We at BDTB had a monthly production showcase that was hosted by our own LONEgevity, alongside DJ MetroGnome (co-founder of Deckademics). We threw these events on the first Wednesday of the month at Sabbatical in Broad Ripple (Indianapolis, Indiana) for almost a two and a half years. We’re currently on break, but will attempt to bring it back, at a new venue, either in late 2015 or early 2016.

Update: Writer’s Block hasn’t really returned, but have taken it a step further with the Beat! Lo-Fi Social – a multi-city social producer showcase event that’s the brainchild of Slot-A.

The premise was pretty simple: At the beginning of the night we play music, and before the main feature we have an open room producer panel where selected producers play beats and are asked questions. Then we feature a producer to come out and play their own production live in front of an audience (MPC/drum machines, turntables, keyboards, etc.). At the end of the night, we open up the decks to any producer (of any genre) that wants to hear how their music/beat sounds on a large sound system. Not only does this event showcase talented producers that are doing their thing, but it also provides an avenue for the anybody, including the up-and-comer, to hear how their sound gauges against others. Connect and intermingle with other writers, rappers, emcees, poets, and producers alike. That’s our goal with the event.

Cost: $5
Age: 21+
Doors: 9
Music: 9-1015
Producer Panel: 1015-1050
Featured Performance: 11-1130
Open Decks: 1130-12


July 2015: Feature: Ewokie Talkie  |  Producer Panel: J. Brookinz, Feeray, BlindPsied
June 2015: Feature: Defame   |   Producer Panel: Mandog, David Peck, Nevi Moon
May 2015: Feature: Tyler Knapp   |   Producer Panel: Bangers by One, KNags, Ed Trauma
April 2015: Producer Panel: Maja 7th, The Klinik, Son of Thought
March 2015: Feature: LONEgevity   |   Producer Panel: Wildstyle, Harry Otaku, Bangs Nicely
February 2015: AL GO RHYTHMIC, Son of Thought, Jawnski
January 2015: Anita Vokil, Maja 7th


December 2014: Ewokie Talkie, Mr. Kinetik, Bangs Nicely
November 2014: Bangers By One, David Peck, Black Chris
October 2014: JBBB6 Finalists: Mandog, Nevi Moon, Business Casual, Chris Gnarly
September 2014: Defame & Lorax, Wooden Spoons
August 2014: St. Louis Showcase: Mvstermind, Loosescrews, Abnormal, Micheal Franco
July 2014: Mr. Kinetik, Joe Harvey, Slot-A
June 2014: Strong Roots Records Showcase: R-Juna, Iris, Tyler Knapp, The Klinik
May 2014: Slot-A (Chicago), El Carnicero
April 2014: The Gateway 5 Producers: J. Brookinz, Dylan Prevails, Mandog, Harry Otaku, KNAG$, Philo, TXTBOOK
March 2014: Fresh Kils & Mad Dukez, KemiKal
February 2014: DMA, Tyler Knapp


Fresh Kils, B. Durazzo, Slot-A, ILL Brown, DMA, Blake Allee, Bangs Nicely, Defame, Scott Eff, Lorax, E. Brown, The Klinik, Harry Otaku, Mr. Kinetik, Tyler Knapp (Elp-Mass), Mandog, and Jawnski.


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