Betty Ford Boys “Uppers / Downers” Release | @suffdaddy @dexter_mpm_wsp @BrenkSinatra

Press play on this modern day funky trip with the Betty Ford Boys, which is the collective goodness of producers Suff Daddy, Dexter and Brenk Sinatra. Check the video for “So Fine” above. Check them on Facebook.

“Uppers / Downers” is the first release by the Betty Ford Boys (Suff Daddy, Dexter, Brenk Sinatra) since their 2013 album “Leaders Of The Brew School”. It is a limited hand-stamped & sealed 10”. 1.000 Copies. “Uppers / Downers” will only be available during the “Retox Tour” in October / November. Remaining copies might pop up at selected vinyl stores later on. The six songs from the EP will not be on the album.

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