Section Leaders Emerge As New Group & Release Four Singles in “Nova”, “Glide”, “Nada” & “Trust”

The Section Leaders, a newly announced trio of Indianapolis-based artists Gritts (of Hinx Jones, Sweet Poison Victim, Cut Camp, etc.), Maja 7th (Producer and New Old Heads co-host) and our own Lonegevity (of Hinx Jones, New Old Heads, etc.), have officially started releasing music every Saturday for #SLSaturdays.

The group isn’t mainly a hip hop project, as they say they merge R&B, hip hop, eclectic, jazzy, funky grooves together to just kind of “do what they want,” as they are utilizing live instrumentation with their own original production, vocals, writing and lyricism.

The first few singles are all relating around various conversations with women from a man’s point of view, as “Nova” speaks on the connection with someone special to then realizing that it’s equally necessary for both the woman and man to realize their importance. “Glide” speaks on being passive and stuck with how to proceed with a moving connection. “Nada” is a more a dance track with a theme around the unspoken language between two people, and “Trust” is a more somber feeling track speaking on the importance of trust within any type of relationship.

Below are a few of the audio visualizers to go along with the singles, and you can find more information from their website here. The instrumentals and acapellas are also available via Bandcamp. The Section Leaders will be dropping new music, videos and other content every Saturday for the foreseeable future.

When the needle drops.

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