BDTB Presents the Sample, Chop & Flip Contest: Battle I – 9th Creation “It Ain’t Right” (Vote Until 11/21/14)

Listen to all of the entries in the Soundcloud player below and vote for your favorite in the poll below the player. Don’t be a Stan and just vote for your friend, vote for the best beat. The sample, rules and guidelines are listed down below as well for your reference.

[poll id=”19″]

Battle I Sample: 9th Creation “It Ain’t Right”

1) Read all of the rules here.
2) Download the sample below.
3) Submit using the form here.
4) Deadline: FRIDAY, Nov. 14th @ 6:00PM EST
5) Voting Starts: Friday, Nov. 14th @ 6:45PM EST
6) Voting Ends: Friday, Nov. 20th @ 12:00AM MIDNIGHT EST
7) Next Contest Starts: Sunday, Nov. 22nd


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