One Be Lo & Bean One – “The Original Born Ones” (Release)

Ten years in the making, One Be Lo and Bean One have released The Original BORN ONES late last month. Read more about how this project came together below, and you should head over to Bandcamp to purchase the project. They also have some merchandise packages for you to check out.

The history of this work reminded me of the music that I originally recorded with Bean One in Seattle back in 2006. The Born Ones (Bean One recorded Nahshid once Nahshid entered Seattle) is finally here. We started working on this album together in 2006 and then due to other circumstances we put the project on pause. While we both continued to record more music, this project sat on my hard drive until January 2016. I decided to uncover these original copies, for the world to see. Releasing this project during Black History month is symbolic, because here One Be Lo writes and records his own history. 80% of this project is the original recordings of 10 years ago. To keep the project relevant, I decided to uncover some of the issues being addressed right here in 2016 and beyond. This is what happened when Chief Seattle met Chief Pontiac, and now the Original Born Ones are reborn.


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