Pope Adrian Bless x G-Ometry “AMIII: Internal Warfare” Release | @adrianblessrwg @G_Ometry

Below is the BDTB sponsored project from Naptown’s Pope Adrian Bless with producers G-Ometry, which consist of Mandog and Do-Re. Head on over to Bandcamp to cop now for the free, but you can check the track-listing and listen to the entire project below.

1. Internal Warfare (prod. The Mandog)
2. Gangland (prod. Harry Otaku)
3. Legendary (prod. The Mandog)
4. Pair of Dimes ft. EJAAZ
5. Full Metal Alchemist (Umi Says)
6. The Dragon (Heroes Eventually Die)
7. John Hancock ft. Oreo Jones, Dorsh, Mr. Kinetik, Freddie Bunz, Grey Granite & Lisa Berlin (prod. J. Brookinz)
8. C.R.I.P. (Creed’s Rendering Ignorant Prophecies) (T.R.O.Y.)
9. Capsule (Prod. by The Mandog)
10. Conscience
11. 96 Bars ft. Abe Linx, Tully Cicero & Chuck Mason
12. Buddha Break (Analyze)
13. Trouble Man (Prod. by Harry Otaku)
14. Adrianna’s Dream
15. Realism (Prod. by The Mandog)
16. Angel Dust ft. Blake Allee (Prod. by Blake Allee)
17. Cold Summer
18. Alphabetical Limits and Numerical Limitations (ABC)
19. Let There Be Smoke (Prod. by Harry Otaku)
20. Faith & Consequence (Prod. by Harry Otaku)
21. Third Eye (Prod. by Joe Monday)
22. Pieces of A Man
23. Everytime You Go – Jazzie D.A. ft. Deeg Dat Kid


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