– “Light Up” (Video) | @alphaisforever

Alpha released this “Light Up” video a few days ago, and I ran into it today. Check out the video above and read the lyrics below.

(I’m from a) city that is often overlooked
(And the) jail & the prison systems are always overbooked
you would never take a second look
so I’m goin off to boil like a dish you overcooked
I’m tougher than leather from weathering the storms out
Tornado Alley got its name from the storm route
(Comin thru) fuckin up your house like dorm route
(Panty raidin beats) like a frat boy, corned out

(From the) middle of the amber waves of grain
(My niggas smoke the) fruity high above the fruited plains
(If you are) unfamiliar then allow me to explain
I am from that Indiana, that is my name…

-(And I’m) sick of seein copy cats around
Takin off w/ all or visions, makin off w/ all our sounds
Take it back to where they at and make a profit & astound
All you people back at home how you butcher all your nouns

Its kinda funny how my city’s called Nap
Cuz it seems that we’re asleep and nothing seems to bring us back
Not the first, or the second, nor the 3rd kick down
Activate the hands of fate and shake awake our little town
so I took upon the mission just to bring it to your face
So that you could put a face, w/ any mention of the state
Where the state of our condition never changes over time
So I’m feelin like the eye in a city of the blind

Where the cows roam free, but the cops do too,
Where the drugs aint cheap, but they make em here too
Where the only thing to do is go to work, or go to school
To go to work, or go to church, or go and find someone to screw

(And) It’ll never change, till the people get enough
But they’ll never get enough, cuse they settle for ENOUGH.
I’m just venting my frustrations in these words so you can see
All that lies beneath my eyes when you take a look at me…


I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.