Bad Lucc “Sumthin’s Missin'” Video | @BadLucc354

Bad Lucc takes on the difference between how hip hop now and then. Check more info below, as well as the video production credits.

When I first heard the record and decided to write the treatment, I felt like Something’s Missing was about documenting what’s going on currently with our culture. Hip-Hop culture that is. We have good times, bad times, sober times, drinking and drug times, happy times, sad times, chill times, crazy times. It’s about filling a void, but really it’s about bringing things back to the essence. It’s about Bad Lucc being one of many people that represent Hip-Hop to the fullest and a person that’s going to help bring things back to the core. Hip-Hop used to be so much more. A true culture with people, elements, and locations that really represented it. That’s almost gone now, but he’s here to keep it alive. A lot of things have changed, but there’s still hope. That was a main goal and purpose for this visual. The real remains. The woman in the piece represents Hip-Hop itself. Still one of a kind, still very beautiful…but you can tell she’s gone thru a lot…she doesn’t have much left. Reminiscing on things in her motel room, thoughts, a diary, old records, tapes, alcohol, weed, even nostalgic pictures… she remembers and goes thru it all but can only take so much. So she takes to the streets… searching for hip-hop. At the end of the day, he’s still here. He is, Hip-Hop. Enjoy.

Cut by Bryant Robinson. Shot and directed by Topshelf Junior.
Film Production by Niani Riley for The Topshelf Company.
Styling by Azeez Baker.
Starring Joi Liaye.
Song produced by Macado for League Of Starz.


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