Radio Juicy – “The Smoking Section” (Release)

Radio Juicy is back with a new compilation, The Smoking Section, and it features 30 new songs. There are tracks from quite a few different producers on this one, including Yzno, 2LATE, Ella Mae, Philanthrope, Pawcut, Kenny Keys, digitalluc, Budd Hello, CoryaYo, AK’s, Frost, Youtaro, SOul Unreal, Budamunk, Sleepy Eyes, Fooch, Dave Sparkz, Eets, Dil Withers, Sir Froderick, bsd.u, Jay Alpha, Der Funkbademeister, Elaquent, Robanzee, Mikey G., Bluestaeb, S. Fidelity, beatmachinearon, and YAYAI.

Read a bit more below and head over to Bandcamp to download for free.

Radio Juicy proudly presents The Smoking Section Vol.1 our new various artists project for 2016. The project depicts a taste of today’s beat scene over the world seen through the eyes of Radio Juicy’s artists. You’ll be delighted to hear our incredible roster for this album. Our listeners have been left wanting more after our acclaimed Fear and Loathing in Beats compilation back in 2012, so we had to bring up our A game for a follow up and it turned out to be spectacular.

In fact we’ve been working on this one for a while now and having so many participants we’ve decided to segment the project in a couple (or more) issues. Depending on the success of the project we might even do a “best off” vinyl LP before the end of the year. Let us know what you think and which are your favorite tracks.


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