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Grumpy Old Men (Mike Schpitz & Pete Sayke) “#FreeLunch” Release | @GrumpyOldMen

Here’s the newest project from Chicago’s Grumpy Old Men. If you aren’t familiar with these cats yet (even though you should be), they are a two-man emcee duo made up of Kansas emcee Mike Schpitz, and Cincinnati bred Pete Sayke.

Their new project, entitled #FreeLunch, is the mixtape of mixtapes. Mixed with brand new songs, and songs done over borrowed beats that are simply just as good if not better than the originals, this is a very solid follow up to their previous Sunday Skool.

The project is sponsored by LiveMixtapes,, and us at BDTB. Check the track listing below, and download from the link provided. Enjoy!

01. Grumpy Old Men Feat. The Lunch Lady – Monday’s Menu [Prod. By SLOT-A] (2:40)
02. Grumpy Old Men – #FreeLunch [Prod. By SLOT-A] (2:54)
03. Grumpy Old Men – B Team Shit (3:02)
04. Grumpy Old Men – Nothing To Lose (3:38)
05. Grumpy Old Men Feat. Grade Aplus – Bucket List (4:42)
06. Grumpy Old Men – Fistful Of Dollars (3:02)
07. Grumpy Old Men – Bad Cough (3:28)
08. Grumpy Old Men – Roll One (3:02)
09. Grumpy Old Men Feat. Tona – Where It Go (4:25)
10. Grumpy Old Men Feat. LONEgevity – Kick Rocks [Prod. By LONEgevity] (3:05)
11. Grumpy Old Men Feat. The Lunch Lady – Wednesday’s Menu [Prod. By SLOT-A] (1:11)
12. Grumpy Old Men – World Goes On (3:38)
13. Grumpy Old Men Feat. A.M. – How I See It (3:40)
14. Grumpy Old Men – Dope [Prod. By Maja 7th] (3:25)
15. Grumpy Old Men – Driver’s Ed [Prod. By Maja 7th] (2:52)
16. Grumpy Old Men Feat. DreDai – These Hoes (4:18)
17. Grumpy Old Men Feat. Sincerely Yours – One For The Road (Remix) (4:35)
18. Grumpy Old Men – Fly Away (3:01)
19. Grumpy Old Men Feat. The Lunch Lady – Friday’s Menu [Prod. By SLOT-A] (2:26)
20. Grumpy Old Men – Fly Away (LONEgevity Remix) (3:01)

Mixed & Mastered by ILL Brown.
Photos were taken by Alex Dare.
Artwork was done by Heath O’Campo.

DOWNLOAD via Live Mixtapes

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