Brother Ali Announces New Album w/ “Own Light (What Hearts Are For)” Single

Truly inspiring as always, Brother Ali has returned with two singles in two days, including one today for “Own Light (What Hearts Are For).” The single is a precursor to his also newly announced album, All the Beauty in This Whole Life, that will be released on May 5th.

The project is entirely produced by Ant (from Atmosphere). After you listen to the lyric video above and his video from yesterday, “Pen To Paper,” read a few more words from Ali below and watch him describe the idea and purpose of the album.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to offer a new album to the world. Each of my projects are the result of the pain, growth and eventual healing that I experience. Articulating the pain and navigating the healing allows those of you who really feel my music to travel with me. It’s not only that we hurt together, we heal together as well. Ant produced the entire project and it might be our best work.”

“Beauty in all of its forms is the outward manifestation of love and virtue. It soothes the soul and pulls it gently toward the truth it communicates. Every word and note of this album is intended to either reflect beauty, or expose the ugliness that blocks us from living lives of meaning.”


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