Welcome to the submission page for the collaborative BDTB and Drums Bang Writer’s Block beat tape series. What exactly is this? Well, we’ll tell you if you keep reading.

The Writer’s Block beat tape, sponsored by us at BDTB, is not only a promotion item for our Writer’s Block live shows every month, but is also an item that will be featured with some great collectible packaging to all that order the DRUMS BANG: Producer Beat Box. Fans and beat heads alike will also have the option of just bumping and downloading the beats without buying the DRUMS BANG: Producer Beat Box, but that’s not quite as cool. Either way, the submission form below is for any producer that may want to be featured on the beat tape. Each selected producer will also be featured on the DRUMS BANG site with a link to find them on Social Media, and listed on packaging for the physical CD. General rules, guidelines and specific information is also listed below.

Basic Terms & Conditions for the Writer’s Block beat tape:
1) Anybody can submit one (1) instrumental per beat tape time period.
2) All submissions must be in .WAV format.
3) A link must be attached in the appropriate box (below) for this submission (we prefer Dropbox or Google submissions).
3) We will select our favorite 10-15 beats for each release. If accepted we will contact you. If not, try again next month!
4) Right now there is no fee to submit and no compensation for being accepted.
5) If accepted, the producer will receive 10% off the Producer Beat Box for the month they are featured.
6) The Writer’s Block beat tape will be mailed to each accepted producer (unless the discounted Producer Beat Box purchased).
7) DRUMS BANG will include the physical product (CD) in their Producer Beat Box for month accepted.
8) BDTB nor DRUMS BANG will be selling the beat tape release in separate digital format: this is a free promotional release.
9) By submitting, the producer and/or submitter acknowledges and understands all of these terms.

We are currently taking submissions for the AUGUST 2014 beat tape. You have until JULY 15th to submit!

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