BDTB Presents: Day 32 of 32 Days of Chreece: BORED

Chreece is an all-ages hip-hop festival in the historical district of Fountain Square, Indianapolis, with six indoor and outdoor stages – featuring forty diverse rappers, producers, and DJs from all over Indiana (and a few from Chicago). All proceeds to go Musical Family Tree.

Meet BORED. Flaco, Tag, Benny, and Paigedro.

“BORED.” is a creative hub and collective that allows artists from all different backgrounds and genres to come together and take their productions to the next level. Starting in Indiana, back in 2009, “BORED.”has since elevated the standards of professionalism and organization of digital media productions and has created an environment where artists can thrive and where fans can be fans. We are passionate. We are family. We are BORED.



I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.