Be (Beatnick D Remix)
    Shlohmo – Emerge From Smoke
    Ras G – Take It Slow
    Native Sun – I Get Around

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  • Alex Wiley “Top of the World” | @Alex_Wiley

    Even though I’ve always been a fan of his work, I have to say that I’m becoming more and more impressed with the music Alex Wiley has been putting out. Read what Alex had to say about this song below, and know that we’ll be getting the Silent Party project in the near future.

    “I made this song when I was working on a project called ‘Generous Dubsack.’ [The project] was loosely based on my high school experience, but it was about a kid who’s having a hard time in school, flunking out of high school basically. A lot of shit’s going on in his life, he’s really depressed and he’s suicidal. He plans to kill himself every weekend after school, but every Friday he has a ritual that he buys weed and his dealer always gives him more than he pays for. It was going to be about that human connection and I kind of scrapped the project, but I made a few songs for it — including ‘Sexual Dolphin’ and ‘Lil Stoner Boi’ — and this was the main song that made me want to make this project in the first place.”

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  • BDTB Presents Turn Off Your F*cking Radio: “Raps & Slaps, Volume 4” (11/23/14)

    Here’s volume 4 of our Raps & Slaps series, which we share every every Sunday as a part of our #TOYFR goodness. Check out the playlist below and get your bumpage on.

    Flying Lotus ft. DOOM – Masquatch
    LONEgevity ft. G Granite & Gritts – Stones
    Outasight – Invitation
    Flow-Fi – Mars Today
    Thelonious Martin ft. Curren$y & Domo Genesis – Atlantis
    Kenn Starr – The Movement
    Alex Wiley – Lil Stoner Boi
    PRhyme – Courtesy
    Solomon Vaughn – The Bad Santa Song
    Danny Brown – LIE4 (LAKIM Remix)
    Freddie Gibbs & Mike Dean – Sellin’ Dope
    Flying Lotus ft. Krazie Bone – Medication Meditation

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  • Upcoming Naptown Events: Slick Rick, Prodigy & Slum Village, Atmosphere & More

    There are a handful of events that you might quite possibly be interested in checking out here soon. Check some of them we suggest below, and also check out our powered page on Do317. Got an event coming up? We’ll showcase on our page if it makes sense. Read more about how to submit your event to be on our calendar here, and check our current event list here. We’ll have a widget for our site coming soon!

    Friday, November 14th – THE CYPHER, Part 3 @ Mouse Trap
    Saturday, November 15th – WHOISLOUIS Benefit @ Sabbatical
    Thursday, November 20th – ATMOSPHERE @ Vogue
    Tuesday, November 25th – SLICK RICK @ Jazz Kitchen
    Saturday, Decmeber 6th – CURREN$Y & ALEX WILEY @ Emerson
    Friday, December 19th – PRODIGY & SLUM VILLAGE @ Vogue


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  • Alex Wiley “Sexual Dolphins” | @Alex_Wiley

    Chicago’s Alex Wiley has returned with another powerful single in “Sexual Dolphins,” which is a hip hop and rock influenced song.

    “I’m trying to make rock music,” he writes. “I don’t want rock n’ roll to die. I think Kanye said it best: Rappers are the rock stars right now.”

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