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Do you want us to premier your video or single? What about a full-length project? Hit us up and we’ll talk about it.

If you have a project coming out that you would like to be sponsored by us at BDTB, we are happy to review your project to see if it fits with our demographic and sound. If showcasing a project, it will be indefinitely listed in our Sponsored Releases page. If you want to simply showcase a single or video with us, it’ll show up in our “BDTB’s Recent Favorites” box on the top right for a couple weeks. If interested in either of these two things, read the rest of this page, and after emailing us, your request will be reviewed by the team to determine if it’s something we dig enough to strap our name to. First, make sure you are answering yes to all of the following questions:

1) Your projected release date is at least a month from the date you request it to us for review.
2) You understand that we want to listen to the project before we say we will sponsor it.
3) You used all original production, and/or got permission from any producer whose music is being used.
4) Your project is mixed and mastered, and sonically sounds great.
5) You sincerely think the music is good enough to be shared on BDTB.
6) You understand that if we sponsor this project, we will request to debut your project before any other website (unless otherwise worked out). This includes all social media outlets! This means we want you to tweet, facebook, google plus, and everything else your people to come to our site (the page with your album/release/song debuted), not Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Audiomack, Datpiff, other blogs, etc. At least for an initial period of time (retweeting is fine of course if another blog shares your work).

So you answered “Yes” to all of the previous questions? Great. Send us an email with the following information, and make sure the subject line says “Sponsorship Request” so we don’t overlook it.

1) What is the artists name and where is he/she from/represent?
2) What is the name of the project?
3) Is it a mixtape, EP, album, or something else?
4) How do you plan on distributing your project? Only digital? Physical copies too? iTunes? Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or Audiomack? Mediafire? Please list all applicable.
5) Is it going to be free or for sale? Are singles free and project for sale? Vice versa? Let us know what your plan is.
6) Share with us your projected timeline? (How many singles do you want to put out? Do you have any videos or other material you want to use to promote your project? What are the titles? When do you plan to release them?)

Email us these answers to start your process, along with an introductory email telling us a little about you.

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