BRINGING DOWN THE BAND (est. 2009) – Bringing Down The Band was founded in 2009 by Sean Stuart, and you can learn more about him via his website. He currently is the sole manager of BDTB daily operations.

The focus of Bringing Down The Band has always been to amplify hip hop music and culture, with a goal to share Indiana to the world and the world to Indiana. Throughout the years, we have done that through the sharing of over 12,000 blog posts of dope and eclectic hip hop-related music while supporting thousands of artists, our weekly New Old Heads podcast, different interview series, create a running Indiana Hip Hop playlist, community building within our local community, event support and creation, and more. Now we occupy space on YouTube with the sharing of hip hop news and music.

Past Contributors:
Terry Colemen (DJ Jay Diff) / Writer, Management
Brendan McAvoy / Writer
David Peck / Writer
Alex Chesterfield / Writer
Thomas Roberts / Design, Creative
Kisha Stone / Events
Mike Jones / Writer

and a whole bunch of support from different individuals at various events, collaborations, and more.