Intelligent Sound – “Future Relics Vol. 2” (Release)

The Intelligent Sound collective has again teamed up with Beat Tape Co-Op to deliver the Future Relics Vol. 2 beat compilation, and the lineup is stacked. The compilation features some new faces that we aren’t familiar with, as well as some OG BEAT! favorites. The tracklist consists of joints from:

Rick Maun, Prozak Morris, Dr Dundiff, ILLFIGURE, LoFidel, Weirddough, Dan Matic, DKO, INFINEtheBEATmaker, Ill Tal, Deep of the 2 hungry bros, Wandering Mayor, Akido Bray, PIG PEN, Furozh, Kid Beat, Asterales, Nextwon, Funkonami, West Peaks, Centipede, Kuartz, Cove, Saga Asad, POLAR, Benjamin Swiller, Dr. Laflow, Low Key, Coach Motel, ++Ding++, Dibiase, Rene Schier, Zelus, Josh Hey, Stonegood Beats

You can snag a download free of charge via the Intelligent Sound Bandcamp. Limited edition cassette tapes are available if you are into magnetism.

David Peck

Beats in the morning. Beats in the evening. Beats at supper time.