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If you’re interested in joining forces and collaborating with us somehow, want to be a contributor to something we do, interested in advertising with us, want to become a sponsor/partner for a show on our podcast network, or something clever we haven’t thought of, please drop us a message.

Do not send any type of musical placement, submission, or musical promotion inquiry on this form. Use our submission form.

If we’ve uploaded your music and you want us to remove it, we will happily do so.

Please know that our intent is to promote you; not exploit you. Remember, we’re a blog/brand built by artists for artists. Our current music playlisting system allows you to gain exposure to our ever-growing hip hop loving fan base while you automatically monetize your content from our uploads. This is done by using YouTube’s content ID system that searches for all instances of your music on YouTube’s platform, and automatically assigns you to get paid from it. It’s a great system that we hope becomes more streamlined in the future because many people still don’t fully understand it. Contact your digital distributor to make sure that you’re properly set up.

If you still want us to remove your content, please fill out the form below and we will remove it within 12 hours (usually within 1). We’ll also add you to our internal list of artists/labels to not support in the future so that you don’t have to worry about your content being shared on one of our channels.


1 – Playlisting / No Cost – we add your music single, video or project that you’ve uploaded to 1 of 3 different YouTube playlists we curate. We don’t charge for previewing your music to potentially land on our playlist(s).

2 – Placement / Premium – we make a custom video of your song or project, add your music to any relevant playlists we curate, and push to both our social media (15k+) and YouTube subscribers (40k+ / 1k+).

Our new model is a win-win. Our premium placements have a potential reach of over 50,000+ real hip hop fans, and you can expect between 200-500 views within the first couple weeks (often higher depending on art quality, features, and how much you utilize our platform and promote yourself). If you have your YouTube content ID on through your digital distributor, you will automatically collect money from every stream you receive on our channel. Our goal/intent has always been to find unique ways to support talented artists, and now we support the artist with both exposure and potential monetization.


1 – Base Placement Cost – We have a basic cost associated with uploading your content to our channel. That cost is as low as $5 depending on the time slot you select your music to be released. Why the cost? Since YouTube only allows us three push notifications to our subscribers per 24 hours, and we have a full release schedule (and also don’t want to spam our supporters), we reserve certain time slots for popular releases and our exclusive content. Because popular uploads increase our subscriber base, and that is what fuels our growth, certain times are a premium.

2 – Putting Your Content Together Cost – We don’t charge for just releasing your music video, but we charge $5 for a single or $20 for a multi-song project. This cost is for us to get your music: download the song/project, convert the audio for the video effects, create artwork for the video, render the video out to our format, upload your content to our channel, fill out the description with your details, add time stamps, and to schedule a time for it to release. This is the part that takes a while, thus the fee.


Step 1: Submit your music below using the form.
Step 2: We review your music.
Step 3a: If your submission is only to be added to a playlist, we add it if we like it. The end.
Step 3b: If your submission is for a placement and we like it, we’ll reply with a link for you to choose your time-slot.
Step 4a: You use the private calendar link we provide to select the time-slot you want.
Step 4b: You give us all the information in another form that we need to finish your submission.
Step 4c: You purchase your option.
Step 5: We will put together your visual and schedule it for the date you select.
Step 6: Your release will go live on the date/time selected and social media posts will be shared.
Step 7: Views rack up and you promote your music! The better you promote, the higher the algorithm will rank the video.

If you don't want the premium placement option, this field must be a YouTube link.
We have an additional Indiana music playlist that we add music to, if so.

Please do us a solid and do not submit the same submission twice. We got it.