2012 Winners / Wrap Up Magazine
Favorite Release: EJAAZ – “Chain of Memories”
Favorite Producer-Based Release: LONEgevity – “Reverb”
Favorite Single: The Pro Letarians – “#Rugrats”
Favorite Music Video: Sirius Blvck – “Nocturnal”
Standout Emcee/Rapper: EJAAZ
Standout Producer: Blake Allee
Standout DJ: DJ MetroGnome

2013 Winners
Favorite Release: Sirius Blvck – “Ancient Lights
Favorite Producer-Based Release: J. Brookinz – “GATEWAY420”
Favorite Single: Feeray & Pope Adrian Bless – “Cigar Smoke”
Favorite B-Side Song: Blake Allee ft. Sirius Blvck – “Shoe Prints”
Favorite Multi-Artist Collab: Ricky Freezer ft. Blake Allee & HUMAN – “Write My Wrongs”
Favorite Music Video: John Stamps – “Vice City”
Standout Emcee/Rapper: Sirius Blvck
Standout Producer: Blake Allee

2014 Winners
Favorite Full-Length: Bivienni – “Everflowing Meditation”
Favorite EP: Blooded The Brave – “Born 2 Rebel”
Favorite Instrumental Project: Nevi Moon – “Nevi Moon”
Favorite Video: Pat App x Levi Turner – “Beautiful Mind”
Favorite Single: Sirius Blvck ft. John Stamps & Oreo Jones – “Bill Murray”
Favorite B-Side: John Stamps – “Boom Bap”
Standout Emcee/Rapper: Sirius Blvck
Standout Producer: Nevi Moon
Standout Director: Levi Turner

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