3099 – “Ostinato” ft. Lex Allen

Below is the second single from Milwaukee emcee 3099‘s newly released project, which actually just dropped a couple days ago. My favorite track from the song is the I’ve listed below, “Ostinato,” which features Lex Allen and was produced by Surrender Dorothee.

If you’re liking what you’re hearing, head over to Bandcamp and get the self-titled full-length project.

3099 is the alias and side project of AUTOMatic’s emcee APRIME (born Darius Windom) and serves as an introduction to the larger scope and broader horizons of APRIME’s songwriting abilities. By operating under the moniker 3099, Windom is able to step outside of APRIME’s typical hip-hop sensibilities to favor a more funk, electronic, and R&B based approach to music.

This project also serves as a launching point for APRIME’s and DJ JDL Rockwell’s production venture known as Surrender Dorothee as 5 of the 6 tracks are produced by S.D. The production mixes live playing with drum programming and the occasional usage of a sample.

When all is said and done, 3099 is a project that demos the many different facets Windom brings to the music game, but it is in no way a simple demo. 3099 is a complex project that walks the listener through a multitude of concepts and emotions that everybody can relate to, and that ability to make music people can relate to is what gives this side project – just like all of the other music Windom has written in or apart from AUTOMatic – it’s charm.


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