Polaire de Cloù – “Genesis 1​:​1” (Release)

The new Polaire de Cloù beat label kicks things off with their Genesis 1​:​1 compilation, featuring 25 different beat music producers. Full stacked with creative lo-fi rawness. Free download and limited edition of 50 cassettes available on the Polaire de Cloù Bandcamp.

Featuring: Think Twice, Lzu, Dwyer, $oudiere, 6-6-6, Kaiju, Jezmnd, DRWN., Cristen, Turquoise Crown, Fausuto, +ma, Roland Jones, Ntourage, Weirddough, Hann_11, Howiewonder, Lastnamedavid, Mt. Marcy, Saito, JarJarJr, O.S.L., HM Surf, Arekkusu, DFNKT

Two possibilities: We are alone in the universe, or we are not. But who even cares? We already landed on your planet, for fuck’s sake! If you didn’t notice, then it’s time to open your damn eyes (no third required). Fresh outta something like an Arthur Clarke collaboration with Isaac Asimov, we’re bringing you 24 unique tracks for this year’s trip to Earth. This ain’t no goddamn mind-control weapon; this is Polaire’s Genesis.
[Written by Evan de C. & Eli S.]

Beats in the morning. Beats in the evening. Beats at supper time.

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