We make a limited number of advertising opportunities available to individuals and companies that we believe are a good fit for our unique audience. So, if you are interested in advertising on our web site, or have an event coming up that you would like to promote, you should know that we reach many readers not only in Indianapolis, but worldwide, each month. We will help you advertise your product, project, event, or whatever else you may need to share for a small price. Contact us for specific info.

Note: We must approve the artwork and/or music/artist being presented. We reserve the right to deny any ad requests if the content is not consistent with our demographic.

After you view the different ad information below, fill out the contact form on our contact page to inquire about advertising, site take-overs, event sponsorship, and any other related item. Prices may vary based on the duration of the ad campaign, so please contact for more information. If you’d simply like to share an event on our Do317 calendar, read this information here. If you instead want to submit your music to be posted, read this information here.


  • 1 Long Top Header Banner [on every category/post page above post] (approximately 815×135px)
  • 2 Ideal Promotion Homepage Only [on home page where JBBL is listed (not on individual post/category pages)] (approximately 770x415px)
  • 3 Individual Post Page Banner [on every post below content] (approximately 675x90px)
  • 4 Large Square Ad [on home page and every post/category page on right sidebar] (approximately 220×220px)
  • 6 Event Flyer [on “Upcoming Events” sidebar on every page and homepage] (approximately 220×340px) – Note: If you want to collaborate with us on an event, we may swap ad cost to instead take a percentage of the money made from the event. We must benefit from the event.
  • 7 Full-Page Rotating Side Image – If interested we can talk formatting and pricing, but these are large images that show up on the side (in black area) of every page on the web version of the site (does not show up on mobile).

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