Black Fabio (Oreo Jones x DJ Action Jackson) ft. J. Moore “Black Fabio” Leak


As Oreo Jones and Action Jackson ready their mixtape Black Fabio to debut Thursday, the duo release the lead single also titled “Black Fabio”.

When Oreo Jones debuted his Halloween costume last year Black Fabio, no one expected it to spawn a concept mixtape that keeps you dancing and laughing front to back. Nine months later and with the help of Action Jackson, that is exactly what’s been created. Just as Fabio was never constrained by wearing a shirt, OJ and Jackson chose not to be encumbered by genre and drew from anything including rap to post-punk to moombahton. The song “Black Fabio” is an original production from Action that mixes strong drums and a funky bass-guitar-line with Oreo’s lyrical description of the titular character. J. Moore makes an appearance near the end instructing listeners on how to keep their pimp hand strong. The complete “Black Fabio” mixtape is set to debut Thursday, July 28th!


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