Odeeno – “Flownbr∆n” (Release)

Experimental Italian producer Odeeno has released his latest instrumental project, Flownbr∆n, with beat label Turbo Tapes Recordings. It is a quality slice of disjointed lo-fi production. The album features manipulated ambient sounds and creative experimental beat patterns, all laid over a bed of tape hiss. The album also features guest appearances from producers Elaquent, Luviia., Italo, Bonbooze, and Iken. Odeeno explores the outer edges of hip hop groove, owing much of his style to the Los Angeles beat scene style of production.

Stream or purchase Flownbr∆n as a download or limited tape via the Turbo Tapes Bandcamp.

Beats in the morning. Beats in the evening. Beats at supper time.

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