Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E5: “Must Be” ft. WhoisLouis & Ace One

We’ve entered the halfway point for Season 2 of our Beats & Breakfast series with Skittz and LONEgevity today. This week we invited WhoisLouis over, and he was joined by Ace One and Gritts (although Gritts didn’t contribute musically). The episode is full of production clips, cereal day, Cut Camp plugs, talk about the J. Brookinz Beat Battle last year, and various other interesting clips. The song is pretty dope too. Video above and song and credits below. Enjoy!

“Get Back” Credits:
Verses: WhoisLouis, Skittz, LONEgevity
Chorus: Ace One
Production: LONEgevity, WhoisLouis
Video: TR & Kato

Purchase “Must Be” Below:


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