Blooded The Brave “Building 7” (Produced by Richard Cook) | @BloodedtheBrave @wormusic

Here’s a new joint that Naptown’s Richard Cook dropped off of for us all to check out. Check out the maxi-single below.

The self-titled album from recording artist Blooded the Brave is set for release. Produced entirely by wormusic’s Richard Cook, this project was tailor made for Blooded the Brave. The pulse pumping and thought provoking lyrics are driven by the innovative wormusic sound. Joining forces to create a powerful experience for the listener, this album will be available to public soon.

Available now, is the exclusive 12 inch release featuring songs, “Buidling 7” & “Silent Moves.” This release comes free via digital download and features the instrumentals and acapella’s for each track.

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