Blog posts are a thing of the past. We have shared over 12,000 blog posts since 2009, but few consume music that way anymore. For that reason, we now only share music by adding songs, videos and by uploading full-album streams – all to our YouTube channel. Please note: if the artist has their distribution set up to find the digital footprint and monetize through YouTube, the artist can collect streaming money from the people that stream your music via our channel. Our goal/intent is to support both the artist with exposure and potential monetization, but to also get some crossover fans from the artist to then check our channel’s exclusive content. It helps us put eyes on independent artists in this over-saturated market.

Reminder: If you do not want us to upload your music to our Youtube channel, that’s fine, but understand that there is no need in submitting to us in 2019. We don’t randomly just listen to submitted music that we cannot share, and we only share through our YouTube channel. #shrug

SONG/VIDEO SUBMISSION INFO: If your submission is a song or video and we like it, we will upload it to our YouTube channel via our  Turn Off Your Radio video playlist (that’s also on YouTube).

PROJECT SUBMISSION INFO: If your submission is a multi-track project and we like it, we will upload your full project stream to our YouTube channel to be shared with our social platforms, and to be featured on our bi-monthly #AlbumTuesdays post.

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Acceptable file types: jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.

Please note: It can take up to a month to share your submission if we like it, and we listen to everything, so please be patient. We only review submitted content by following the simple guidelines listed below. Please do us a solid and do not submit the same submission twice. We got it. Want to support independent music? Subscribe and enable notifications for our YouTube channel. Your support helps you and those like you.

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